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Who am I?

Is Rennee and Charlie Bella's real parents? Is Bella an only child? What happens when a group of vampires tell Bella who she really is? How will the cullens react? How will Bella take it? And with Jacob trying to win her heart, the volturi sending people to check up on Bella and Alice trying to plan Bella's wedding. Will she ever find time to think or will it become too much for her?


3. Chapter 4

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I was cleaning the house while waiting for Edward to come and pick me up. Charlie wasn’t home and I had nothing to do so I cleaned. Today was Friday and I was to spend the rest of the weekend with the Cullen’s. Well actually only Alice and Jasper because the rest of them was going hunting. This of course was Alice’s idea; no doubt she wanted to give me a makeover again. I refused her at first but after she gave me those pleading eyes I couldn’t say no. So now I was stuck with Alice and Jasper with nothing to do for two whole days.

I finished cleaning the toilet but Edward was still not here yet. It was already three and he said he was coming to pick me up at two. What the hell was keeping him waiting? He never was late before.

After I put away the cleaning the products and finished washing the dishes I sat on a chair with nothing to do. I already cleaned up my bedroom, Charlie’s room, the kitchen, the toilet and the living room. The house was spotless, and I needed to pass the time. Maybe I should read a book, but I’ve read all my books more than a million times. Maybe I could watch T.V. but there would be nothing on that could keep my interest.

I walked up to my room looking around for me to do. I was just about to open my door when I noticed a puddle of water on the floor. How did that get there? I looked up at the ceiling to find a hidden door. Strange, I never noticed it before; it must be the door to the attic. Maybe there was a crack and some water found its way in, it should explain the puddle of water in the hallway. Just then I had an idea on what I could do to pass the time. I could look around the attic.

So I carried the ladder from outside to the hallway upstairs. It was pretty heavy and I fell twice and nearly fell on the stairs. I should have waited for Edward to come before I should go up to the attic but I really need something to do.

After two unsuccessful attempts to budge the door open I was able to open it. It was really smelling and dusty, it sure definitely need a good clean. But I should save it for another day, if I was to clean this place out it would take me a whole week until it was spotless. I walked to the other end of attic to where the window was. As I was about to sit on the widow edge I slipped and fell right next to an old wooden chest. It didn’t look stuck so I opened it being a bit curious as to what was inside it.

In the old chest was a bunch of papers, a few books and an old photo. In the photo there were two little boys sitting around the Christmas tree next to a pregnant women. The woman was very beautiful with long brown hair and kind blue eyes. The oldest boy was holding a blue present; he had brown hair and wide brown eyes. He had a wide goofy grin on his face that reminded me of Emmett; he looked to be three years old. The other boy looked a bit younger and had the same blue eyes as his mom. He was smiling with one o his hands on his mom’s stomach.

Just then I heard the front door open and close and Edwards’s velvet voice calling me. “Bella where are you?” He was a vampire; he would find me up here soon enough so I didn’t call back. As I was about to put the picture back in the chest Edward pocked hi head into the attic.

“Bella!” He smiled my favorite smile while making his way towards me. “What are you doing up here?”

“Nothing, I was just bored and decided to go exploring.” He looked a bit surprised when I said this. “What?” I asked.

“Bella, how exactly did you get up here?” He lifted me up to sit me on his lap so he could rap his arms around me.

“I used the ladder of course.”

“And how did you get the ladder up on the second floor?”

“I brought it up here by myself from the porch.” I said proudly smiling at myself. “Edward, where did you go?” I asked him remembering why I was here.

“Oh, Carlisle asked me to do something. Sorry I didn’t call you earlier.” He said apologetically.

“It’s okay Edward. Let’s go before Alice comes and gets me her self.” I said.

“What’s that in your hand?” He took the photo I was holding and looked at the back. I leaned my head to look. “Who are Darrel, Sodapop and Katherine?” He asked examining the picture.

“I don’t know, I found the picture in this chest.”

“Oh, okay.” He put the photo back in the chest and closed it. “That women Katherine looked a bit like you.” He told me. I just laughed; no one that beautiful can look similar to me.