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Telling Him

This is my first Twilight fan-fic so I hope you enjoy it. The story takes place about a year after Eclipse. Edward and Bella are married and Bella is now a vampire. The couple must find someone from their past and tell them something that will change their life. Update: Alrighty, so I just put up chapter two so make sure you R&R.


1. Chapter 1

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It was raining as usual and I was standing in it. Beside me was my husband, my perfect husband. Behind me stood a truck. A big, old, red truck. My truck. In front of me was the house. The house I lived in when I moved to Forks. That’s right, Charlie’s house.

I haven’t seen Charlie since the wedding and that was over a year ago. Since then, things have changed. I have changed. I was no long human Bella. I was strong and fast and I was beautiful! Inhumanly beautiful. Beside me, Edward was staring at me.

“What?” I asked.

He sighed. “Bella, I know what we are about to do is overwhelming but I wish that didn’t mean you couldn’t listen to me.”

I bit my lip. Edward was right. I was caught up in my own thoughts and ignored him. “I’m sorry Edward.” I said, ashamed.

He stepped in front of me and put one hand on my shoulder, the other cupped my face. “Bells don’t be hard on yourself. There is no reason to be ashamed. I love you and you know that. And I know that you are scared. It’s been over a year since we’ve seen Charlie last and suddenly we are back to tell him. Don’t worry everything will be fine. I promise.” When done saying that he smiled that crooked smile I love. “Now, let’s go. Or would you rather stand outside in the rain?”

I sighed and started to walk towards the door. When I reached the door, I turned the knob. Locked. “I guess Charlie isn’t here.” I said.

“Of course not. His cruiser is gone so he is probably at work.” Edward stated.

“Oh.” I said, embarrassed but glad I could no longer blush. I reached for the spot where the key should be hidden. It was still hidden there. I opened the door hesitantly and walked in.

Nothing had changed. Everything was in the same spot as it was when I moved out. I looked at the stairs then at Edward. He nodded. I smiled briefly at him then raced up the steps and into my old room. It looked like Charlie hadn’t been in here lately. Everything was covered in dust. I frowned and ran back downstairs.

“Nothing’s changed.” I said. “Not even my old room.”

“This surprise’s you?” Edward raised an eyebrow.

“Well, not really I guess. I just thought that he would make my room into something useful. Instead he hasn’t been in there.”

“Love, this is Charlie we are talking about. Just because you left doesn’t mean he will change your room. When you first moved here, wasn’t your room the same except with a few new things?” I nodded. “See? He didn’t change then and he won’t change now. It’s just who he is. Now let’s go into the kitchen and wait on Charlie.” He grabbed the back of my shoulders and propelled me towards the kitchen and pushed me down onto a chair. I may be a vampire now, but Edward was still stronger than me.

We were sitting there talking when we heard his car pull up. I listened as he opened the front door. I stood up and started walking to the kitchen door, my eyes cast downward. I looked up only when I saw his feet.

“Bella?” Charlie said shocked.

“Hi Dad.” I smiled weakly.