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Back from the Past

A 'Pride and Prejudice' play in the present, and a bet among heartbreakers, Edward and Emmett in the past: The last to marry wins the Cullen estate. What happens when Jasper Whitlock finds a way to time travel, and the whole group meets. Will the pairs fall in love? We shall see... banner by me

AN: So this is a new story that I had the inclination to write last night. I’m really excited about it, more so than I was with What We Become. That may be a sign that this story will do just as well as the latter. I am just going to say that this story is meant to be a romance. I have read dozens of historical fiction novels, novels based in the 19 th century etc. I love writing from the perspective of those types of stories. You probably figured that out in my previous story, Edward and Isabella . Whether you think I have skill in that department is your opinion only. Enjoy. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, though I use her characters and setting. This story was inspired by the movie Kate and Leopold , starring Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman (sexy as ever).

3. Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Bella and Alice may be living on their own, entirely dependent on only themselves, but it didn't mean that they were out of school. No, Bella was only 18, which meant she was in her final year of school before college. Alice was the same. At their special school for the Arts, Bella was there for her acting, Alice for her love of dancing.

The next day for Bella was difficult. Everyone who knew that she had gotten the part of Elizabeth Bennett acted in different ways. They either ridiculed her for not pouncing on the opportunity of a very enlightening role. Or they gave her jealous glares, because apparently there were many girls that tried out for that role. This is what really got Bella thinking. If she was given the role of Elizabeth, surely it was for a reason. Obviously the professors at her school saw some potential in her. Maybe she should take the part just to prove that she could do it. She could make time, she could surely memorize those lines. And, to admit it, she was curious as to who would get the part of Mr.Darcy. Maybe Mike.

Oh,God. She didn't want that! That would be dreadful. Hopefully, the directors could find someone a bit better looking.

Bella went through her classes not really thinking about what was going on around her. Her fiction class was cancelled, so she spent that hour and a half rereading "Pride and Prejudice" in one of the upstairs cubicles of the school library. She was half way through when there was a knocking on the glass door that shielded her from the rest of the library. Slightly annoyed, Bella looked up from Pemberley to acknowledge whoever was there. Angela stood on the other side, a knowing smile on her face. Bella closed her book before leaning over and unlocking the door.

"Hey." Angela said, coming in and sitting at the table with Bella.

"Hi. What's going on?"

"Nothing. Just thought I'd say 'hi' when I saw you sitting in here alone." Angela gave Bella a critical look. "So I heard you got the lead in the play. I'm impressed."

"Yea. I wasn't even expecting it at all." Bella murmured, starting to pack her bag.

"I just know you're going to do an amazing job!" Angela said, standing up. "Everyone thinks that you've gotta be the best actor here now." She hushed, a grin spread across her face. "Well I've got to go meet some people for lunch. I'll see you in drama class."

"See you." Bella answered. Bella followed Angela out of the room and down the stairs to the main part of the library. She might as well just take the part. It's not like she couldn't make the time to memorize her lines. And the props and costumes that they got to wear were pretty cool. Bella left the library with a smile in her face.


Emmett sat opposite his brother. They dared not to look at each other as they waited. A door opened from somewhere down the corridor, and as if pulled by the force of God, both the brothers sat up a little straighter. He almost cringed at the sound of footsteps as someone approached. When James came around the corner, Emmett and Edward stood up. Though they would have rather showed him their fists than respect, they chose to abide their father’s wishes and give James a slight courtesy. The three men bowed at each other, as was custom.

“I’ve been meaning to plan a conference with the two of you for quite some time.” James Ford smiled ruefully. He felt that he was somehow higher than the Cullen’s. He wasn’t born into his money as the two standing in front of him were. He worked for his, and was seen as somewhat a legend in New York, having earned such a large sum in such as small period of time. How he came to earn his money, no one but his accomplice’s truly knew.

