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Hate and Fate.

I was originally going to start this story later after I finished When Dead Hearts Beat, but it stuck in my head. Sorry! Edward and Alice are dead and the leave the Cullen coven to deal with their loses. Jasper and Bella especially. Jasper makes it quite clear of his distain for Bella, Bella is the same with her hate for Jasper. But when tensions are high, and change is coming, can they deal with their mates' deaths? Or will they continue to push each other away, in hopes that the problem will just go away? Jasper/Bella fic for all you Jaspella fans.

Hm, read and review is all I have to say.

2. Fate.

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I RAN ALL THE WAY TO MY - HIS MEADOW, OUR MEADOW.Old memories burned through the wall I’ve spent so long to build. Memories of him running the full symmetrical circle. Him telling me he was the world’s best predator. His laughter filling the meadow. His topaz eyes burning with the intensity of our love. Him dropping his façade for once. Him, him, him. Edward.

My body was racked with dry sobs. I didn’t take notice to the sun shining, my skin sparkling; I didn’t realize someone coming up behind me. I didn’t realize I was kneeling over until he made me stand up and hugged me fiercely to his body. I sobbed raggedly as he gently rubbed my back, resting his chin on top my head and whispering soft, reassuring words to comfort me.

As I slowly came back to reality, Jasper didn’t let me go. He continued to rub my back and entwined our fingers with the hand not on my back. I pulled back a bit to gaze into his eyes and heard myself gasp at the intensity burned into them.



I don’t know why I was holding her, I just know that it felt good. It felt right, like she belonged there. I recalled that this is how it once felt with Alice, my Alice. So I just held her. I rubbed her back and my hand just seemed to entwine her fingers with mine. I barely heard her gasp when she looked into my eyes. Time seemed to have stopped. But reality came crushing down. I stepped back dropping her hand and escaping her gaze.

“I’m sorry,” I said, looking at my feet. “Maybe we should get going, you know, back home.”

“O-oh, yeah. We should. Thank you.” I continued looking at my feet as we ran home, just grasping how far we ran to that meadow. What made her sob and cry? Did she already know that meadow? I must of let my curiosity spread because she answered my question.

“It was his meadow – where we declared our love for the first time.”

Ah, I see. What’d you expect Jasper? Obviously she still loves him. She probably doesn’t feel this way about you. Scratch that, she doesn’t feel this way about you. Don’t get your hopes too high loverboy, she doesn’t love you.

“Jasper?” she asked cautiously.


“You never answered my question.” She said with a timid smile.

“And what question would that be?”

“Why do you hate me so much?” Ah, that.

“I - I don’t know.”

“Can you get back to me on that?”

I smiled. “Sure, can you not go to Volterra?”

“I, uh… yeah. Yes, of course.”

“Pinky swear?” I smiled.

“Pinky swear.” She wore that brilliant smile of her as our pinkies crossed.

“Good. Now let’s get back inside.”

“Oh, I didn’t realize we were back home already.”

“Yeah, well. You’re pretty fast now kid, in case you didn’t know.”

“Ha-ha.” She smiled with a shove.