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Who am I?

Is Rennee and Charlie Bella's real parents? Is Bella an only child? What happens when a group of vampires tell Bella who she really is? How will the cullens react? How will Bella take it? And with Jacob trying to win her heart, the volturi sending people to check up on Bella and Alice trying to plan Bella's wedding. Will she ever find time to think or will it become too much for her?


5. Chapter 5

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Chapter 3:

Ponyboy’s POV:

Today was my first day at Forks High school with Soda which was weird. Because back home he was a drop out now all of a sudden he wanted to have an education. I wonder what that was about.

“Hey, Ponyboy make sure you got everything. I don’t wanna hear any trouble from you or Soda. Got it?” Darry was standing by his car and giving us a lection on how to behave on our first day. “Yeah, yeah Darry I get it.” Soda moaned “Can I have the keys now?”

“Okay. But be careful with it. If you even get a scratch on it I’ll kill you.” Darry loved his Mercedes CLS more then anything other material possessions he had.

When we got to the school I was a bit shock. “Soda, you sure we’re at the right place? This sure don’t look anything like a school. More like small houses stuck together.”

“I know its tiny but it helps. This way I can find Is-I mean it’ll be easier to find our classrooms.” He answered in a rush getting out of the window. That’s when I knew they were definitely hiding something from me. I followed him out of the car towards an old building which must be the school office. I noticed that a crowed started to form around Darry’s car. Most of them we’re staring in owe and I realized that Darry’s car stood out amongst the vans and trucks parked near by.

When we were inside the secretary gave us both maps of the school our schedules and a slip which we had to get signed by all our teachers.

“Soda, what exactly are we doing here at Forks?” I asked him as we made our way to building four. He sighed and stopped to put one of his hands on my shoulder. “Look Pony, there’s someone here I need to find okay?”

“Who is it?” I asked the same time as the bell rang. Soda smiled at me apologetically “I’ll tell you when we get home. Right now we have to get going if we don’t want to be late.” Then he walked off to his classroom.

Bella’s POV:

“Bella?” Edward asked. “Yeah?”

“Did you want to sit here the whole day?” He asked me, raising one of his eyebrows and flashing me my favorite crooked grin. I looked outside his car and saw that we were already at the school. “Oh, sorry.” I blushed “Lets go.” But before I got out of the car he gently placed both his hands on my face and crushed his lips to mine. The kiss was short but sweet.

A couple of minutes after our Spanish class began a new student walked into the room. “Hi, I’m Soda the new student.” He was tall and was well built. He was very handsome like a movie star but not as handsome as my Edward. His long dark hair was combed back, he was in a pair of jeans and had on a leather jacket. “Okay, you can take a seat next to Lauren.”

While at lunch Angela couldn’t stop talking about the new student Soda. “His name is Sodapop Curtis! Sodapop, its such a unique name.” she said admiringly. Alice and Ben both laughed. “Its so funny! Who would name her son Sodapop?” Ben said. “I quite like his name. It suits him in a way.” I said.

“Have you seen him?” Edward asked me. “Yeah, his in my Spanish class, he sits next to Lauren.” I felt kind of bad that he has to sit next to Lauren, she had one of the worst nasal voices in the world.

“Hey, there he is.” Alice said pointing towards the doors. There was someone else I havnt seen before with him. “Umm…whose that with him?” Ben asked. “That’s his brother Ponyboy Curtis.” Angela said. “He’s a freshman.”

I stared at Soda, he looked so familiar like I’ve seen him before. Then all of a sudden I had a flash back.


I was sitting playing with a doll in an old car. Next to me sat the two boys I saw in the picture but they looked older. In the drivers seat sat a middle aged man I couldn’t see his face but I noticed he had blue eyes from the review mirror. In the passenger seat sat the pregnant lady I saw, what was her name again? Christine?…..Amber?.......Melonie? What was it?

“Darry!” One of the boys next to me cried. “Give me that back! Is mine!” The other boy, Darry, was holding a toy car away from the other kid and sticking his tough out. “No! I wanna play with it!” He shouted. “Mommy!” the other boy screamed. The women at the front turned her head to look at Darry. “Give that back to your brother!” He said sternly to Darry.

Then when the exchange between the boys was done she turned and smiled at me. “How are you dear? We’ll be home soon, don’t worry.”


I shook my head, trying to clear it. Then I noticed everyone was still starring at the two new boys. My flashback must have only been a few seconds but it felt more then that. I signed and went back to eating. “Bella are you okay?” Edward asked me. “Yeah I’m fine.” I said smiling at him. “okay. Well, Alice is inviting the new students over to sit with us.” He said.

Alice’s POV:

While I was starring at the Sodapop and Ponyboy I had a vision.


Bella, Sodapop, Ponyboy and another boy I didn’t know were sitting laughing around a fire place. Soda had his arms around Bella and said “I knew I would be able to find my little sister here.”

End of vision.

I knew Edward saw what I saw, he looked shock and surprised. Those two new boys must be her brothers and Bella didn’t know. I looked at Bella and saw that she went back to eating, her eyebrows pushed together like she was thinking really hard. I have to now if they really are Bella’s brothers I thought. So I got up and walked towards Sodapop and Ponyboy.

“Hi. I’m Alice, do you want to sit with us?” I asked gesturing to our table were Bella, Edward, Angela and Ben were sitting. “Sure.” Ponyboy said smiling back. Sodapop was staring at Bella with surprise. “Hey, whose that girl sitting next to that bronze hair boy?” He asked.

When I told him Bella’s name he looked disappointed. Why was he disappointed? He was suppose to be happy that he found Bella!!! That’s when I realized I never told him Bella’s whole name. Of course he’d think that she wasn’t who he expected it to be.

“Sodapop?” Lauren stood up from her chair and walked towards us. “I thought you said you would sit with us?” she asked in her horrible voice.

“Oh, yeah I did.” He gave me and Ponyboy an apologizing smile “Im sorry Ponyboy, Alice but I already made plans to sit with Lauren. Maybe next time.” He said and walked off.