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Gold and Violet

When Taeliwren shows up in Forks, Washington, she is surprised to find that an old friend of hers still remembers her and that his family is willing to take her in until she finds a way back to her world but when an old relationship is rekindled, will she want to go back? R&R

Thanks to my friend Bek for suggesting the title. Anything you don't recognize is copyright to me and I'd appreciate it if you didn't use it in your own stuff. I don't get any money from this. Time frame may change, if I need to it'll be after I've read Breaking Dawn. I hope you enjoy it - Tae

2. Chapter 2

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Jasper watched the deer he was stalking from where he was crouched amongst the ferns that had scattered themselves across the forest floor. A twig snapped beneath his weight and he leapt from his hiding place before the deer could get away, his teeth sinking deep into its neck and he savoured the fresh blood that flooded into his mouth.

When the animal had been completely drained, Jasper let it fall to the ground. He stood, licking his lips before he caught a scent that was extremely familiar to him. He looked back in the direction of the house, his brow furrowing in confusion.

“She should not be here . . .” he whispered as his animalistic instincts dissolved, his eyes regaining their golden hue as he absorbed the blood. He briefly glanced further into the forest before he ran back towards the house.

Jasper slowed to a walk as he approached the house, slipping through the back door into the kitchen. His family along with Bella sat around the table but there was also a girl with black and violet hair sitting with Carlisle. As he caught her scent, Jasper staggered back slightly, leaning against the bench, trying not to give in to the smell of her blood.

“What’s going on?” Jasper asked slowly, not breathing. Carlisle stood and smiled at his son and Jasper narrowed his eyes slightly before Carlisle gestured to the girl who had been sitting beside him. She slowly turned and stood as well, looking to Jasper with a shy smile.

“Hey Jazzy,” she whispered, looking up at him with spectacular violet eyes. Jasper narrowed his eyes further before he froze.

“Lira?” he whispered, just loud enough for her to be able to hear. She slowly shook her head before she approached him, looking into his golden eyes. Jasper tenderly touched her cheek, still not breathing and he watched as the violet eyes flickered closed before she leaned into the touch. Jasper smiled softly before he embraced her lithe form.

Tae slowly snaked her arms around Jasper’s waist, her head resting on his shoulder. “I missed you, Jasper . . .”

“What is your name then?” Jasper asked ever so softly and she could feel his lips at her ear.

“Tae . . .” She answered before she felt him pull away. She opened her eyes and looked up at his angelic face which wore an expression of great elation.

Tae narrowed her eyes slightly. “What are you thinking?” She asked before Jasper pulled her onto his back and ran back outside. Tae hung on for dear life, her face buried in Jasper’s golden hair.

“Where are you taking me?” She managed to ask, the cold wind felt as if it were biting her skin.

“You shall see.” Jasper answered and Tae fell silent until Jasper finally stopped by a crystal clear stream. He let her down before he took her to the stream’s edge and they sat down.

“Why here?” Tae asked softly, being wary of the fact Jasper’s eyes were dark and that she would smell good.

“You remember the day we went to the forest and it rained on us and we had to come back?” Jasper asked. Tae nodded before she realized.

“We sat by a stream like this . . .” Tae whispered before she looked to Jasper. “How did you know it was me?”

Jasper leaned forward before he cupped Tae’s cheek. She looked to him, waiting for an answer.

“There hasn’t been a night where I haven’t though of you Tae . . . I could remember what your blood smelt like from when Jane captured us . . . I don’t really want to say it but I’ve been waiting for you.” He whispered.

Tae smiled softly. “I missed you too . . .” she replied before she remembered something and she blinked back the tears. “You died . . .”

“What?” Jasper asked as his brow furrowed in confusion before Tae began to cry.

“Under I-Imladris . . . with Jane . . . the snakes and s-spiders . . . you . . . they killed you!” Tae spluttered before Jasper embraced her.

“I’m here little one . . . I’m not dead.” Jasper whispered, trying to calm her.

“But . . . if you’re not dead then how did you get back?” Tae asked when she stopped crying, wiping at her eyes.

“I didn’t exactly die, Tae . . . something brought me back.” Jasper asked softly. “And even though you were happy, there is one thing I wish I’d been able to keep.”

“What’s that?” Tae asked. Jasper pulled away before he lifted her chin slightly and leaned down, kissing her gently. Tae slowly responded to the kiss, trying to be careful as to not let her scent overwhelm Jasper but eventually they found themselves lying by the stream, kissing passionately until Jasper finally pulled away, Tae spitting when she tasted the venom against her tongue and Jasper smiled.

“That’s what I miss.”

End chapter