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Telling Him

This is my first Twilight fan-fic so I hope you enjoy it. The story takes place about a year after Eclipse. Edward and Bella are married and Bella is now a vampire. The couple must find someone from their past and tell them something that will change their life. Update: Alrighty, so I just put up chapter two so make sure you R&R.


2. Chapter 2

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“Bella what happened to you? What did you do to my Bella Edward?” Charlie turned to glare at the boy sitting at the kitchen table.

“That’s what we came to talk about. Edward did nothing to me. Well, he did but I wanted him to. And if he didn’t do it I would have gotten Alice or Carlisle to do it!” I said.

“What are you talking about? I just want to know what he did to you!” Charlie said, confusing washing over his face.

“Charlie, sit down. We are going to explain everything to you but it would be best if you sat. And stay calm.” Edward’s voice made me jump. I had actually forgot he was in here.

“Stay calm? You want me to stay calm when I haven’t seen my only daughter for over a year? Now you two show up and you have to tell me some secret you’ve been hiding from me for over a and you expect me to stay calm?” He yelled, his eyes showing a fate hint of hysteria.

“Dad, please let us explain.” I said, motioning him to sit. He stood there stubbornly until I shot him a pleading look. Sighing, he took a seat while I did the same.

“What is it that you want to tell me?” He asked through gritted teeth and I could tell he was trying to stay calm.

“Well, um. You see.” I stammered. I threw Edward a desperate glance.

“Charlie, what do you see when you look at Bella?” Edward took over.

“Well, she is completely different. So I raise the question once more. What have you done to Bella boy?” The chief of police questioned.

“Hard as it will be to believe but Bella is no long human. And though she may look like an angel, she is not that either. What Bella is,” Edward stopped and looked at me, wondering if I would like to continue. I quickly shook my head. Edward was much better at this than I was. He gave a faint sigh but continued. “What Bella is is a vampire.”

Charlie stood so quickly his chair not backwards. “What? Is this some sort of joke?” He yelled. “Tell me the truth damn it!”

“Charlie, remember what I said about staying calm?” He questioned then continued. “This is the truth. You must believe us.”

“Please believe Dad! We’re not like other vampires either! We only drink the blood of animals! That’s why we have gold eyes. Please believe Dad!” Bella begged.

Charlie slowly picked up the chair and left the room. Quickly shooting Edward a questioning look, we followed. I noticed that Edward looked slightly defeated.

In the living room, Charlie held the door open. “Get out.” He said, no emotion detected in his voice.


“Out!” He cut Bella out.

Edward started towards the door, pulling me with him. “Come love, it will be fine. I promise.” He whispered so only I could hear him. I tried to resist.

“Dad, please! It’s true!” We were halfway to the door by now.

Charlie gave me a cold look. “Bella, I love you but you left me for a year then you came back and told me some story about being a vampire. I don’t know what has happened to you but making some story up about it isn’t the way to deal with it. Leave and don’t come back unless you decide to tell me the truth.”

Edward had continued to pull me until we were standing in the doorway. I was in shock so I said nothing. Edward, however, had one more thing to say before we left.

“Charlie, don’t tell anyone about what we have said. You may not believe it now, but someday you will realize the truth.”

Charlie just glared and shut the door on our faces. Edward continued to pull me to the truck and quickly had me in the passenger side. Less than a second later, he was sitting beside me in the drivers’ seat.

“I can’t believe it. He didn’t believe me.” I whispered.

“Don’t worry love. We will try again soon. He doesn’t know what to think right now though. But I promise you, he will believe you soon.” Edward smiled gently at me. “Although, after hearing his thoughts, he won’t be happy to see us again.”

I became happier at the thought of trying again and started to laugh a bit. “Well, next time we bring Jasper then.”

Edward joined in with a slight chuckle as he started the engine and drove back to the house.