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Back from the Past

A 'Pride and Prejudice' play in the present, and a bet among heartbreakers, Edward and Emmett in the past: The last to marry wins the Cullen estate. What happens when Jasper Whitlock finds a way to time travel, and the whole group meets. Will the pairs fall in love? We shall see... banner by me

AN: So this is a new story that I had the inclination to write last night. I’m really excited about it, more so than I was with What We Become. That may be a sign that this story will do just as well as the latter. I am just going to say that this story is meant to be a romance. I have read dozens of historical fiction novels, novels based in the 19 th century etc. I love writing from the perspective of those types of stories. You probably figured that out in my previous story, Edward and Isabella . Whether you think I have skill in that department is your opinion only. Enjoy. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, though I use her characters and setting. This story was inspired by the movie Kate and Leopold , starring Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman (sexy as ever).

9. Chapter 9

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Bella’s POV

Slightly intoxicated over the legal limit, I quietly made my way into the dark empty apartment which I share with my best friend. This so called best friend was not on my happy list at the present moment, but I knew I would have to forgive her at one point. I smiled to myself and pounced onto the sofa, looking up at the pale white ceiling. I had purposely left the lights out upon entering the apartment. I was alone.

As how I wanted it.

But, my body wanted it another way. It was calling me a stupid idiot for not inviting a guy back with me. Who would I have invited? Mike was gone. And I wasn’t going to ask that Edward guy to follow me home.

An image of James appeared in my mind, and I smiled. Now that was someone I would have welcomed into my home, but I hadn’t heard from him in over twenty-four hours. But he would find me. I would give him time.

Where was Alice anyway? I hadn’t been able to find her at the party. She and Jasper had just gone and ditched me. Left me alone with the weirdo. Edward wouldn’t leave my side the entire night. I didn’t speak one word to him, but he sat there, averting his eyes from every single beautiful girl that walked past him. And almost everyone of them wanted his attention. I would had rolled my eyes to see some girl get down on her knees and beg for his interest. I laughed out loud into the silent living room.

My voice vanished immediately, I could hear a low chuckle coming from somewhere inside the apartment. I stood up and in the heat of the moment, or in this case because of the sudden chill that went up my spine, I dashed for the lights, tripping over the telephone cord on the way there. That unforgettable voice was much closer to me the next time I heard it. I turned around, a sly smile on my face.

“James.” I murmured.

Edwards POV

I couldn’t help this attraction to Isabella, but I knew it would become my folly in the end. But, since she had no feelings for me whatsoever, then I wasn’t in that much trouble. Emmett was the one who was sliding down the slope that would lead him to my inheritance. I had watched him leave the festivities with the blonde woman. I grin in self achievement. Emmett’s groin would be his folly for sure.

And so I stand here in front of the apartments that Bella had walked into not an hour ago. I had already watched as my foe, James Ford walked around the corner and into the building. Of course at that point I had hidden myself in the shadows of the alley across the street. I had the mind to follow him up there and let him know, with my fists, what was mine and not his. But, at the last moment I thought of Isabella. I knew she would hate me even more if I did such a thing. Maybe once I found a way of letting her know the truth about Mr. Ford without actually knowing the truth. It was going to be tough, but I had to earn Bella’s trust first. The only way I could do this was if I spent as much time as possible with her. And this Jane Austin play was going to be just the thing. I took one more glance at the building but no light was on. I turned a moment later and vanished within the darkness, my mind set.


“All in one day, I think I have changed the face of the earth.” I smiled ruefully as I massaged the hand in front of me. I lay on my stomach, my elbows holding my chest off the bed.

“I’m the writer, but you, my fine lady, have a way with words.” Jasper cleared his throat. “You may have changed it, but was it for the better?”

“Are you calling me out? Shame on you.” I smiled and moved closer to his side, holding his hand deep within mine. “I wasn’t the one who found the way to move through time.”

“I take responsibility for that one.” Jasper was on his back, his eyes closed. “ But even I knew before getting into this, after all, it did take a lot of research. I knew that I was playing with threads. Any one of them could break so easily.” He opened his deep brown eyes now and stared at me. He turned onto his side so our faces were close together. “Promise me something.”


“Just promise.”

“Okay” I grinned, rolling my eyes dramatically. “Spill it.” Jasper brought his hand to my face and pushed my hair behind my ear. He kept his fingers on my chin for a moment longer before dropping his hand to his side.

“Don’t go jumping off any bridges unless I am with you.”

I smiled. “Alice… I don’t want anything to happen. Because anything could happen. You are the most important thing to me. Promise.”

“You know you are irresistible when you act all romantic like this and not like an idiot.”

“I can be both.”

“Okay, I promise. Now kiss me, you goof.” I pulled his face closer to mine.

“My pleasure.”


I was hardly half a step behind her as we left the apartment building and she led me down another street. She stopped outside an old restaurant, which to me back in my time would be brand new. It was beginning to get frosty so I took of my blazer and handed it to her. She gaze me a curious look, but took it. She took a device out of her pocket and brought it to her ear.

Ten minutes later, a long black vehicle which just screamed wealth pulled up in front of us. Rosalie turned around and gave me a sly grin, taking my fingers in hers. She pulled me into the dark, closing the door behind me.

A blue light illuminated us lightly and I turned to look at her. “You’re not a virgin are you?” I asked. Trailing my fingers up her side. She shivered and shook her head. I smiled back, taking full control of what would happen tonight. I had no idea if she usually got her way with men, twisting them around her delicate fingers, but this time she would know how it felt to be with a real man. “Drive.” I ordered the driver, and the vehicle-- and the rest of the night-- slipped into motion.