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Life is a Wheel of Fate

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Twilight. That all belongs to Stephenie Meyer. What if Bella answered the phone instead of Jacob when Edward called in New Moon

This is my first fan fiction.

1. Edward?!!!?

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 648   Review this Chapter

Bella’s P.O.V.

Then the phone rang. I reached around Jacob and grabbed it, glad to have that right then so I could have time to make up my mind. “Hello?” I asked into the receiver. “Bella?” the person on the other end asked, then made a sound like he wasn’t supposed to say anything. That person sounded a lot like Edward. My heart started beating faster. I decided to test my theory. “Edward?” No answer. I felt Jacob tighten up beside me. I tried again. “Edward? Is that you?” “Bella.” I heard the other person say. It was Edward. No other being on this earth could have a voice so silky smooth as this one was. My heart was beating faster now. I could not believe it. I was hearing Edward. My hallucinations were no good. Not compared to his real voice. But why was he calling? “Edward. Why? What? Where?” but I could not finish any of the questions I longed to ask him. ‘Why are you calling?‘ ‘What are you doing?‘ ‘Where are you?‘ And then the phone went dead. “Edward? Edward?” No answer. I tried once more. “Edward?“ Nothing. I hung up. Jacob was raging beside me.

“Jacob, are you okay?”

“Was that really him?” was all he responded.

“I’m not totally sure.”

“What did he want?”

I saw Jake was trying hard not to start losing control. I tried to calm him by speaking as calmly as I could.

“I don’t know. He only said my name. Twice.” I told him, remembering the beautiful, velvety sound of his voice. Jacob mumbled something that sounded like “Filthy bloodsucker leech. He has guts to be calling here after all he’s done.” Then he went off into a string of profanities.

"Jacob, stop.” I yelled at him. So much for trying to calm him down. He froze up.

"Jacob, are you okay? I’m sorry for yelling at you. What’s wrong?” Then he ran out of the kitchen. “Jacob! Where are you going?” I yelled running after him. Then he stopped dead in his tracks, which caused me to run into him. “Ow!“ I screamed out. I had stubbed my toe into his shoe. I saw what had caused him to run. Alice was standing on the stairs smiling so hard it hurt to look at. “Alice, what’s going on?” I asked her after the pain subsided a little bit. I didn’t think she could be so happy to see Jacob, him being her enemy and all.

“It’s Edward!” She nearly screamed out. Jacob froze up even more than he was before, if that was possible.

“What about Edward?” I asked her. Hearing about Edward sent butterflies into my stomach and caused the pain in the hole to throb at the same time.

“He’s coming home!”

Edward’s P.O.V.

I hung up the phone once I realized I would probably start talking endlessly to her, which would only lead to trouble. Her voice sounded so good after all of the months of being away from her. I knew right then that I just couldn’t let this go on the way it was. It was too much torture. God I’m a woos. And selfish. But was it just me or did she sound hopeful that it was me over the phone. Oh who am I kidding. She probably hates me now. Oh well. I’d beg her to take me back if I had to. And if that didn’t work, it would still be enough just to see and hear her again. Anything to be around her.

I’m going to kill Rosalie for trying to trick me into thinking Bella was dead. I wonder why the heck she did that. Ugh. She was probably just bored. God! That girl could get on my nerves so much sometimes. If I couldn’t read minds I wouldn’t have a clue what is running through that girl’s head half the time.