“Well we are here now.” Emmett said, wrapping his fingers together as he rested his hands behind his back. No one knew he did this to stop himself from lashing out at the unclean, rugged man in front of him. James smirked and lifted his hand, smoothing the short hair that grew on his chin and cheeks. James turned to one of his servants.

“Drinks.” He walked over to one of his chairs and sat down, showing to his friends that he was unaffected by their presence. After only a moment, the Cullen brothers sat as well. James accepted the drink from the servant who had returned. He smiled at the men’s reluctance to take a glass. “You do not trust me enough to share a drink?” He pushed back his longer hair. He took a sip of his own. “Ah, I have no reason to kill you, my friends. Not yet.”

“Our feelings are mutual then.” Edward murmured thoughtfully before taking a glass. After giving his brother a meaningful glance, Emmett drank as well. Edward, though the youngest, was the first to bring up the reason for their arrival. “Why have you called us here, Mr. Ford?”

Sighing dramatically and grinning with a slight menace, James put down his drink and leaned forward saying “I’ve heard some news as of late. Most would call these rumours, but I know of their truth.”

“Do you have proof of these truths?” Edward asked, not looking away.

“I believe I do, yes.”

“What are you blaming us of, James? Not another one of your treacherous attempts of gaining every man’s money again is it? Not our money, I’m sure...” Emmett was irritated and already angry with this man. James only lifted his hand to his chin again, tilting slightly as he thought. Emmett stood up. “WHAT ARE YOU BLAMING US OF?!”

“Rape.” James said, another smile on his face. Emmett’s eyebrows shifted and he took a step towards his foe. James stood as well. “Uh uh.” He shook his head as Edward pulled his brother back, although angry himself, he knew what physical action would lead to. “You don’t want to be charged with assault as well.” James almost laughed.

“What in God’s name tipped you off to any of this nonsense?” Edward asked as he all but wrestled with his brother.

“Siblings are raised to share among each other, but to share a woman is almost unheard of. I suppose when Edward passed her off to you with the news of giving a good thrust, you supposed you could make a contest of who could make her scream louder.” James shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t see Edward as he brought back his fist and made contact with James’ chin. James doubled back and fell back into his chair. Cradling his face with his hand. He looked up at Edward and growled, “Wrong move Cullen.”

Emmett, after being released from Edward, slammed his fist into James’ nose. Blood began pouring from his nose and into his collar. “HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE US OF SOMETHING SO OUTRAGIOUS!” Coughing, James answered a bit incoherently.

“It came from the mouth of my own cousin! It was her! And both of you will be killed on the morrow if I have anything to say about it!” He stood up and motioned to his servants. “Escort them out of my house!”

Edward and Emmett left the house as loudly as possible, slamming the door behind them. They climbed into their carriage and were half a mile away before either of them spoke. It was Emmett.

“I would spend eight lifetimes in prison if it meant that he was being tortured and beaten here.” He growled.

“Eight lifetimes?” Edward asked.

“Eight. How could he come across with an accusation like that? I am so angry!” Emmett slammed his fist for emphasis on the wall of the carriage. Calm on the outside, Edward asked quietly.

“Do you know his cousin?” He looked out the window as the buildings passed by.

“I had believed all this time he was orphaned. His parents died of hatred for him, put up with him. Or they just up and left him.” Emmett mused. Edward nodded, thinking only of what they could do next.

“I won’t be surprised when officers come to our house tonight.”

“I wouldn’t be either.” Edward sighed. “The rich are the helpless in our case.”


After being cleaned up thoroughly by his maid, James left his house. He was angry that his chin was red and soon to be bruised, but at least his noise wasn’t broken. Emmett had pissed and gotten his cheek more than anything. All this was clouded over by the fact that James Ford was quite sure he would succeed in his plans of gaining more fortune for himself.

