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Life is a Wheel of Fate

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Twilight. That all belongs to Stephenie Meyer. What if Bella answered the phone instead of Jacob when Edward called in New Moon

This is my first fan fiction.

5. Does he? Does she?

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Bella’s P.O.V.

Who was there made my heart pump harder and faster and caused me to freeze. Alice looked to see what I was staring at. It was him. He was staring at me, too. I made the mistake of looking straight into his pair of gorgeous, topaz eyes, and for a moment I forgot that anyone else was in the room. No. It was only the two of us. Edward and I.

Edward’s P.O.V.

I was at the doors to the cafeteria. I knew now I was going to have to face her. And I admit it, I was a little scared. How would she react to seeing me? Would she forgive me for leaving her? Or would she never want to speak to me again? Oh god. What if she wanted nothing to do with me? Or worse, what if she had done what I’d wanted her to before and moved on. I don’t know how I could live if that happened. Seeing her with someone else. What was her reaction going to be to seeing me again? After all I had done to her? What would I say to her? What would she say to me? Would she say anything to me at all? What if she just ignored me for the rest of her life? That’s what I deserved after everything I did to her. But I don’t want that. I hope she would forgive me and at least talk to me. I really hope she did not move on to somebody else. If so, I would fight for the rest of eternity to get her back. What if she’s with Newton? Or worse, Black? Then I would really fight. Hard. I can’t put this off any longer. I have to see her.

When I walked through the doors, people immediately started staring. But I didn’t pay any attention to them or their thoughts. For my eyes landed on the most beautiful thing in the universe. Bella Swan. Then she looked up and saw me, too. We continued staring at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Alice turned to look at me, too. But I paid no attention to her. To anyone else in this room. Because at that moment, when my eyes met hers, it felt like we were the only ones in the room, in the universe. Like nothing else mattered. And nothing else did matter. The only thing that mattered was that I was seeing her again. The most gorgeous thing on the planet. The meaning to my life.

Bella’s P.O.V.

Then he started to walk toward us, but I was still frozen in my seat. His eyes, which never left mine, locked my body in place.

When he was about two feet away from our table he spoke. “Hello, Alice.” His voice was so soft. So velvety smooth. Like it had been on the phone. Then he sat down across from Alice.

Why hadn’t he said anything to me? Did I do something wrong? Was Alice lying to me when she told me that he did still love me? Because this seems like a real sucky way to show it. I started picking at my food simply for something to do to keep me from looking at him again.

Everyone seemed to be uncomfortably quiet then. I decided to sneak a peek at what they were doing. Alice was staring back and forth at me and Edward. Edward had his eyes planted on me. I looked away from all the staring by glancing over at the clock. It was a good thing I had, too, because next period would be starting in only three minutes.

“I’ve better get going.” I announced as I stood to go throw my uneaten food away. I hurried as fast as I could away from there. It just felt too awkward. On my way out I saw them stand and follow.

I spent the walk to class thinking. Why wouldn’t he talk to me? He could have said something like “Hey” or “Bella” or anything. It’s better than just plain ignoring me.

It was really weird that Alice and I had so many classes together, but (gulp) Edward and I had none. As if to just prove me wrong, as I walked into the class, guess who was sitting at the desk next to mine. Edward.

I took deep breaths as I walked over to my desk and sat down next to him. I opened up my notebook and pretended to read over my notes as I waited for the teacher to come in and start the lesson. Of course he chooses this day of all days to run late. But I had to do anything to avoid Edward. Even if meant pretend studying.

Oh why couldn’t Alice have this class with me? I would trade her off from fourth to this period. In fourth, Angela was with me. But no. I had to be alone to face the love of my life who probably doesn’t love me anymore.

I wonder if I could get up and sit somewhere else. I started to look around the room for an empty desk. None. Darn it.


I looked back at him surprised. He spoke to me? I guess so since he was looking directly at me.

“He- hey,” I answered back.

