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Back from the Past

A 'Pride and Prejudice' play in the present, and a bet among heartbreakers, Edward and Emmett in the past: The last to marry wins the Cullen estate. What happens when Jasper Whitlock finds a way to time travel, and the whole group meets. Will the pairs fall in love? We shall see... banner by me

AN: So this is a new story that I had the inclination to write last night. I’m really excited about it, more so than I was with What We Become. That may be a sign that this story will do just as well as the latter. I am just going to say that this story is meant to be a romance. I have read dozens of historical fiction novels, novels based in the 19 th century etc. I love writing from the perspective of those types of stories. You probably figured that out in my previous story, Edward and Isabella . Whether you think I have skill in that department is your opinion only. Enjoy. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, though I use her characters and setting. This story was inspired by the movie Kate and Leopold , starring Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman (sexy as ever).

6. Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Bella tried with all her power not to think of this Edward Cullen, but his face kept appearing whenever she closed her eyes. She hated that her body was attracted to him to much, and yet he appeared to be a vile and rude man. With a sigh, Bella layed back on her pillows. Alice was not in the apartment when Bella had arrived home that afternoon. She wondered where she was, but suspected she had run off with Jasper somewhere. Probably on another one of his scavenger hunts again.

It was dark now, just after eleven. The only light in the apartment was coming from the television in the other room. It left an eeire glow coming around the corner. Closing her eyes, Bella wondered when she would see James again. He wasn't like other guys she had gone out with. It's not like he was her first or anything, but he was...different. And she was unable to say if this was a good different or a bad different. She would probably know soon enough, because he had promised to come see her tomorrow. She felt a bit uneasy remembering his words. But she would never forget them.

"You are mine now, Isabella. You belong to no one else but me. No one will steal you from me. I will it that way."

They seemed sincere enough. Bella liked the idea of being seen as someone's own, but not as thier property. This is what had gone through her mind. He wanted her. And she didn't know as what.

Bella fell asleep minutes later with images of James and Edward at the front of her mind.


Alice gripped Jaspers arm excitedly. She was comfortable in the dress Jasper had brought for her, and she felt like she was the most beautiful girl in the world. Jasper smiled at her happiness and held her fingers to his chest. She hadn't believed his findings, so he just had to show her. It was a little while later than when she had found him in his closet. A couple hours actually...

Thoughts came to mind. "Don't forget to act the age." He whispered for the twelfth time. She just nodded, not really paying attention to what he was saying. Jasper just rolled his eyes. Alice couldn't keep hers off of the people around her. She whispered things about each one of them as they passed on the street.

"Did you see the mole on that woman, holy shit she needs to see a laser hair removal specialist." And so on.

Jasper led Alice around a corner. It was dark now, and men were on step ladders, lighting the lanterns that would guide people on the streets. Alice was half amused by this. "When was the lightbulb invented anyway?" She grumbled. Jasper smiled affectionately and pulled her tighter to his side. They ended up in front of a large hotel.

"Good Morning, Mr.Whitlock." The doorman greeted them. Jasper nodded and the whispered in his girlfriend's ear.

"I don't know about you, but I've always wondered how different it woul be... in another century." He ushered her inside and then placed his hand at the nape of her neck. "I think the dress should come off."

Alice giggled and rolled up onto her toes to kiss him.


Bella hurried down the hallway and into the auditorium. The second she opened the doors, applause broke out. Everyone stopped talking to congratulate her, shaking her hand and patting her on the back. It was only a select few who looked with jealousy, and it was one blonde female named Rosalie who looked at her with a death glare.

But she was always like that.

Why should she complain anyway? She got the role of Jane Bennett, which would already put a leap in her self-esteem. Rosalie Hale was the image of beauty; of perfection. And she knew it. And for some reason unfathomable to anyone else, she had no boyfriend. It was as if she was saving herself for an equally perfect male. Guys like that existed only in other centuries.

Bella sat down, already feeling a bit better about herself, in the front row of the auditorium and waited for the Director, Mr. Yates, to start the meeting. Angela sat down beside her and smiled.

"So Elizabeth how was your day off?" She asked.

"Well, Charlotte.. it was fine. Thanks." Bella blushed, but turned her head so Angela wouldn't notice. Angela just smiled, because the director had come to the front of the stage and started naming off roles.

"Alright." He said using his stage voice. "This is going to be one fun night, because you girls get go over lines!" This was followed by many moans and many cheers. Bella knew this was going to happen, so didn't react in anyway.


Edward had seen her disappear. And he had no idea what it meant. He was on the verge of letting this 'Bella' become just a figment of his unrequited imagination, but then he heard her name again. This time coming from another female. Another woman who seemed as if she didn't belong in this time period.

He had decided to take a walk the next day aftering breaking his fast and came across a man and woman, clearly all over each other. He had only smiled until he heard her say "I wonder if James brought Bella back with him... " And then he knew. He Knew. It wasn't a dream at all. He had acted on impulse and asked this small fairy like woman how she knew his Bella. She seemed a bit taken a back when he called Bella "his", but it quickly turned into a knowing, sly, smile. As if she knew there was no way Edward could not be attracted to Bella. Alice her name was, and she wondered, and she also seemed a bit jealous that Bella had gone to the past before she had. "Jasper is my boyfriend.." She had all but whined.

"Will you take me to her?" Edward asked Alice.

"I'll do more than that. So, Edward, have you acted before?"


9 hours later.

And the main point of Emmett's existence was to be the one to woe the opposite sex into his implications. Now, it was different. Completely unawares, this woman had him strung around his finger like a ring. He hoped to the Lord that there would be no ring appearing on his side any time soon. He did wish for it though, only AFTER Edward was the one to make the first move. He wasn't sure how much longer he was going to be able to hold this one for, but he was going to try.