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Loving You

{{I'M BACK!}} Hmm, I keep changing this part a lot, but first so, here's the usual stuff ~~ this is Twilight, in Edward's POV starting from the third chapter! The change ~~ I might be changing the first two chapters to first person, but it's not likely. Tell me what you think, and I'll work according to it. NOTICE! [[The third chapter will be out latest by Tuesday! I swear! Oh, and when it's out, expect a few changes in the format ;D]] Note : All characters, plot, and dialouge belongs to the ingenious Stephenie Meyer. I'm just a mere storyteller.And of course, the above mentioned ingenious author's Midnight Sun is far more superior than my fan fiction.


2. Superman

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Edward stared at the grandfather clock, bought on his forty seventh birthday by Carlisle from England. It was as though his intense gaze would will the clock to move its heavy oak hands faster. It did not help with the fact that Edward could not sleep. Edward could never sleep. It disturbed him deeply, in more ways than one, yet that helped him concentrate on his more important objectives – like finishing his draft for his literature counter debate and of course, his composition.

One of the things, he mused, disadvantageous about not being able to sleep was that he could not pretend to be asleep. There were times, when he just wanted to close his eyes and drift off to sleep, or maybe hide from his immediate ‘family’, mostly from Rosalie of course with her glare that could stop a heart from beating. He grinned at his own sarcasm.

Yet, tonight was one of the interesting nights, considering the fact that Alice anticipated a storm but what he could see now could be only named as a breeze. The snow lightly coated the fir trees, it was as though they were ready made Christmas trees. Edward liked snow, he always imagined that there was a quiet humming accompanied to the innocent white flakes. He grimaced, agreeably shamed by his show of emotion.

It was excusable, he argued with himself, after all – he just went hunting and was feeling exceptionally full. It was all just in preparation – there were some things he needed to clear up with his mortal Biology partner. It did not help when that same Biology partner was beautiful, wonderful smelling, almost like freesia or lavenders . . .

Edward scowled in the dark. ‘And to think that I just fed,’ he thought, irritated with himself but more to his mortal attention. He wondered why she was just so gracefully clumsy, everything she does had a touch of . . . something inside it, which just made him feel all warm and content inside. Scowling again, Edward continued what he was doing currently.

Edward was a pretty patient creature, considering that he had put up with Carlisle for more time than anyone, even Esme. However, he still had a grudge with time, considering that he had infinite time in his favour. For now, he simply glared at the grandfather clock, still willing time forward.

He thought about infinite things – about snow, about hunting, about him and about Bella. The last thought was a consequent one, one that he had not planned initially of thinking. He sighed, a sign of frustration and ruffled his already much ruffled hair.

Edward gave up, and went to the window, observing the scenery outside for the umpteenth time. It seemed Alice was correct, the snow had been falling steadily, making the roads slick, covered in danger. ‘Ah well,’ he thought, ‘at least the skies are overcast.’

At long last, with the seven strikes of the clock, Edward took off, combing his hair (ruffled uncountable times during his reverie) , taking a shower (normal human tradition that he usually did not follow except he went hunting and smelt like gazelles) , changing his clothes (his clothes, subsequently, smelt like gazelles), packing his bag (stupid stupid homework) and finally tying his tedious shoe laces (what happened to good old loafers and Bermudas?) before striding down the stairs to the “dining room”.

As usual, he was the slowest (though he only took four minutes), and as he took a seat, Alice greeted him, “You’re late Edward, toast or cereal?” Smiling cynically at her brother’s raised eyebrows, she turned back to Jasper, ruffling his blond hair a little, and receiving a grateful smile in return. Edward inclined his head, catching Alice’s eyes.

‘He’s fine,’ Alice thought, ‘just a little hungry.’ Edward responded with a crooked show of teeth, as he knew Jasper was always hungry, and greeted his other family members, a routine he dutifully followed. He passed every familiar face, Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Jasper, Alice and saving for the last, Rosalie. Even though every member of the family greeted him with a warm smile, a wide grin in the instance of Emmett, Rosalie was indifferent to his greeting, keeping her eyes focused on the falling snow.

A bulky object fell with a loud thud, easily visible as Alice’s school bag. Alice however, was indifferent to the din she caused, her retinas travelling far away from her self. Even Rosalie eyed Alice with apprehension – everybody was alert when Alice was getting a taste of the future. She came back easily, yet with an anxious frown on her face.

“What is it Alice?” Esme murmured urgently, with her gentle personality, Esme was the most affected with Alice’s glitches.

“I don’t really know,” Edward knew that Alice was treading with hesitation, “there was a car accident in school, because of the snow.”