I then went back to looking over my notes and did as I had the very first day we met. I spread my hair over the right side of my face as a curtain.

I was so grateful he could not read my thoughts because I was thinking something that I did not want him to know. I was begging the teacher to come in and start the lesson. Please, please, please I was begging inside of me.

And then my prayer was answered. For the teacher walked in at that exact moment and started the class.

Edward’s P.O.V.

I walked toward the table Alice and Bella were sitting at, never once taking my eyes off of her.

“Hello Alice.” I still didn’t know how Bella felt about me. It’s times like these when I wish she wasn’t the one person I couldn’t read the mind of. I walked over and took a seat across from Alice. I saw Bella start to mess around with her food. Then the thoughts of my sibling trailed into my head.

Edward, what are you doing? Talk to her. Alice thought.

What the heck should I say to her when I have no idea how she feels about me? Why couldn’t Alice read my mind? We could have good, private conversations that way. Oh well. Other than Alice’s thoughts trailing through my head, the table was very quiet. No one said a word out loud. No one barely even moved. If Alice wasn’t glancing back and forth between Bella and I, and if Bella wasn’t messing around with her food, people could mistaken us for statues. Then Bella did move. She looked up at Alice. When her eyes landed on me, she looked away towards the clock. Why, though? Why would she look away so quickly from me? Does she not forgive me?

Before I could trail on with that thought Bella stood up and announced she was leaving. Then I noticed the time. Class started in three minutes. When she disappeared through the doors, Alice and I stood and walked out.

I walked into class to be greeted by even more stares. Like I hadn’t gotten enough of those today. I saw only two empty desks side by side. I walked over and took a seat at one of them. Then the thoughts of the children started to role into my mind.

Oh no. Cullen’s back. I sure hope him and Bella didn’t get back together. I was so close to getting her to go on a double date last week. I’m sure if I asked again she would have said yes. But now he’s back. This complicates things.- Mike. That made me growl in the back of my throat. But I tried to seize it before anyone could hear it. Was he really that close? Or had he just exaggerated? I hope he was just exaggerating.

The Cullens are back! Yay. I hope he and Bella didn’t get back together. I want him. He’s so hot.- Jessica.

Ugh. Cullen’s back. I guess precious Bella doesn’t need us anymore since her little savior has come home.- Lauren.

It didn’t look like Bella and him made up at lunch. I wonder if he knows who’s desk he’s sitting next to.- Angela.

The desk next to mine was taken? I wonder who by. As if to answer my question, at that moment Bella stepped into the classroom. No other seats were empty so that only meant one thing. I was sitting next to her desk. She looked shocked when she found me sitting here. I wonder what other emotions were running through her that she didn’t show. Now I really wish Jasper was here.

When she came and sat down I still had no idea what to say to her, so I just sat there and stared at her like and idiot. Bella had other plans. She took out her notebook and started to pretend to study over her notes. She didn’t fool me for a second. She is such a horrible actress.

Then the wind shifted, blowing her scent over towards me at full force. It had been a long time since I’d smelled her, and my venom started to pour into my mouth. I tried my hardest to swallow it back down. I am so glad I fed before coming. Or else it would have been almost as hard as the first day I met her.

Then something to say popped into my head. I could just say ‘hey’. That would work in the case that she had forgiven me and in the case that she had not. It was just being friendly. Just as I was about to say it, she surprised me by looking up and looking around the room. What the heck was she doing? Oh well. I couldn’t give in now.

“Hey,” I said to her.

She looked back at me surprised.

“He- hey,” she said back.

Then she swirled her hair around in the air, causing it to land covering the side of her face. Was she crazy? I had been away for so long that I wasn’t used to her mouth- watering scent. Maybe she was trying to just be mean. If that were the case, then she wouldn’t have forgiven me. Oh man.

I wish I knew what the heck she was thinking. That would make this situation a whole lot easier. Then the teacher walked in and started class.