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Gold and Violet

When Taeliwren shows up in Forks, Washington, she is surprised to find that an old friend of hers still remembers her and that his family is willing to take her in until she finds a way back to her world but when an old relationship is rekindled, will she want to go back? R&R

Thanks to my friend Bek for suggesting the title. Anything you don't recognize is copyright to me and I'd appreciate it if you didn't use it in your own stuff. I don't get any money from this. Time frame may change, if I need to it'll be after I've read Breaking Dawn. I hope you enjoy it - Tae

1. Chapter 1

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Taeliwren groaned as she slowly opened her violet eyes. She looked up to see grey clouds overhead and she narrowed her eyes in confusion. She slowly sat up, her hands covered in mud and wet leaves. She looked around to find herself in a forest, surrounded by large trees covered in moss. She slowly stood, feeling her sword whack against the back of her knee in its scabbard.

She was alone surprisingly for in Toriziana she had been with her adoptive siblings and the queen. There was no one else there at least . . . she did not think there was anyone else there. She approached the nearest tree and began climbing up, a remarkable grip on the moss-covered bark.

When Taeliwren reached a relatively high branch, she looked out to see a forest one way and a tongue the other. The sky was completely covered with grey clouds, as far as the eye could see. She knew where she was now . . . information from a long time ago resounding through her head. . .

“Twilight. . .” she whispered before she scrambled back down to the forest floor. She looked around again and quickly discerned which way the town was and she ran, holding her sword in her hand. When she reached the town’s edge, she noticed a tall boy, about seventeen or eighteen years old with bronze coloured hair and a girl about the same age but shorter with long brown hair.

“You have got to be kidding . . .” Taeliwren whispered to herself before she looked back into the forest and hid her sword in a small hollow beneath a tree. She also hid her scabbard, dagger, bow, quiver and her tunic, wearing just a simple shirt she knew wouldn’t make her seem weird. She tried to change the colour of her eyes but she knew she couldn’t so instead she tied her hair back into a pony-tail before she approached the two teenagers.

When the bronze-haired boy noticed her, Taeliwren felt goose-bumps rise on her arms, seeing the golden eyes survey her with slightly confusion. She bit her lip slightly as she neared them and she looked up at the boy and smiled.

“Excuse me for asking but, do you know a girl called Lira?” Taeliwren asked.

The boy cocked his head slightly before he seemed to sniff and Taeliwren watched him, flashing a small smile to the girl he was with.

“You’ve got to be joking!” The boy exclaimed.

“What are you talking about Edward? Who is this?” the girl asked and Taeliwren smiled, knowing she had found the right place.

“Do you remember when I left and how Alice told you I’d disappeared for a few months?” Edward asked and the girl shook her head. “Well, do you remember me telling you about Lira?”

“The elf girl? Yeah, I remember her, what’s she got to do with anything?” the girl asked.

Edward gestured to Taeliwren. “This is Lira . . .” he paused for a moment, looking over her again. “Although you are very different to what I remember.”

“Well I kind of . . . died and then something resurrected me and it was very confusing for a while but now I’m known as Taeliwren but I think while I’m here maybe I should keep it just Tae.” Taeliwren answered and Edward nodded before he looked to the girl apologetically.

“Bella, this is Tae as I’m sure you’ve gathered.” He introduced. “Tae, this is Bella.”

Tae smiled softly; something she didn’t do very often anymore. “Nice to finally meet you.”

“Same here, kind of.” Bella answered and Tae noticed that her eyes were gold like Edward’s.

“You changed her . . .” Tae whispered and Edward nodded.

“I guess you’re not a vampire anymore either . . .” He murmured and Tae shook her head.

“Wait, you made her into a vampire?” Bella asked; genuinely surprised.

“Aye, can’t remember why though. . .” Tae answered.

“I think it was because your husband died and you were just . . . your mother said you would fade unless I bit you.” Edward answered rather grimly.

“Let’s not talk about that back-stabbing bastard.” Tae replied. “How have things been with you guys?”

“They’ve been better . . . Alice left.” Bella answered as they began walking back towards the town, past what Tae guessed had been Bella’s house.

“What? Why?” Tae asked worriedly.

“A few months ago she and Jasper had this unbelievably huge fight because of something Alice saw but didn’t tell Jasper about. Carlisle had no idea what to do and eventually Alice just left in the middle of the night.” Edward answered.

“Poor Jasper . . . where did Alice go?” Tae asked.

“Where do you think she went? She went to Denali and stayed with Tanya but now we don’t know where she is.” Bella answered.

“I’m sorry to hear it. . .” Tae whispered, burying her hands in her pockets, shivering slightly.

“Are you cold?” Bella asked.

“Just a little, I’ve been living in a desert for about . . . three months now so I’m not exactly used to the cold.” Tae answered. Edward shrugged out of his jacket, revealing he wore another underneath and he handed to Tae. She slipped into it easily, shivering for it was cold too but oh it smelt good!

“Better?” Bella asked.

“Will be soon,” Tae answered.

“Do you want to come crash at our place? It might make Jasper feel better if he sees you.” Edward noted and Tae tossed up her options before she nodded.

“That sounds like a fabulous idea.” Tae said with a half-giggle.

They walked back to Edward’s silver Volvo and drove back to the Cullen house. By the time they got there, Tae could hardly breathe, she had been laughing so much. As they got out of the car, Tae finally regained her breath.

“You know, I’ve always enjoyed the company of vampires more than anyone else.” She told them as they walked up the porch steps. Edward smiled back at her, his teeth almost shimmering in the grey light.

“They’re excited.” Edward whispered before he opened the door, Emmett running out and embracing Tae.

“It is so good to see you!” He exclaimed, finally letting her go. “Still short, nothing much has changed.”

“I’m taller than . . .” Tae found herself at a loss for words and she smiled up at him again. Emmett hugged her again before Rosalie walked forward and smiled at Tae quite sourly. Tae smiled back at her like an innocent, sweet little child before the girls embraced each other and Bella scowled at them briefly, envying the bond they obviously shared. When someone cleared their throat, Tae slowly turned towards the door and smiled when she saw Carlisle.

“Well it seems you are capable of staying in one piece without me.” He joked and Tae ran to him, throwing her arms around him.

Carlisle chuckled at this. “I must admit, I missed looking after Lira.” He whispered in her ear. Taeliwren blushed before she pulled away. She greeted Esme a little more formally before she looked around.

“Where’s Jasper . . ?”

End chapter