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If Looks could Kill

Jane's story from when she was changed. Okay everyone; i re-edited this story; adding more into it. Have a look at it to find out more!

I re-edited the original chapter to see if it makes anymore sence (?) Anyway; it's Jane's story on how she got changed, along with her brother Alec. It was meant to be a one shot, but I got fed up with the orignal. Still a little rough around the edges, but hope you enjoy it!

1. Chapter 1

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“Ha, look. Jane’s over there, on her own again!” called a small child in my class, Thomas. He laughed and ran quickly to the other side of the play ground.

My hair rippled in the slight breeze as I stayed, leaned against the wall. I was thinking, yet again on the warm tarmac, it nearly being summer. I didn’t want company. I didn’t want friends who were going to desert me. No one knew the real me. I had my mother only; my father had died when I was young, so I was used to being alone.

My black hair hung down my face, cut short. It was so much easier than the long plaits I saw the other children with. Playtime was nearly over, and as the teacher called us all in, I always stood at the back. Forgotten. Hidden.

When home time came along, I got from my seat slowly, collecting like my ritual the only book we needed then, and slowly trudged out.

“Is your mum meeting you at the bottom again?” asked a teacher.

“Yes ma’am.” I told her. I had no time for remembering her name. I strode away from her, past the open gate and down the hill. My mother never met me at the bottom. She rarely attended anything concerned with me. I was fine like that. I walked the half mile to and from my house everyday. No one noticed me as I walked with no adult. I carried on down the path I knew only too well. My feet carried me, and I stayed silent again, relishing in the fact that no one was around.

I got inside the house. My mother was in the kitchen. I barely listened, until a few words registered in my brain.

“Why do you mean! Jack has never entered this house since he left!” her small, pale frame rocked in place, tightly clutching small fragment of paper in shaking hands. I guess, being so small, something traumatic had been written, as my mother, angry, ripped up the paper. She shot a glaring look at me, filled with neglect, and uncaring.


I flinched from her stare. “Jane.” She hissed. I jumped again, preparing to crawl from the room. “Jane. Your father’s on his way over. I want you to go away. Now.” I didn’t look back as I scurried from the room. I grabbed my shoes, flicking them on my small feet and grabbed my bag again. I ran outside. In time to see a figure, the same olive skin as mine was, muscles built on top of each other.

I heard a scream. A loud bang echoed the scream, if sounded like pans hitting someone. I glanced back. My father, the one who I had thought to be dead was standing over my mother, hitting her repeatedly.

My emotions turned sour. None of them had ever loved me enough to show me compassion, but I still tasted the anger of them. I wanted a part in this. I wanted to turn back and fight them both. I was stopped by strong arms.

I was taken in by a couple. They cared for me. But I still felt the bitter anguish from my parents. Always hating each other- I didn’t ever love my other, new family.

I had seen my father hit her before I had run. I had heard her scream, and a fight had opened up. When the reports had come in, it was discovered that my mother had died from loss of blood. They found my father’s body in a nearby wood. Somebody had shot him.

The same bitterness radiated from me where ever I went. Still people ignored me-and I was always angry. I used that. It was power.

I was sixteen. The huge grassy field stretched away from me. The dark, black hair, cut short, and my appearance in general was the only thing that hadn’t changed.

A boy was standing in front of me.

“What’s you name.” I muttered.

“Thomas.” He told me. I took little notice anymore.

“Thomas. I don’t trust you. You were going to tell on me. You were going to tell the school about Sarah and Jeremy. My aunt and uncle are not dead.” I told him. But he still had some movement in him, some desire to prove me wrong.

“No. You were adopted by them. Both you parents died. And now, they both have too.”

I was time to end this. He wasn’t going to walk away unscathed. But he was going to go away and rethink about what he was saying. If he could walk that is.

I took a step forwards. The boy appeared to shrink. I could almost see him as that boy who had laughed at me when I was young. I squinted my eyes at him, glaring. He fell backwards from my intimidating glance. His knees buckled.

After that seen, I had had to run away. I had fled the school quickly, nimble however small I was compared to other children. I had gone to the town, the tall stone of the building comforting for cover. I had run down an alley, escaping a police man, dressing in black with shiny buttons and eccentric polished boots.

“This is the one who causes the pain.” A soft, angel voice had muttered.

“Quickly Aro, she’s coming around” muttered a voice. A huge shadow hovered over me. I flinched at his touch, though it was no longer cold. The pain still stabbed at me, biting at my insides. I tried to scream again, but his hand shot up over my mouth.

“Not here little one.” Whispered an older person. His voice was like singing to my ears. I twisted, writhing in the pain. His skin was pale, and he looked like he was about to crumble away. “Felix.” The man continued. “When will she be one of us fully?”

“Not a few more minutes” said the man, I assumed through my pain was Felix. Even now, it was receding. I had no idea how long I had been on this cold ally way floor. I remember hiding, just before it. It had something to do with being wanted-like the fact that I had done something to someone. Bu then I had only seen a blur, and the pain.

The pain.

It had evaporated.

I was one of them. Or so I was told. I was powerful. I was changed. People feared me even now. I had my master and I had others like me.

I was special among all of us anyway. My master, the one who had found me, and rescued me, had his own unique power. Felix shared my opinions, but did not regard our masters totally. I owned much to them both. My new life was silent, particular and irreversible. I still enjoyed the sensation of nearly flying as I ran. Or hearing what people were saying far way. Or the pure taste of blood.

* * *

Jane walked down the festival. Her clothes covered all signs of skin, not wanting the sunlight to touch her, or risk the view of humans to see. She ran through the crowd. Something demanded her attention. A fellow of hers had said something about a loose vampire causing a nuisance. He was one from an opposing coven, someone who wouldn’t contain the urge to nature and feast on the pure warmth and strength of the humans around her now. How easy just to eat…

But she mustn’t. Jane focussed her attention on what she had to do. To get Felix and Demetri had to get both him…and a human girl inside. Jane grinned wildly. He was causing trouble. She had to suppress a laugh.

She liked trouble.