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Who am I?

Is Rennee and Charlie Bella's real parents? Is Bella an only child? What happens when a group of vampires tell Bella who she really is? How will the cullens react? How will Bella take it? And with Jacob trying to win her heart, the volturi sending people to check up on Bella and Alice trying to plan Bella's wedding. Will she ever find time to think or will it become too much for her?


2. Chapter 2: Isa

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=== Bella’s POV===

I couldn’t believe my eyes! Could these be the same people from my dreams? Or are my eyes just playing tricks on me? The people from my dream where humans not vampires and these people looked a lot more older.

I was aware of Edward and Alice calling my name, I wanted to answer back but no words came out of my mouth. I could feel someone pulling my hand but I was just too distracted to care. I was drawn to these five vampires for some reason, It’s like I’ve always been waiting for them to come but I just never knew it.

When I locked eyes with one of the vampires his eye’s widened in surprise. “Isa?” He said as he walks ahead of the others with a smile that stretched across his beautiful face. But just before he reached our table I felt a red haze fall on me.

===Ponyboy’s POV===

“Ponyboy where’s Two-Bits?” Johnny asked me.

“I don’t know. He must be around here somewhere this ain’t such a big school. We’ll find him.” Johnny and I just came out of our classes and where trying to find Two-Bits, Sodapop and Steve. All three of them where had different classes but they where all seniors. But me and Johnny where still juniors, even though Johnny was older than me. I persuaded him to be a junior too so that I’ll have someone to talk to in classes.

“Ponyboy look. There over there over there by those double doors.” Johnny tilted his head towards our friends. Sodapop and Steve where talking to a group of girls. But Two-Bits weren’t with them.

“Hey guys.” Sodapop greeted us; he was talking to a group of girls that dressed like a bunch of hookers. They reminded me a lot of the greaser girls from my neighborhood before I turned. “This is Lauren, Jessica and Bridget.” Sodapop pointed towards the girls one-by-one.

“So why don’t we go have lunch. You’re welcome to join us.” Lauren was trying to flirt with Steve. She was playing around with his color shirt and batting her eyes. I had to try really hard not to laugh at her.

“Sure. You lead the way.” Steve said to her before glaring at me. I just glared back at him, gosh Steve you can do better than her I thought to myself! So the rest of us followed after them. But before we walked inside the cafeteria I felt a hand pat me on the back.

“Hey Ponyboy.” It was Two-Bits, I wander where his been to.

“Where’ve you been Two-Bits?” Johnny asked.

“I was just talking to this girl. She was one of us and asked us if we want to hang around at lunch. So I said yes.” We stopped by the canteen line looking around for any sign of vampires. Then a small pixie girl stood up from the furthest table away and called Keith. She was sitting on a table with two other people one was another vampire with bronze color hair and another was a human girl.

As we got near her she looked more and more familiar. “Hey Sodapop doesn’t that girl seem familiar to you?” I tilted my head to her direction; she seemed to be starring at us in a confused way.

“She does, she reminds me of Isa.” Isa was our baby sister. She was taken away by our aunt when my parents died. The social workers allowed Darry, me and Sodapop to stay together but he said that he wasn’t fit enough to look after a little kid. He tapped Jessica on the shoulder. “Hey Jessica, whose that girl sitting next to that bronze haired guy?” Jessica looked towards the far end of the room but before she could answer Lauren beat her to it.

“Oh, that’s Isabella Swan don’t mind her she’s a weirdo.” As she said that name I locked eyes with Isabella. Could this be Isa? Could she really be our younger sister?

“Isa?” I heard myself blurt out; I walked in human pace towards her table. Her eyes widened in surprise but before I could reach her she fainted.

===Sodapop’s POV===

“Johnny could you call Dallas and Darry? Tell them to meet us at the Cullen’s house.” I said. We were in my car and I was driving to The Cullen’s house. After Isa fainted the small pixie girl named Alice told us to follow them to their house so that we can talk to her when she wakes up. I was actually excited to see my baby sister again. In the back I could hear Johnny giving Darry and Dallas directions.

“Are you sure that was Isa?” Steve said “she didn’t look like she remembered you or any of us before.”

“Well that was because she was only five at the time and she was also in the car accident with my parents. She had a concussion and it looks like my aunt never told her about us.” I really hope that she would have remembered us though.

We were at the Cullen’s mansion waiting for Isa to wake up. Dallas and Darry were here too. Dallas was sitting on the sofa next to Steve and Two-Bits they were talking to Alice. Johnny was talking to this guy called Jasper. While me, Ponyboy and Darry was crouching around a love seat waiting for Isa to come to. Edward I think his name is was holding her in a protective way like we were a danger to her. Who was this guy and what are he and my baby sister?

“Who are you?” that was the first time Edward said anything to us. He looked jealous and angry at us, I wander why.

“I’m Sodapop and these are my brothers Ponyboy and Darry.” I answered him.

“How do you know Bella? And why do you keep on calling her Isa?” This guy seriously needs to calm down. He looked so frustrated at us it was kind of fun to watch.

“Bella is our baby sister and Isa was the name we used to call her.” When I said the name sister he calmed down but he still liked annoyed and a bit worried.

“Ohm…Edward? She will wake up in about 1 minute.” Alice told him. “So stop looking so worried.” She rolled her eyes at him. I wonder how she knew that.

“Hey, how do you know she will wake up in a minute?” Dallas asked her.

“I can see what will happen in the future, that’s my powers and Edward can read minds.” She said pointing towards Edward.

Then all of a sudden Isa started moving and moaning something I didn’t understand. “Bella honey wake up.” Edward was rubbing her gently on the cheek. Where these two going out or something? Did she know that Edward was a vampire?

“Edward?” Bella opened her eyes and sat up very slowly. She looked so fragile but still so beautiful. She had a heart shaped face with big brown eyes and long brown hair. I was so happy we found her that I just wanted to pick her up and hug her like what I used to do. But I held back because I didn’t want her to get scared of me.

“Who are you guys?” She squeaked. She stared at us one by one, she looked confused and surprised.

“I’m Ponyboy, this is Darry, Sodapop. That’s Johnny and their Dallas, Two-Bits and Steve.” Ponyboy said pointing to each one of the gang.

“You guys look familiar. How do you know me?” She asked me.

“Isa, were your brothers. Me, Ponyboy and Darry.” I told her watching her expression. First she looked confused then surprised then angry then she just settled into confused.

“B-but I’m a-an only child! Renee and Charlie never mentioned I had any brothers.” She stammered a bit. Then Darry explained to her everything, how she was in an accident, how she had a concussion and how they took her away from us. She just sat there starring at us in shock.

When Darry finished we all sat there in silence. Until Isa got up and ran out, actually more like she stumbled out. I wanted to go and after her but Alice held me back. She said we should leave her for now, give her some time for her to think things through. But she let Edward go after her said she need him.