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Jacob.... Vampwolf?

It was an accident of course. But Bella can't deny, she changed Jacob. For eternity. Jacob is now caught in the middle of destiny. What would happen if someone was a "mix" between two monsters? Would the result be catastrophic? Or would a super being be created? jacob vampwolf Includes: Bella as vamp, ( her power ) Jacob as ?, different wolves, jasper loves to garden, Someone IMPRINTS, and volturi events. contains spoilers for new moon and eclipse

It was an accident of course. But Bella can't deny, she changed Jacob. For eternity. Jacob is now caught in the middle of destiny. What would happen if someone was a "mix" between two monsters? Would the result be catastrophic? Or would a super being be created?

5. Chapter 5: Unsuspecting Sunshine

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-Bella's POV-

I held his hand the entire three days except for when they told me to leave and run around for a while.

I told him he shouldn't have to hold back his pain from me, but I could still tell that he did.

It was now wednesday, and he was bitten on sunday. Why was he still in pain?!

Carlisle came into our house (where we had transported Jake into the guest bedroom) to check on him.

His feet were quiet but I supposed purposely audible so I could tell he had come.

He checked Jacob's eyes with a fancy little flashlight before speaking to me.

"Well, Jacob and Bella. As you know, for someone normal it usually clears up on the third day." He began his routine of checking pulse, heart rate, and breathing. "But, seeing as Jacob's immune system was already built up so much, I'm guessing there is an availability for it to take a little longer than a normal human would."

Jacob squirmed on the sheetless bed and gasped, just like I had been doing in the forest when this calamity had begun.

Carlisle took a seat in the chair across the room.

"I have something to tell both of you." He said. I looked in eager desperation and it felt like Jake squeezed my fingers.

"Billy called today." Oh gosh. Not what I had expected. What had they told him? The unbelievable truth? Or believable lies?

I heard myself whisper, "What... what did you say?"

"Esme talked to him. She told him the truth. We explained that no one knew what would happen. He's flying home from the east tonight and he'll be here around nine. So Jacob, I'm not sure if that is good news for you because you're father has almost always kept a grudge on... our kind."

I felt the bed shake and he moaned. Then, for the first time in three days, his voice.

"Its..." he took a steadying breath,"good for him," another breath and his head twitched," to come and see." he drew in a long final breath and we knew his speech was over.

"Well, Jacob. Then it is good. We shall anticipate his coming." Carlisle turned his face to me.

"Bella, you may want to take a break before Billy arrives tonight. Don't worry, I'll be here. Jacob and I have some things to discuss."

I sighed. He knew I never wanted to be away from him while he was like this.

"Alright. Bye Jake. I'll be back in a few hours." He squeezed my hand goodbye and inhaled deeply.

I left and ran through the forest, knowing exactly where I was headed.

I wasn't thirsty; for I had fed yesterday out of boredom when they kicked me out of the house again.

No one would tell me the reason for making me leave, I knew I could have easily stayed with him every moment. But they were mean and said I needed "fresh air". Psh.

I made my way to the clearing. I wished it was stormy enough today for a baseball game, but it was just overcast.

I had nothing else to do, so I sped to the very center of our makeshift field. And sat, cross legged. Alone.

Daydreaming took over my mind for probably near to an hour, watching the clouds go by. Not a ray of sunshine in sight. I really loved the sun. It made the diamonds in my skin sparkle just right.

We were in our meadow when I first admired myself in the sun.

I literally did dazzle Edward. I know right? Dazzle - Edward?!

It seemed impossible until he quoted me, "You really shouldn't do that to people. Its hardly fair."

"Do what?" I questioned, because I hadn't caught on yet.

He chuckled and smiled my favorite crooked smile.

"Dazzle them like that."

Now I remembered. That night in the italian resturant by the boardwalk of Port Angeles.

I crawled up to him in the grass and traced my finger from the bottom of his neck, over his adam's apple, and to the bottom of his lips.

"Do I," I paused for effect," Dazzle you?"

He had taken my face in his hands in an instant.

"Frequently." and then of course, he kissed me.

It was the biggest accomplishment in my entire life. I dazzled Edward freaking Cullen, my husband. It was a moment when I wanted to girl scream and dance around like a twelve year old.

"You know, my love," His voice and scent awoke me from my daydream, "You really aught to stop sitting out in the open like this." I looked over as he crouched about ten feet from where I'd been sitting for the past hour or so.

"A vampire could pounce on their unsuspecting beautiful prey at any moment. Like now." He was on top of me in a millisecond but I had already prepared for the defense.

My legs wrapped around his sturdy torso and my hands wound themselves into his golden hair. He began kissing my neck up and down but we were interrupted my a voice. Our heads jerked up at the exact same time to see the intruder.

"You know, thats really quite disgusting." The sun was back.