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Who am I?

Is Rennee and Charlie Bella's real parents? Is Bella an only child? What happens when a group of vampires tell Bella who she really is? How will the cullens react? How will Bella take it? And with Jacob trying to win her heart, the volturi sending people to check up on Bella and Alice trying to plan Bella's wedding. Will she ever find time to think or will it become too much for her?


1. Chapter 1: The Dream

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It was an early September morning and I was waiting for Edward to come. While I waited I decided to replay the dream I had last night.

I was sitting around a table with six other people. They all looked very familiar but I don’t know where I’ve seen them or why they were in my dream. All of them had long greasy hair; one of them looked a bit like an elf with very light blonde hair. His eyes were blue, like ice and made him look scary. They guy next to him was tall and lean and had really thick black hair. He smiled at me and asked if I wanted any cake, I said no and turned my head towards the door where another guy came through. He was big and well built, he reminded me of Emmett. But unlike Emmett this guy wasn’t as goofy and was more mature. I looked around the room there were balloons hanging from the walls and food on the table. I turned my head towards a group of boys sitting by the television. They had there backs to me so I didn’t see there face. I seemed to know one of them though because I was calling his name. His name was Ponyboy, I giggled that was a weird name. Then another guy walked up to me, I knew his name too it was Sodapop who gave these guys these names? Sodapop reminded me of a movie star, he was handsome but not as handsome as Edward. No, no one can be as perfect as Edward.

Omg Edward! His name brought me back from the dream and when I looked up to look at the wall clock it was already eight twenty-five. Where was he? He was just suppose to pick up his car from his house. If he doesn’t come in five minutes than I’ll just have to take my truck.

Edward hasn’t come yet so I’m taking my car. But as I was coming out of my house Edwards silver Volvo appears out of nowhere.

“Hey Bells. Sorry I’m late but Emmett thought it was funny to throw my keys into the pool.” He said a bit annoyed.

“It’s okay.” I giggled; I wander what went through Emmett’s head to make him do that.

We arrived at school ten minutes early. Edward drives so fast, if it was me I would have been late. He parked in his usual spot I was just about to get out before he took a hold of my hand. “Bella wait.”

“Yes Edward?” I asked him.

“Bella last night you kept on mentioning two people when you were asleep. I just wanted to know who they are ‘because you’ve never mentioned them before.” I could hear a hint of curiosity mixed with a bit of jealousy in his voice.

“What did I say?” Why was he jealous?

“You kept on mentioning some people called Sodapop and Ponyboy. Who are they?” Omg the dream. I dreamt about a group of boys last night but its not like it was anything dirty. We were at someone’s birthday party so I guess I can tell him.

“Oh them…I don’t know Edward, you tell me. Last night I dreamt I was at a birthday party with them but I don’t know who they are.” The jealousy was erased from his face after I told him I didn’t know them.

“Oh, you really should think of better names next time Bella. Ponyboy? Sodapop?” he smirked at me. I couldn’t help but blush. “Okay, lets go now before were late.” But just before I got out of his car he leaned in and gently kissed me. It was short and sweet.


“Hey Edward, Bella!” Alice was dancing towards our table.

“Yeah? What’s up Alice?” I wander what she was so excited about?

“You’ll never guess what?! There are a new bunch of vampires who just moved into town. Three of them are in the same year as us and two of them are juniors.” When Edward heard this he tightened his hold on me, Alice saw this.

“Edward don’t worry one of them is in one of my classes and I talked to them. They have the same diet as us and there eyes can prove it.” Alice said, taking a seat opposite me.

“So who are they?” Edward asked, his eyes searching the cafeteria.

“Oh…ummm…well I only know one of them. I think his name was Keith but he wanted to be known as-”

“Two-Bits” I blurted out without thinking.

“Yeah…wait…how’d you know his name? Do you know him?” Alice asked me surprised. I looked at Edward he had surprise written all over his face I didn’t know myself.

“No, but now that you mention it, he does sound familiar. It’s like I know him but I just can’t remember like the dream I had.” Why do I feel like I’m missing a part of my life? It’s like a huge piece of me has disappeared or is hiding in my mind but won’t come out. Wait, that doesn’t even make sense. I shook my head to clear my mind maybe I just heard the name from a student earlier but forgot.

“Hey that’s them right there.” Alice pointed to the double doors near the lunch line. “Hey, Keith. Over here.” She waved at the group of boys there was about five of them. They look so familiar, where have I seen them before?