“But it could change right?” Esme pressed, still not giving up.

Alice’s features clearly expressed hesitation, “Well, yes.”

“What’s wrong?” Carlisle asked.

Alice frowned at him. “I don’t think we should go to school today, there might be blood due to the accident.”

“We’ll stop it,” Edward replied casually, flashing a smile at his ‘older’ brother and an agitated Jasper.

“Yeah, let’s play Superman,” Emmett grinned while rubbing his hands.

Rosalie responded with a low hiss, and gracefully leaped out of the sturdy oak chair, striding towards the door.

“She’s such a pessimist,” Emmett growled, a sulky expression on his face.

Esme’s face broke into a grateful smile, “At least we have a saviour, thank goodness.”

Carlisle rubbed Esme’s back, and then turned his attention to Edward, “How was your hunt last night?”

Emmett’s head snapped up and he snarled at Edward. “You didn’t tell me you were hunting!”

Edward defended himself, “Hey, Jasper came with me too! Anyway, that was an extra precaution I had to take.”

“What precaution exactly are we talking about?” Alice interrupted.

“I think,” Jasper replied, “Edward is anxious to communicate with the Bella girl?”

Edward sent a death glare towards Jasper, silently condemning to hell for his excellent timing, and mentally made a note to have a ‘talk’ with Alice. “Ah – it was just a little . . . misunderstanding. I just plan to straighten some things with the girl. Just an extra precaution.”

Five sceptical eyes bore back at him, and Edward felt the pressure closing in on him. “We’ll be late for school, I’ll be outside starting the car.” Which was a blatant lie – the Cullens were never late for school. Feeling eternally grateful to his silver Volvo, he dashed out to the garage, enjoying the quiet purr of his engine – and skilfully eased out his chariot to his awaiting siblings.

Alice, Jasper and Rosalie entered the back seat with all the grace of Greek god and goddesses and goddesses while Emmett came in to the front passenger’s seat with the agility of a black bear. With them seated, Edward revved out of the driveway, onto the main road.

Snow lightly covered the whole area, giving it a faint, almost ghostly glow. Edward was acutely aware of Rosalie staring at him, her reflection was one of intense disapproval, and it did not need a genius to know what she was thinking.

He drove at a slightly slower speed, even though he absolutely loathed driving at such a slow pace, at 80 miles per hour. He had to consider the slippery ice and even though he did not care for it, he knew Esme did. Emmett kept shooting glances at Rosalie, and a bored Edward flicked through his mind. ‘Dammit Rose, don’t act like you only have one emotion! You’re scaring the daylights out of Jasper with your mood, what with him feeling your vibes and all. Aww, come on, I know you have more emotions than that – just saw a really nice one last nigh—“


Too much info. That was more than enough for now. Hiding his smirk, Edward looked straight ahead and let other cleaner thoughts be tuned to his ears.

‘Bella. You know, that’s quite a nice name. I wonder if she likes shopping, maybe orange or green. Heard that she’s really a nice girl, not irritating and jumpy like Rosalie claims her to be. Oh, Edward, if you’re hearing this – ignore Rose, for the whole day, she might just accidentally murder you.’

Edward chuckled - God, he just adored Alice – and subtly nodded to Alice, who returned it with a grin. Which attracted curious glances from the rest of his unsuspecting siblings, but Edward might have just found his favourite pastime – irritating Rosalie. From the rear-view mirror, he saw Alice rolling her eyes and mentally screaming, ‘DON’T YOU DARE!’ inside.

Jasper seemed lost, a little dazed, as he looked out of the window to the sight of fast zooming trees. Edward was not particularly worried about him, after all – he just went hunting four hours ago. Of course, Edward was not particularly pleased with him either, it was enough with the whole supernatural capability without your brother backstabbing you.

‘She does look good. Of course, Alice looks better, but in human terms, she is pretty good looking. And her smell . . .” Edward deliberately gave the car a jerk so as to wake Jasper from his pathetic day dreaming. It was enough that he thought of Bella, and it was not going to help when his family was going to be obsessed with her too. Jasper looked sheepishly at him and went back to gazing out of the window.

Edward had wanted to delve into Rosalie’s mind, yet by the time he was finished with glaring at Jasper, the silver Volvo had already snaked into the vacant parking lot. Deciding just to follow his sister’s advice, Edward just let Rosalie glare at him stares edged with shrapnel with him with an indifference. He knew it made her even more mad, which consequently made Emmett more agitated, which lead to Jasper being loaded up with negativity, which ends in a finale of Alice getting pissed off at him.

Who said immortality was a bore?