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Some Like it Hot

After Bella has "gone to Dartmouth" with Edward after their marriage, Quinn moves from Atlanta, Georgia to Forks so that her father can have a more relaxing deputy job. Billy and Jacob drop in the station to meet the new policema and his family... and any more would ruin. It's almost fate. :]

Introduction[Quinn] Washington was the exact opposite of Georgia. Forks could not possibly be farther from Atlanta, and not just geographically. When my dad told me that our family would be leaving crime- and gang-ridden Atlanta for tiny, boring Forks, I didn’t believe him at all. The biggest incident there in the past year was a pack of huge wolves that mauled a few hikers. Seriously. My tough policeman father was giving at least three homicides a week to work as the new deputy under Chief Swan. I imagined that the biggest thing to report would be a couple of speeders. None of this really sank in, though, until I stepped out of the airport in Seattle. Oh, Shit. I thought. "Forgot to mention the rain, didn’t we dad?" I sneered slightly. It was pouring. And I had a feeling I could kiss the muggy "Hot-lanta" summers good bye. "Now, Quinn, don’t be so pessimistic," my mother said gently, "at least we don’t have to worry about the crime rate. Forks is quite safe, even if it is a little. . . damp." "Whatever you say, mother dearest," I muttered. *****[Jacob] I’ve never liked school, and I really didn’t see the point anymore. What I do doesn’t have anything to do with it. It’s not like they taught courses on how to slay a vampire at the traditional school on the rez. Besides, Bella had just gotten married to a leech, and if that wasn’t bad enough, she became a bloodsucker herself. That fact made everyday life seem even less important, because I would never be able to see her again. And if I did, I would probably end up killing her.

1. Chapter 1: Beige

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"Dad!" I called as I ducked to avoid whacking my head on thedoorframe. "Sue caught me on the way home from school and said something about the new deputy in Forks."

"Oh, yeah," Billy mused as he wheeled into our "cozy" front room. "Charlie called and said that he wanted us to drop by the station sometime today and meet him," He suddenly attempted to act overly casual. "He also said that he’s got a daughter about your age."

"Billy, no," I replied, knowing exactly what he was aiming at. Ever since Bella left, I guess I had taken to moping around a bit. The story was that after she married the bloodsucker, she left for Dartmouth with her new corpse groom, but I knew better. After the wedding, the whole parasitic family left, and that thing. . .he. . . Edward. . . bit her. The pack was on edge, waiting for their return so the war would begin, but the Bella I knew would never have done that. She was neutral, Switzerland, to the very end. But I always held out some hope that maybe, she changed her mind. Maybe, she really did go to Dartmouth. Maybe, someday, she would come home.

That hope was the only thing that kept me from leaving this place forever. Even though I spent more time with the pack than ever, those rare times I had alone, she was all I thought about. I figured that it was probably getting on the guys’, and Leah’s, nerves. All of them tried being sympathetic for a while, except Leah. She was a bitch about, like always. Even Paul told her to lay off me for a while.

"Come on, Jake! Bella’s gone, you need to face that! Move on with your life and meet new girls for God’s sake. Look, I know that you loved her–"

I cut him off. "– And I always will! Dad, I’ll meet this new deputy and his daughter, but there’s no way I’m going to fall in love with her, dammit!"



My first day at Forks High School was possibly the least eventful seven hours of my life. My dad dropped me off, I got my schedule, filled out some forms, and went to my classes. I figured it would at least be interesting to meet new people, but they were all too busy catching up on their summer gossip. One hot topic was about some girl named Belle, I think, who had gotten married just after graduation. These people really needed some drama in their dull, rainy lives.

"Mom, I’m home," I called as I unlocked the door to our new, average suburban house.

"Oh, hey sweetie! How was your first day at school?" She practically squealed as she ushered me to the couch. It was a dull beige, unlike our old plaid one back home. I was beginning to wonder if everything was bland in Washington.

"It was fine," I answered. "Nothing really special. I talked to some girl named Sarah in my English class." So what if she only asked me for a piece of paper? I had to make my mother happy somehow.

"I knew that you would make friends easily! Now if you wold just unpack, we could have her over sometime."

"Mom, that’s really not necessary."

"Fine, fine," she dismissed the topic. "Your father called, he wants us to drop by the station and meet Chief Swan and one of his friends from the Quileute reservation. He has a son about your age," She added the last sentence with a sly smile.

"Mother!" My mom was always trying to get me to go out with some new boy. She was popular in high school and always had a boyfriend, so she assumed that I should too. It disappointed her that I only had gone on a few dates and had one steady boyfriend ever. I just never really found anyone that I was interested in, and boys were rarely interested in me. I wasn’t ugly, but I wasn’t beautiful either, and my lack of curves didn’t help. I wasn’t really flirty, and according to my friends from back home, my straight-forwardness about love intimidated guys.

"Just come, please?" She pleaded.

"Fine," I sighed.


I tentatively opened the door to the Forks police station. What I saw shocked me.

My dad and who I assumed was the chief, were playing cards.

This was too much. Why weren’t they off fighting crime somewhere? My dad never told me about a day in Atlanta where he had nothing to do.

"Hey honey!" my mom smiled. "We brought cookies!" Honestly, I loved my mother, but she was so embarrassing sometimes.

"Thanks y’all," my dad drawled, rising from his seat to give us each a hug. "Charlie, this is my wife, Nancy, and my daughter, Quinn."

"Nice to meet you, Chief Swan," my mom and I answered in unison. We both had those Southern manners drilled into our heads from birth.

"Call me Charlie," he said.

"Knock, knock," a deep, unfamiliar voice called from the door.

The first thing I saw was an old Native American man in a wheelchair, and then I noticed who was pushing him.

As cheesy as it sounds, he took my breath away, literally. He had to duck to enter the station, and he had to be at least six and a half feet tall. The way he tugged at his t-shirt gave the impression that he wasn’t usually one to wear a shirt at all. This didn’t bother me though, given how nicely he filled out the shirt, and how large his biceps were. It took me a minute to tear my eyes away from his gorgeous body to look at his equally impressive face. The first thing I noticed was his untidy, shoulder length, glossy black hair. It looked so reckless, so. . .sexy. His deep set eyes were the darkest I had ever seen, they were like perfect pools framed by thick lashes. They balanced out nicely his prominent cheekbones, made even more so by his wide grin. This beautiful stranger’s smile gave the distinct impression of someone that was trying to be happy for the sakes of others. I knew that smile all too well.

"Hi Charlie," the older man said.

"Billy, Jacob, this is my new deputy, Jeff, his wife, Nancy, and his daughter, Quinn." introduced Charlie. He then gestured towards the man in the wheelchair, "This is Billy, and this," he pointed at the gorgeous boy, "is Jacob."

Jacob, I thought. I liked it, it fit. So far, he was the only thing in Washington that wasn't as dull as, well, our beige couch.

Jacob hadn’t noticed me until then, and when his gaze met mine, his expression changed abruptly.