James took his time as he passed the poor and the wealthy. Walking down the streets of New York, he only searched for the vulnerable. Usually alone and incapable of defending or holding a case in court if they turned out to actually have a mind. James did not regularly seek out people like this during midday, but at the moment he felt he could achieve anything. And that anything just walked past him. A man maybe the same age as him, with shoulder-length blonde hair and expensive clothing rushed past. Almost knocking him off his feet, the man carried a large case in his hands, and had a greedy smile on his face. James smiled as well. It was like hunting game in the forest, choosing the over-confident over any other animal.

The young man turned a corner, and James followed, his hands tucked in his pockets. It was quite chilly for a February frost. Around another corner they went, sliding through groups of workers and shoppers. James paid no mind to them, but the man ahead of him looked at them as if studying a piece of art. At one point James thought he had lost him, but as if counting on his attack, the prey was seen making his way down an alley. There, just out of site, did James watch him. After only a second, the man climbed onto a set of stairs and then stepped off into the air. What was there before vanished. He was gone. The man he planned on stealing money from was gone.

Curious, James walked up the stairs to the place where, if you hadn’t guessed it, Jasper was standing only a moment ago. James scratched his neck. Then took a step off, and he disappeared too.



Bella had no idea what she was thinking as this man that she had known less than a day, took a step towards her. Yet, she did not back away. His hair, long and dirty blonde, was pulled back with an elastic band. Slowly she opened her mouth to ask him if he wanted to come upstairs.

“I have never before been attracted to a slender woman as yourself before.” He murmured huskily. He was closer now, and she could feel his cool breath on her cheek. She could see the bruise on his chin. When she looked up into his eyes, they were almost black with hunger. She was induced in his way of speaking more than the actual words that left his lips. He was a dark mystery to her, and every other guy she had had dinner with before were always predictable.

“Are you trying to flatter me, James?” She asked shakily, her knees were shaking in anticipation to have his mouth on hers. He didn’t answer, but half his mouth came up in a smile as he looked longingly down at her. “What—“ She whispered, but he stopped her, forcing his mouth onto hers so hard that she could feel her entire body heat up from just that instant of contact.

Within seconds he had his hand curled in her hair, his other arm around her waist. She lifted her hand and placed it on the scruff of his cheek. She pulled him closer by his shirt. Moaning, he bit at her bottom lip and she gasped, and at that second when her mouth opened, he slammed his tongue inside. Bella almost choked and her nails dug into the back of his neck. Instantly, James hoisted her up and she tightly wrapped her legs around his waist. Sucking at her tongue in a way Bella knew should be a sin, James roughly connected her back with the brick wall of her apartment building. Bella tilted her head back, trying to breathe, but James just moved his mouth with hers, not letting her pull back. She was forced to take in a sharp breath through her nose. Shaking, she licked the front of his perfectly even teeth. He bit down on her tongue with a pressure that sent her head spinning. The wall disappeared from behind her and, surprising to Bella, James grabbed her hip tightly sliding her down so her weakest spot was against his hard groin. And then with a torturously pelting movement, he slammed her once more against the wall, their bodies colliding together.

This time her mouth tore away from his, her entire body tightening, she raised her hands to her head. Her eyes were shut tight and tears of pleasure poured down her cheeks as, over and over, James, with his hands digging into her lower back and lower, continually slammed himself against her. Her feet tightened around his back. And with every movement, James moved his fingers lower and lower. Leaning forward, he pressed his lips to the skin below her ear, flicking his tongue against her. At this point Bella was panting, but James hadn’t stopped yet. The friction of their clothing added to the pressure.

With a harsh call of his name, Bella cried as James nibbled the skin of her neck, biting harder and harder as his teeth came to meet her collar bone. She could have sworn he broke the skin, but he didn’t stop. If anything, now that his fingers had slid up her skirt into dangerous territory, he moved even faster.

“Take me upstairs.” She moaned.

“No.” He growled. And the thought of them on the empty sidewalk, not a person in sight, flashed through her mind. “You’re coming with me back to my house...” He bit her again, and she didn’t care where they went as long as this didn’t stop.