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Jacob.... Vampwolf?

It was an accident of course. But Bella can't deny, she changed Jacob. For eternity. Jacob is now caught in the middle of destiny. What would happen if someone was a "mix" between two monsters? Would the result be catastrophic? Or would a super being be created? jacob vampwolf Includes: Bella as vamp, ( her power ) Jacob as ?, different wolves, jasper loves to garden, Someone IMPRINTS, and volturi events. contains spoilers for new moon and eclipse

It was an accident of course. But Bella can't deny, she changed Jacob. For eternity. Jacob is now caught in the middle of destiny. What would happen if someone was a "mix" between two monsters? Would the result be catastrophic? Or would a super being be created?

1. Chapter 1: Accidents Happen

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"Hmm." I examined my face very closely. I liked my eyes best. Maybe that was just because they matched Edward's. The topaz made my face look even more perfect. I actually could have been pretty compared to Edward now. That was a plus.

It had taken 2 years to get my eyes this color; to get them away from the red that showed what kind of blood i really desired.

But, to everyones happiness, I wasn't a normal newborn.

For one, humans didn't smell quite as delectable as everyone made them out to be... for me at least. Carlisle concluded it was because I had known it would be coming and my mind prepared myself in a way.

They just smelled normal. Like humans. But i could still tell the difference between the scent of a human and a deer.

The second of my vampire-abnormalities was my ability. I didnt think it was that great but everyone else loved it because of the "warfare possibilities". Whatever that meant. I, Bella Cullen, (as Emmett called me "Vampire-Extraordinare") could confuse people.

Yeah. Confuse people. Right.

Sounds stupid but it was powerful.

My family had wondered for months what my special talent would be.... if I could time travel or be invulnerable or something fantastic. But, it was actually quite simple.

Edward and I couldn't be happier.

We were married, I was bloodless, and Emmett had built us a guest house of our own so he wouldn't have to listen to our loving comments to each other. What a great brother. It matched the family's mansion perfectly with the huge porch and painted white, but it was a little more modern.

Anyways, Edward and I were in our garage, he was fixing the brakes I commonly complained about on my Guardian. He knew exactly what he was doing.

Of course, he did have a Y in his set of chromosomes and also he had been around a bit longer than I had. But still, I felt jealous and angry that he knew so much about cars and I knew nothing.

"Darling, throw me the bolt that I placed next to the wrench." His liquid voice poured out from under the car. I glanced at the layout of tools on the ground, and was utterly confused.

A large metal thing was layed on top of twelve small metal things; some were twisted, some strait, some circular.

Deep in my mind i wished he was as stupid and ignorant as I was when it came to tools. I wanted him to be confused. Deep in thought, his voice startled me.

"Wait, I don't know what I need. Oh goodness what is that thing? Hmmm," He pondered. I just listened," Woah this wrench is big. I wonder if I could throw it across the valley." he slid out from under my car.

"Hey babe, when'd you get here? Let's go see if... ah what was i going to do? Wow! Your hair is beautiful! I'm thirsty. I like the car you have there. Its a Mercedes right? I bet alice gave it to you."

"EDWARD! Stop it and hurry and fix my car so I can leave!" What was wrong with him? He could be such a jerk sometimes when he found that I wanted to go see Jake.

"Where you headed?" He looked at me in innocent confusion, but I knew better.

"Do you want me to take your car? Because I will gladly toss you into that wall, take your keys, and leave." I was really getting frustrated and I couldnt figure out his stupidity so I wished he could just act normal.

"How did i get out from under the car?" He asked. I resisted the urge to pick him up and slam him into the garage door.

"You are a complete idiot Edward. How the heck am I in love with you?"

"Bella. I can't remember anything that just happened. I just remember being..." He began pacing, "confused."

....So on and so forth. The family made me reschedule with Jake and we spent the night talking about the possibilities. I focused the next few weeks on confusing people.

I even made Jasper think he was supposed to be gardening. So he grabbed some tools and 30 minutes later the front yard was neatly cultivated and planted. I did that for Esme. It was an amusing talent.

And now my power was pretty much perfected and i was going to visit jacob. From a distance. We'd gotten used to talking across the baseball field when the wind was just right so he didn't get disgusted from my smell. I hadn't ever actually smelled him, but he had discovered my scent and told me politely that I smelled much better human.

Actually, it was more like,

"Woah! Bells you reek. Gave up your strawberry shampoo i see... Why the hell did you change?! God blecckkkkk!"

Such a... werewolf!

Well, I was much to early for our meeting, so I wandered aimlessly through the forest, admiring the tastes and smells in the air.

I hadn't fed in near to three weeks, because I had been shopping with Alice for a week furnishing our new house and the next two weeks spying on a vacationing Renee in Wisconsin.

So now i walked, bored and thirsty, thinking about everything that popped into my mind.

Thats when it hit me. A scent I've never smelled before. It was delicious. I followed the vapors through the trees and vaguely spotted the prey. It rustled and tramped through the fallen leaves.

I was in perfect position for an attack: downwind. My thirsty-inner-vampire-instincts kicked in and i hunted.

I pounced on the poor creature. I could tell it was unexpecting.

Its neck was soft under my teeth. I felt my venomous saliva slip into the wounds where my teeth were now locked.

But then I saw what I had done. I jumped off of the russet brown wolf. and saw