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Just one of the many nightmares that Jacob experiences after recieving the dreaded invitation. Random, spur-of-the-moment fun!

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Stephenie Meyer! No one else can create such fantastic characters as she!

1. Imagination Runs Wild

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 1085   Review this Chapter

Never in your entire life have you ever set your eyes on such a scene. For a few moments you find yourself speechless while your mouth gapes open like a gormless goldfish. Your mind is wiped blank of any thought at all as your gaze hungrily soaks up the beauty in front of you. She looks like an angel. The most radiant angel you have ever had the fortune to stumble across. Everything about her sums up your ideal perfection and you feel awed to be in her presence.

Taking a step forward you allow your body to take control. On their own accord your arms reach out towards the vision of magnificence as her name falls untidily from your lips. The sound is strange to you. You realise that your voice is too husky to pronounce such a perfect name, so you close your mouth tightly and refuse to let yourself to speak again. Instead a smile graces your features and your heart leaps when you see her mouth twitch in response.

But the reality of the situation soon comes crashing down. Your life never was as simple as black and white. And this philosophy doesn’t fail you this time round either.

In a split second the view around you changes. Cutting thoughts fill your mind with misery and your face falls into a dissatisfied frown. Since when would this angel ever consent to being with you? Surely the love of your life deserves someone a lot better? Surely someone god-like would fit better with the profile of her angelic existence? As the thought of the person who fitted this description took over your thoughts you realise that your frown has finally set into a scowl.

And, of course, in being an angel, this woman had already found her Romeo. He was the reason she was standing here in front of you, precariously holding the hem of her dress from the dirt of the floor. He was the reason you were here in the first place. If anything, this guy had done you a million favours just to make sure you had this last goodbye. But your loyalty to your beliefs, and even yourself, makes you realise that if it wasn’t for this Romeo then Juliet would have settled for Paris anyway.

Damn Romeo.

Slowly your arms retract themselves to your sides and the sudden hurt look that flashes across her face twists at your heart. You must be strong, you remind yourself, for her sake as well as yours. Your hands ball themselves into fists as the familiar trembling sensation begins to flow through your body. Typical angry thoughts against yourself and her Romeo bounce back and forth around your brain as she stands and waits for you to calm down.

Eventually you do, of course, and once this state of calm is achieved you manage to unclench your fists. Seizing this once-in-a-life-time-chance she steps forward and slides her hand into yours. The barriers you had so carefully built against her during the past few months you had been in Canada are brought down by this one simple gesture of understanding and affection. Your heart beats repeatedly against your chest until you are sure she could hear.

Her hand is so small compared to your own. The smoothness of it sends jolts of pleasure through your body in comparison to your rough pack-like palms. The dampness of it warns you that she’s openly nervous in comparison to your masking attempt over your raging emotions. All of this softens you completely. How badly you wish that today wasn’t her wedding day. How badly you wish that you were her chosen bridegroom. How badly you – for the first time in a long time – wish that you were human enough for her.

Tears begin to prick the corners of her eyes as she lifts her other hand to stroke the side of your face. Gradually your eyes shut at the sensation and not before too long her lips are upon yours. Together you start off slow until you can not contain the passion anymore and you begin to let your other instincts take over. She doesn’t agree to this new edge and attempts to pull away but you’re too lost to listen to her silent pleas to stop. All the hidden emotions that you had tried to get rid of, during the time spent away, resurfaces and you begin to bite at her lips.

Her hands clench and begin to attack your shoulders but you merely drag her closer. You don’t want this moment to end. You don’t want to let her go. You don’t want to say goodbye for forever. However, it isn’t long before you draw blood. Her mouth fills with her own blood and you taste it against your tongue. The warmth of the liquid disgusts you. Only leeches enjoy this and the thought makes you recoil. In a sudden burst of energy you push your trapped victim away from you. You forget for a moment that she’s only fragile. Only human.

Her body is flung across the room and you hear the contact of her skull against the church’s stone wall. Aghast, you watch as she falls – limp and lifeless – to the ground in a crumpled heap.


You wake in a start and leap to your feet. It takes you a few moments to remember where you are – or even what you are – and soon everything floods back to you. Quickly you glance down to your paws and find them planted firmly onto the soil beneath you. Your claws had extracted in fear and had left marks in the ground. Your gaze travels over the rest of your body to reveal fur, an arched back and a tail. Remembrances of the past few days expose themselves in your thoughts and you discover that you are still in Canada.

The wind ruffles your fur as the dream, too, begins to fill your mind. Slowly you hang your head in shame as the emotions of dread, betrayal; disgust and regret flood your veins. You resolve that no matter how much you desire a last goodbye with Bella Swan, you know that you cannot trust yourself around her to do so safely. To see her officially tied to a bloodsucker sickens you to the core. There is no way you will silently witness her sign her death warrant through wedding vows.

It’s best to stay away. It’s best to be out of her life.