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Loving You

{{I'M BACK!}} Hmm, I keep changing this part a lot, but first so, here's the usual stuff ~~ this is Twilight, in Edward's POV starting from the third chapter! The change ~~ I might be changing the first two chapters to first person, but it's not likely. Tell me what you think, and I'll work according to it. NOTICE! [[The third chapter will be out latest by Tuesday! I swear! Oh, and when it's out, expect a few changes in the format ;D]] Note : All characters, plot, and dialouge belongs to the ingenious Stephenie Meyer. I'm just a mere storyteller.And of course, the above mentioned ingenious author's Midnight Sun is far more superior than my fan fiction.


1. Bella's song

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1109   Review this Chapter

Chapter 1 - Bella’s song

Edward gazed deeply into space, doubting for a fraction of second whether he could complete what he had set out to do. It was near to an impossible task, he had to start from scratch, playing all his ancient pieces and some songs from the fifties that he was obsessed with. He had to stretch his pale fingers, do finger exercises and play the chromatic scales again and again to fall back into the wanted mood. His fingers curved lightly across the white and black keys, shivering involuntarily.

His fingers froze in the air, still arched with grace. His face reflected shock in every angle, it had been sixty years in which he had never shivered, not even once. Behind him, a soft feminine giggle was heard. Edward scowled. He did not need two chances to know who it was.

“You should see the look on your face,” the voice laughed.



With that awkward acknowledgement, Edward smoothly turned, a smile hinting on his lips. Seeing Esme so delighted always made him smile, it was as though her feelings were contagious. ‘To think she isn’t even Jasper,’ Edward thought. A cynical smile brought Esme right next to him, looking down him in pure delight.

“Playing the piano, Edward?” Esme gushed, her excitement barely hidden.

“Yes, Esme,” came the reply. Esme looked unimpressed, apparently waiting for more.

Sighing a little, Edward looked up, his eyes a light golden colour. “I’m trying to compose a song. And you’re not helping.”

“A little crabby today, aren’t we?” Esme knew, mind reader or not, that Edward had something up his sleeve. Which he wasn’t telling. Esme also knew that he would have to tell her that day, or suffer her wrath. “She is . . .”

Edward exhaled again, frowning at his determined mother-like figure. “Bella,” he replied simply, yet he couldn’t deny the surge that went through his body, all rushing up to his head.

“Bella . . . No! Not Isabella? Isabella Swan? The chief’s daughter?” a new arrival interrupted, ogling at her brother, still seated on the lush piano seat. Her cropped dark hair seemed to be sending out electric vibes, she’s rarely so excited, Edward thought rather sulkily.

“The very same, Alice,” he answered silkily, masking all his thoughts. Behind his facade though, a lot of interesting things were going on. Edward released the imaginary gate on the voices, letting loose a torrent of complains, exclamations, and some others that you did not want to hear. From there, he listened hard, finally picking out Esme’s ‘voice’.

‘Bella? Must be the new girl in town. I guess it’s time to go shopping again, see if we can find the girl.’

Uh-oh, Edward thought. That doesn’t sound good.

‘Wonder if Esme would take me, she should be in school but it might be interesting to see her in different angles. That makes me wonder . . .’ Alice looked straight at Edward, smiling knowingly, tilting her head a little, eyes narrowed. Edward knew that pose, and looked up to the ceiling, abruptly looking down again. Alice seemed smug, as though her confirmations were confirmed – and Esme had not missed any part of the said scene.

“What’s going on,” she demanded, less of a question.

Alice graciously answered, “I was just confirming whether dear Edward was picking our brains again.”

Esme looked sternly at Alice, but burst into laughter after a while. She walked away, her shoulder shaking gently in laughter. “What I want is just a little privacy,” the two remaining ones heard her complain, and couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Sooo,” Alice sat down on the leather two seater and stared intently at her brother, “dedicating a song?”

Edward let out a growl, frustrated with his family.

“All right, all right!” Alice surrendered, leaving her brother to his work, smiling a little.

Edward exhaled deeply, thinking about his new fascination – her hair, her timid smile, and the unforgettable electric current that occurred when their hands touched. Edward shook his head slightly and laughed out loud when he thought about her clumsiness. According to Newton, she was scared of snow too. He could fix that, with no problem.

Edward pressed the keys, humming quietly along with it. His song was fast, quiet and strong, just like her, he reminisced contentedly. As his notes flow, he let all his despair and anguish flow along, he had never felt this way about his prey before.

He stopped suddenly, the music coming to a sudden halt. ‘Not prey,’ he thought angrily, his hands turned into iron fists, he growled, an angry expression – yet he despised himself, for that monster he was, for the monster she turns him to.

After five agonizing minutes, he resumed his composition, slowly twisting his way through the heart of the song, his face uplifting. Ending the song with a flourish, he kept his hands on the piano and whispered softly, “This is for you – nobody else. Bella.”

A blonde girl, stunning beyond any belief, appeared right beside the piano, as though she was created out of thin air. She sneered at Edward, “Couldn’t you do better?”

“You heard. You were listening, I suppose. Oh, Emmett is waiting for you outside, Rosalie.” Edward pinpointed calmly.

The female, apparently named Rosalie, gave Edward a dark scowl, “She’s not one of us. You don’t want to get her involved.”

“Can’t I choose, Rose?”

“Not her.”

Edward bowed his head, picking out Rosalie’s thoughts. ‘A human girl, not even a proper vampire. As though she’ll still like him if she knew what he was. Probably would be running away to her mommy. A trite human.’

He nodded understandingly, “I understand, Rose.”

She snarled back, “What do you understand? What can you understand?”

“She stays with her father by the way. Her mother is in Phoenix.”

“Get to the point, Edward!”

Edward steeled himself. “You’re jealous of her. Because, she’s a human. Understandable, really.”

Rosalie growled, a sound further echoed round the open high ceilinged room. “You don’t want Emmett hearing that.” With that threat, she turned around, her blond locks swinging with her, then she was gone. A second later, a sound of a starting engine roared outside.

Edward let out a sigh of relief. He had never sighed so much in a day. He knew that Rosalie would have finished telling Emmett about Bella by now and Alice would not miss the chance to gush to Jasper once he’s back. The thought of Jasper made him straighten up – he had to check on him. He shook his bronze coloured hair, and wore a blue jacket on top, preparing to have a run outside. Yet he did not go before promising his piano something, “I will finish the song tonight.”

Esme had not missed any of his actions.