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Back from the Past

A 'Pride and Prejudice' play in the present, and a bet among heartbreakers, Edward and Emmett in the past: The last to marry wins the Cullen estate. What happens when Jasper Whitlock finds a way to time travel, and the whole group meets. Will the pairs fall in love? We shall see... banner by me

AN: So this is a new story that I had the inclination to write last night. I’m really excited about it, more so than I was with What We Become. That may be a sign that this story will do just as well as the latter. I am just going to say that this story is meant to be a romance. I have read dozens of historical fiction novels, novels based in the 19 th century etc. I love writing from the perspective of those types of stories. You probably figured that out in my previous story, Edward and Isabella . Whether you think I have skill in that department is your opinion only. Enjoy. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, though I use her characters and setting. This story was inspired by the movie Kate and Leopold , starring Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman (sexy as ever).

7. Chapter 7

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Chapter 7.

Edward’s POV.

Strength. Power. Wealth. Of which of these definitions can one truly believe to be the term to describe success? Myself, throughout my entire life, was given choices. Ones that I could describe as ‘simple’ and ones that needed that extra bit of preparation, thought, and determination to overcome. The question I have to continually ask myself is “am I successful”? Wealth, I have. Strength is a skill I have acquired over my short lifetime. Power is something I hope to achieve. Not power over other people, no, but power over myself. Presently, I have the desirable power over the female sex, but that is, to my father’s opinion, something that will change as my age and mind grow. I care not to think about it at this exact moment. I only cared for releasing the power, strength that was surging through my entire body to be released, to be exposed of, in the heart and body of one Isabella Swan.

Her name, which I have found to be quite extraordinary in the sense, was given to me by her acquainted friend Alice Brandon. This small, jovial female has been able to produce the outcome of my present actions -- to follow her into another time, another place, and come face to face with my next choice. That choice would of course be Bella.

Do not think I came alone. I only needed my ability to persuade my persuadable brother, Emmett, to come along with me. It actually wasn’t that hard. The entire process of following two strange gentles over the side of a building was actually a kick in the spirits to my dear brother. He can get off on anything, that man. After succeeding into another place and century, this Alice and her lover, Jasper, lead us into a not so fashionable home. It was comfortable though, and I pledged to thank these people every day I was to stay here. Attire, which was also comfortable, was given to us so we would “fit in” to this society’s customs and fashion. Emmett was proud of these “jeans”, which Jasper had gone to purchase for him, seeing as how his clothing would not fit to Emmett’s rather larger build.

After we had adapted to the city, Alice hurriedly lead us out of the building and down the street. I noticed the differences. The automobile had changed, from one or two, to hundreds.. Thousands. And they had changed as well --into small, compartment, yellow moving beasts. I watched in amazement. Alice actually lifted her hand into the air, and one immediately stopped. I supposed to expected us to climb into this carriage, and I did so. Emmett and Alice followed in as well, Jasper sat a seat closer to the driver, who had long white hair and an orange beard. I supposed he was an illegal alien of some sort.

“So, Edward, you are going to be trying out for a part in the play. I think Jane Austen was around back in your day.” She thought to herself. My eyebrows came together as I stared at her.

“Yes she was.” I said, almost mockingly. She didn’t even notice.

“Uhmm… I guess you don’t even need to really pretend to be someone else seeing as how you’ve met already. But! If you get a part in the play, she’ll have to see you, talk to you, and she can’t quit if she wants to keep her scholarship. Soo. I think everything will work out how I plan.” She said this all in one breath. I watched through the murky white window onto the future streets of New York. Was this really how everything would look only a hundred years from my time? I felt a sudden lurch of pity sweep through me. I felt disgusted, and barely wanted to have children now- for fear they would have to live through this dirt, this wicked way of living. Purses being stolen, children curled onto the ground. Begging. Children! Where were there parents? How did they survive? I felt suddenly nauseous and suddenly aware of my own luxuries. I hated myself, my happiness for almost seeing Bella again was turned into sick pity. Jasper noticed my downcast eyes.

“Hey buddy. It’s different, eh? From your time, I mean.”

“Yes. It is.” I looked at him and then back out the window.

“It’s only like this in certain parts. It’s the city. It’s always like this.” He said. I just nodded, feeling another round of self-hate.

“So are there other beautiful women in this fantasy land?” Emmett wondered. Alice laughed. She felt at ease stuffed between Emmett and myself on the bench.

