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Beat of my heart...

Stefania is going through some tough times...between feeling invisible and her first date turning into the worst...or the best day of her life. Depending on your outlook on it...


2. Chapter 2: The Wall

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Stefania’s POV:

Olivia was really starting to annoy me with her consant antics on how hot Jason was. Samantha kept on lecturing me that I should’ve made a move…yeah, when I was half-unconscious.

It turned out to be a minor injury, thank god! Once I got to the nurses office he abandoned me. Probably went to hang out with his stupid popular perfect looking so-called “friends” of his.

Yeah, some friends. Tell me, if your friend hit someone in the head with the football you were playing with would they run like a bunch of idiots or waited for you and made sure the person was okay. Now tell me which one you think his “friends” did…


So now I’m getting harrased by my best friends that I should be nicer to him because he helped me…might I remind them that he was the one who hit me in the first place! Wow! Everything is so messed up lately, it’s like the world has turned upside down.


1) Jason hit me with a football…then helped me afterwards.

2) Jason remembered who I was!

3) Jason wasn’t being an arrogant ass…at first.

4) And Jason was staring at me when I woke up(which I just realized probably had to do with the fact that he thought I might’ve been dead).

Incase you haven’t realized, every single one of my examples has to do with Jason…ughh. Why can’t I just hate him?! It’d all be so much easier if I did.

“You’re crazy not to have made a move on that fine ass of his,” Samantha shook her head at me.

“He was being so nice to you, why do you always say how mean he is. He sounds perfectly nice to me,” Olivia said, looking down at her shoes. Her shoes were these old shoes that she had a few years ago, we had written stuff all over it. Like “Glinda” and “best friend 4 life” and lots of other stuff.

“He is an arrogant,” sweet “jackass” kind guy “who thinks he knows everything. He’s ugly an---” I started.

“wait, hold up! You just called Jason ugly! That confirms it, you are completely lying through your teeth” Samantha said, stopping me in my tracks as we walked to class.

“I was not lying” I blushed deeply, we were in the middle of the halway and Samantha has a pretty loud voice. “besides, he doesn’t even acknowledge my existence.”

“oh really?” I heard Olivia say.

I looked at her to see what she meant, she gestured behind me. I turned around and saw Jason smiling at me, while his “friends” talked and laughed. I looked at Samantha to see her laughing at the surprised look on my face and she mouthed ‘told ya’. Olivia just stood there, staring at her shoes. Not really caring about what was going on.

He walked over to me, it looked like it was happening in slow motion. His amazing body…wow!

“hey” he smiled at me.

“hey” I said, cocking my hip.

“hey Sam, ‘Liv” he nodded towards them.

“hey” Sam said, keeping her cool.

“mm-hmm” Olivia said, still staring at her shoes.

“so what’s up, Stef?” Jason said, turning his attention to me again.

“nothing really, we were just walking to class. I have Italian this period,” I rolled my eyes. I hate Italian class, it just seems pointless.

“oh,” he laughed. I heard the bell ring. Perfect, I was going to be late for class now.

“well I think I should get t---” I started.

Jason cut me off “wanna cut the rest of the day with me?”

“what?” I asked, thinking that I had heard him wrong.

“do ya wanna skip class with me?” he said, shrugging.

“uhmm…I don’t think I should…” I said, biting my nail.

“of course,” he said, putting his hands up, as if surrendering “my bad. I forgot, little miss Stefania is too innocent to cut class.”

“I am not” I glared at him “fine then, let’s go. Where exactly are we going?”

“we’re going to The Wall,” he said, he began walking away.

I stood, frozen in place. The Wall is pretty much the make-out hang-out for all of the popular kids. If he was inviting me to The Wall did that mean that he wanted to…

He turned around “are you coming or not?”

I decided I was going to do something unlike myself. Something very un-Stefania, I was going to take a risk. “I’m coming,” I smiled running up behind him.

Jason’s POV:

Why Stefania?! Out of all of the people why did he have to have Stefania?! There are plenty of other girls he could’ve chosed but no, he has to pick Stefania. I’m pretty much his dog, doing his work for him.

I turned back to smile at her, she was looking at her shoes, I could hear her breath from paces in front of her . She sounded like she was starting to freak out.

“Stef, do you think maybe you’d want to go somewhere else instead?” I asked.

She frowned “uhm…yeah—I guess” she stuttered.

Poor girl, she really doesn’t know what she’s doing to herself. “oh crap, I promised my friends I’d go and meet them there. It’s okay though, we’ll hang somewhere else another time.”

She smiled for a second “okay,” she nodded.

I looked at her and grinned, she blushed. I realized then that it would be the last time I’d ever see her blush again, the last time I’d see her with her friends. The last time I’d see her nervous.

The very last time…