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Bella's Meadow Mishap

A twist to what happened when Bella found Edward's meadow and saw Laurent!!!

I don't own any of the Twilight series. I just read them and became hopelessly addicted!!!

3. Alaska

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Edward’s POV

I was still trying to get used to it. Bella, my sweet angel; Bella, was a vampire. I hated Laurent for what he had done to my love, but I couldn’t make myself be mad at him. I could only be mad at myself. In a way, I was thankful for what had happened. He had done what I couldn’t do. He had given her what she had wanted from me. We were in the car and on the way to Alaska. Alice was driving, Jasper was in the passenger seat and Bella was between me and Emmett in the back. She had her head on my chest and my arms were around her. We made it to the house within a few hours and Esme flew outside as soon as we pulled up. We got out of the car.


Esme flung her arms around Bella and hugged her tightly. Carlisle walked up and tapped Esme on the shoulder.

“Give the girl some room, honey. What happened?”

We went inside and Bella recited her story. Carlisle, Esme, and Rosalie looked shocked.

“Laurent, Victoria, wolves; I never should have allowed us to leave.”

“It’s not your fault. I should have told Emmett to go ahead and knock some sense into the idiot instead of supporting his decision. I think that seeing Edward fly through a few trees would be hilarious,” said Rosalie, regretfully. I could see that she felt bad about the way she had treated Bella in the past.

“This is nobody’s fault but mine. I was the idiot that went walking in the woods, looking for the meadow. I shouldn’t have been out there. I hope that Edward doesn’t get mad at me for saying this, but I’m glad it happened. I’m the one to blame for this and I don’t regret going for a walk in the woods that day. The only remorse I feel for my stupidity is that Edward had to see me in pain while I finished the transformation. My death gave me back my life, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I don’t want you to blame yourselves, any of you, for what happened. I wouldn’t hold it against you so please don’t hold it against yourself. If you do, I will know.”

“How would you know?”

“Edward isn’t the only telepath anymore.”

“Two mind readers in one family; this ought to be interesting,” said Rosalie. She had slightly emphasized the word family.

How long do you two think you have before Alice starts hounding you about planning the wedding? Sorry, Bella, but I know Alice; she will insist on a wedding and then she’ll insist on planning it, too.

“I would guess about five minutes; if we’re lucky.”

Fortune wasn’t smiling upon us at the moment because once the words were out of my mouth Alice started begging.

“So, when’s the wedding? I’m sure that the two of you will want to get married, right?”

“That’s an excellent idea. What do you say, Bella?”

“Why are you asking me and not Edward?”

“We already know that he wants to marry you. Edward loves the thought of anything that involves everyone knowing that you’re his for all eternity. This is the ultimate proof.”

They were right.

“I see nothing wrong with that.”

Bella looked at me.

“I would love to marry you, Edward.”

I smiled her favorite smile and kissed her on the cheek. The others silently left the room and I took Bella to my- now, our- room. A new addition had been made; there was a king sized bed in the center of the room. Bella rolled her eyes. I saw a note in the middle of the bed.

Edward and Bella,

I hope that you enjoy this gift; as long as I’m not in the house. I have learned that couches are incompatible with romantic evenings, even for vampires, so I decided to save you the trouble. Edward, if Carlisle asks, tell him that I remembered you spending almost every night in Bella’s room and wanted to give the two of you the chance to hold each other and talk all night like you used to. I guess that’s one use, but where’s the fun in that? Any way, if you’re reading this then that means my note is detaining you. Have fun!

Yours truly,


I laughed and gave the note to Bella. She wadded it up, threw it on the nightstand, and kissed me. We undressed quickly, partly due to the fact that instead of breaking the kiss to take Bella’s shirt off, I ripped it off of her. I was glad to be able to let things go too far. I didn’t have to control myself. I didn’t have to pay attention to what I was doing. All I had to do was lose myself in the ecstasy of the moment. We made love over and over again. I had never felt more alive. My sweet, beautiful, angelic Bella was mine, all mine, forever. Hours later, we were laying together, in each others arms. I stroked her cheek with my fingertips.

“I love you, my angel.”

“I love you, too, Edward.”

You two have been at it for hours. Can we come back inside the house now?

Bella and I both sighed.

Other people live here, too, you know. I’m sure you can find some other time to have your fun.

You can feel each other up later. Thank goodness I didn’t go to Victoria’s Secret and buy Bella some lingerie; just the bed Emmett decided to get them was enough to occupy them.

At least you’ve been enjoying your present.

I’m staying out of it.

We can come back in another few hours if you want.

Bella and I got out of the bed, unenthusiastically, and got dressed. She had to wear one of my shirts, but I liked it. She looked good in my shirt; hell, she looked sexy in anything, especially nothing. I wanted to haul her straight back to that bed, but I couldn’t. We would have to work out something for that. Sound-proof walls seemed like a good idea at the moment. We walked down the stairs. I saw three looks of exasperation, two neutral expressions, and one amused face. Emmett looked at his watch.

“Hey, Jasper, it’s after two AM; you lose.”

They had taken bets on when it would be okay for the rest of them to return.

Sorry, but if we hadn’t interrupted we would have been kicked out for two days. I hate to spoil your fun, but when you go on your honeymoon you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, however many times you want.

Wow, two days, I liked the sound of that. I liked the sound of a honeymoon even better, though.