“There are women everywhere. Who knows, you might meet one at the school.” She smiled, patting our legs. I felt a new surge of claustrophobia, imprisonment. I was glad when the automobile stopped at the four of us got out. Jasper handed a note to the driver and then we proceeded to enter the old stone building. I was pleased to see that this school existed, almost brand new, in my time. It put the smile back on my face to be somewhere familiar. The smile turned into something much grander when I saw her.

Bella’s POV

After the group had finished the first read through of the script, I felt a readiness I hadn’t felt before. I actually felt like I could do this, I could memorize the lines, I could make myself into Elizabeth Bennett. I hopped off the side of the stage and headed to my bag, and began organizing my things together. Everyone talking around me kept me from thinking about the things that stayed on my mind the entire night before. Actually, I had barely thought about anything but ‘Pride and Prejudice’ all day. Clearly I was beginning to forget about 19th century men.

People began leaving the auditorium. I waved farewell to Angela as she shut the door behind her.

“I think you’re going to do alright, Bella.” Mike said from behind me. I turned around and smiled at him appreciatively.

“Thanks Mike. That means a lot.” I picked up my bag and threw it over my shoulder.

“So you wanna go get a drink or something?” He asked. It would keep my mind of things.

“Sure.” I said. He smiled and we began our incline to the farthest doors of the auditorium. Just as we got half way, they swung open and in came Alice.

“Oh thank God. Where have you been?” I asked her, rushing to her side.

“I went somewhere that you were lucky enough to go before me.” She said, letting her lips turn into a joking pout. I smiled and mimicked her own face.

“I’m sorry.” I tilted my head. “Forgive me?”

“I suppose. Hey, I brought back a friend of yours.” Thoughts of James went through my head. But it wasn’t James who came in the door next. It was Edward. He looked down at me, his green eyes giving me a sly grin.

“Hello, Isabella.” Half his mouth turned into a knowing smile. I cringed.

Rosalie’s POV

Nothing says getting over the little green, and of course thin and beautiful, monster than a shopping trip. And what do we all love more than anything to buy on these said shopping trips? Need I ask? Gucci of course.

Getting through the script was a hassle that even I, Rosalie Hale, couldn’t get through.

The worst part of all? Isabella Swan and her over confident ego. Asking question after stupid question, acting as if she owned the school just because she got the lead. I wanted to spit in her face. But, instead I got Billy to spit in her drink. A compromise only the best could live through.

Now, as I relax in my usual chair, getting my usual spa treatment, an array of shopping goodies surrounding me, I cannot help but wonder what I must do to get Bella out of the race. I could always hire a little bit of help, but then who knows where the news will roam. This was New York of course, everyone knows everyone. No matter what school they go to. Well, that’s not entirely true. I don’t know a single person in the .. Public schools. That doesn’t matter anyways.

Well, I’m sure I’ll figure something out. I am Rosalie Hale. Smiling only in my own way, I relax completely, pushing my newly conditioned hair across my shoulder. I close my eyes.

Isabella Swan will get what’s coming to her. I can promise that.

As I leave the spa, I let myself fall into the limo, ready to hit the right places. My blackberry at the ready stance for incoming messages, because they’re always there, I rummage through my purse and pull out my wallet. I had enough to make it through the night without having to resort to any credit cards. That was good. But I did need a little boost me up. How could I seriously go to a party alone? Not that I have ever left a party with someone. But that’s not what the problem was. I could and would not let anyone take me home… A little fun before.. And during. . Wasn’t going to change anything.

My phone lets off its wonderful ringtone set perfectly for the incoming caller.

“Tell me you don’t have any plans tonight.” I lean my head against the leather and lift my leg up, making sure my shoes look as shiny as they ever are.

“Why do you think I’m calling you, Rose?” Tyler’s voice was only slightly sarcastic, so I thought I’d let it slide.

“Okay, then we have a party to go to.” I said as I eyed the text message I had just received.

Meg: Rosalie. Party at Ryan’s. Everyone that’s anyone is going to be there. BYOL. Xoxo

I gave the new directions to the driver and waited for the night to remember. This was the one time to hope for the best. Tyler was waiting for me, the retriever that he was, outside Ryan's building. I reveled in my ability to get the opposite sex, and even most girls, to do whatever I ask. I kissed both Tyler's cheeks, and then took a hold of his elbow. I felt good tonight. Better than good. Maybe I would have a good time. Why? Because I was showing up with the sexiest guy in school, and who did Bella have? Mike Newton. Of the "I got rich because I invented some sort of packageable sport equipment" Newton's. And I was Rosalie Hale.

Nothing could stop me tonight.