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My Version of The End

This is my version of Chapter 3: The End, in New Moon!!! I decided to make Bella more stubborn than usual!!!

I do not own any of the Twilight series. I am nothing but an extremely addicted fan!!!

6. The Wedding

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Edward’s POV

This was it; the best day of my life. In two hours I would be married to my one and only love. Alice was busy “creating a masterpiece” as she kept saying to Bella. I didn’t care what anyone said, my love was beautiful whether she had been worked on for hours by three vampires or had just woken up in the morning. I watched as the people sat down in their places. Tanya and her family were here. Renee and Phil had come up from Florida, of course. There weren’t a lot of people, just family and friends. The weather was going to be warm, but overcast. I was glad for that. We could have the wedding outside. The outdoors was comforting. Finally, everyone was seated and it was time for the ceremony to begin. The procession of the bridesmaids was painfully slow. I was so excited when I heard the music announcing the bride that my heart almost moved. I saw my angel, my sweet Bella, and she took my breath away. For once in eighty years I felt as if I needed to breathe. Her dress was elegantly put together with lace sleeves. It had a long train. I couldn’t believe that this picture of perfection wanted to be with me. How had I ever been lucky enough to end up with this flawless angel? When Charlie lifted her veil, kissed her on the cheek, and handed her off to me, I couldn’t look away from her. The way her smile lit up her eyes and the rosy red of her cheeks made her even more glorious. She blushed deeper when she saw my scrutiny. We stood in front of the preacher as the ceremony began, looking into each others eyes and nowhere else. The time for the vows came quickly, or so it seemed.

“Do you, Isabella Swan, take Edward Cullen to be your lawfully wedded husband; to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, so long as you both shall live?”

My lovely angel had tears in her eyes as she said, “I do.”

“Do you, Edward Cullen, take Isabella Swan to be your lawfully wedded wife; to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, so long as you both shall live?”

I wiped the tears from Bella’s eyes and said, “I do.”

I placed Bella’s ring on her finger and said, “With this ring, I thee wed and with all my worldly goods I do endow.”

She placed my ring on my finger and said the same.

“You may now kiss the bride.”

I wrapped my arms around my wife and kissed her passionately. We broke apart after a few minutes.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first time ever, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Isabella Cullen.”

The crowd applauded as we walked back down the aisle. I held Bella close to make sure she didn’t trip. The reception was being held inside the house. We walked inside and everyone followed. We sat at the front table.

“I love you, my darling wife.”

“I love you, my wonderful husband.”

Renee came over to us. She was crying.

“Oh, Bella; I can’t believe how fast you grew up on me. You’re not the little girl I raised for seventeen years.”

“I love you, mom.”

Renee let go of Bella and put her arms around me.

“Take care of my baby girl.”

“I will. I love her.”

“I know.”

Phil came over and pulled Renee into his arms.

“It’s okay, honey. She can’t be your little girl forever. Let her grow up.”

“She’s been grown up since her age hit double digits.”

Bella laughed and finally broke down. I held her in my arms and hummed her lullaby softly. Jasper came over to us.

“I’m going to go insane. The atmosphere is so thick with emotion that it’s suffocating me. Do you want me to calm you down a little bit, Bella?”

“A little bit; thank you, Jasper.”

A wave of calm swept around us.

“No problem.”

The reception started with the toasts. Alice went first.

“I would like to take this moment to say thank you, again, to Edward and Bella for allowing me to plan their wedding. I know that I was extremely bossy and relentless, but I’m glad they didn’t fire me within the first week. They thought about it; I know they did. I can’t imagine a person better suited for Edward than Bella. They’re like two halves of a whole; two perfectly fitting pieces of the puzzle called life. A love so deep is a rare thing in times such as these. I know that they will be happy together. Nothing in the world could ever come between Edward and Bella.”

Emmett had prepared a speech too and I was worried. I didn’t know what he was going to say. He had written it during a time away from me and hadn’t memorized it.

“I’d like to start by saying; Bella, I’ve always thought of you as a sister, but, officially, welcome to the family. I hope you don’t mind having to claim us from now on. I wanted to point out something about Edward and Bella’s love for each other. It’s like a chemical reaction. You can’t undo it. You can’t separate the ingredients. It becomes one unit, and nothing can reverse that. Edward and Bella aren’t two separate people anymore; they’re one person in two bodies. As a result, Bella has picked up some of Edward’s more annoying habits, but I think we can handle her. I wish them the best of luck even though I know they don’t need it. Congratulations; true love is a rare gift, treasure it every second.”

The humor hadn’t surprise me near as much as the closing had. I wiped away Bella’s tears. Rosalie stood up.

“I can’t remember ever seeing Edward happier than when he is with Bella. They make the term soul mates seem a little empty. As Alice and Emmett pointed out; nothing could ever come between Edward and Bella because you can’t reverse a chemical reaction. A very powerful thing happened when these two fell in love. I’m happy to call Bella my sister. She has brought a new personality and outlook to this family. Welcome to the family, Bella. Maybe now Edward won’t be such a grouch all of the time.”

The last line was Emmett’s idea; not mine!!!

I smiled and the reception was underway. We had found a way to force down food without gagging to avoid suspicion. All vampires that were present had steak; medium rare. It wasn’t too bad. Finally, it was time for dancing. I danced the first few songs with Bella, and then it was time for the traditional father-daughter dance. I made my way to where the band was playing.

“This next dance is for the bride and her father. Charlie and Bella, will you move to the center of the dance floor.”

As they did so, Bella looked at me. I walked to the center of the band stage. The music began and I waited for my cue to start singing. A few seconds into the playing I sang the first lines of the song I had picked; My Little Girl by Tim McGraw.

Most of the guests tried to stay out of their way, but a few didn’t move quickly enough.
When the song was over, Bella and Charlie were both crying.

“That song was perfect, Edward.”

“Thank you for singing that song.”

“Well, it held a lot of truth. I know that I’m not good enough for Bella, and, no matter what you think, even twenty years from now; she will still be your little girl. Nothing could ever change that. It’s why I chose that song.”

Charlie hugged Bella, and then handed her off to for the second time. I requested the song ‘Inspiration’ by Chicago, and sang the lyrics to Bella softly as we danced.

“I love you, Edward. This song is beautiful.”

I smiled and nodded, still singing. We danced for hours and my wife never left my arms. My dear, sweet, intelligent, beautiful, kind, sweet, angel Bella was mine forever; mine and no one else’s. Being selfish had its perks.