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Jacob.... Vampwolf?

It was an accident of course. But Bella can't deny, she changed Jacob. For eternity. Jacob is now caught in the middle of destiny. What would happen if someone was a "mix" between two monsters? Would the result be catastrophic? Or would a super being be created? jacob vampwolf Includes: Bella as vamp, ( her power ) Jacob as ?, different wolves, jasper loves to garden, Someone IMPRINTS, and volturi events. contains spoilers for new moon and eclipse

It was an accident of course. But Bella can't deny, she changed Jacob. For eternity. Jacob is now caught in the middle of destiny. What would happen if someone was a "mix" between two monsters? Would the result be catastrophic? Or would a super being be created?

6. Chapter 6: Apple-like Stress Balls = Gotta love em

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-Jacob's POV-

The pain hadn't dulled in like three days. And the Doc said I would take longer?!

He had come in and told me that my dad was taking a flight back from my sister's house and that made me feel horrible.

I wanted to tell him to just stay on vacation, but noooo he has to come see his leech-bitten son.

One thing was for sure, I was incredibly bored. But, oddly enough, I had an enormous amount of focus, so I began counting things.

Scratches on the walls, stripes on the ceiling, number of breaths I took per minute. How many times my head would throb with fire.

This was the most boredom I had experienced in my entire life... maybe it was just because Bella wasn't here any more to comfort me.

I wanted so badly to be back to my normal werewolf self. To go back to having my cross-field chats with Bells, eating all of Emily's food so she gets mad at me. Playing with Claire just to anger Quil and watch him squirm with anxiety that I might hurt her.

That was my life and I loved it. I never wanted to become on of them. No matter what. I had fully decided I would rather die.

I mean. SERIOUSLY. Drinking blood. Wierdos.

Carlisle kept talking to me about things that might happen. I might become one of them, I might not. My immune system might just be pushing away the poison right now..

He explained all situations, from all angles. If I could die, or just be some freak. I wasn't really paying attention. Because after all, I was alone in a room with a bloodsucker, and my instincts just didn't feel comfortable with that.

It took like thirty minutes for him to give his speech and then he left.

It was the first time I had actually been alone, without Bella or another one watching me.

But it didn't last long; they must have forced Bella's lover to babysit me.

He walked silently but I heard him. His breathing slowly decreased until I noticed he came right up to the bed.

"Hello, dog." ruff ruff. I thought. I heard him chuckle.

My hand had been curled under my head since my last spasm and unexpectedly it was jerked out.

What the hell. Just want to hold my hand. Eh Eddy? You and Bella are much alike. I actually felt a smirk on my face, which I had greatly missed for this long time, but it was gone as he uncurled my fingers.

"No, Spot. I just thought you might want this." Something soft and foamy was placed gently into my palm.

Unwillingly to my sore neck, I turned my head and saw a little stress ball in the shape of an apple.

Wow. Very mature. I squeezed it in my hand and it actually felt quite nice. Thank you Leech.

His voice came out sharply.

"It was Esme's idea. I would have much rather given you a sack of knives. Just in case you felt like killing yourself anytime soon."

Haha. Very funny. I don't think Bella would like that though, you know. Since she loves me and all.

His movements were very fast but I had already expected them.

"You lie. Little mutt," He grabbed the apple out of my hand and just gazed at it. His eyes glowed at it, then they met mine, which happened to be unintentionally shaking. Yippee. My muscles tensed and cramped, but not because of the situation.

"And you forget, she does not love you anymore. You are simply an... obligation." His apple-less hand yanked my jaw open and he stuck the stressball into my mouth.

With all my power and will I spit it back at him.

You're wrong. And then he was gone. His babysitting job ended early I guessed. The ball bounced on the mattres and then rolled until it met my calf.

And so- I began counting things again as I seizured.

However, I soon noticed, my heart rate was slowing at an incredibly fast rate. But it was still beating. One beat every thirty seconds.

The bed started feeling really hot under my shirtless back; I wasn't breaking out in a sweat anymore though.

My mouth creepily went dry. The headache that had been present for the past 72 hours dissipated. I could finally think clearly.

But that meant, no. I wasn't one of them. I looked at my chest's color. It wasn't the chalky-white that they were.

But it wasn't my hott Indian color either. It was tan, but not as tan as I had been. I had just paled a little bit.

My legs weren't cramping anymore. My arms had stopped tensing. I sat up in the bed.

Ah crap. I guess I sat up too fast because I flew out of the bed at an extreme speed. The wall in front of me crumbled as I hit it. Suddenly I was outside.

Mmmm. Everything smelled wonderful. I could smell the traces of wolf (me of course) and also vampy. But they didn't smell as sour anymore. It was all good.

I took a few steps and everything around me was registered. The sounds were incredible.

It was as if my senses had all been heightened and increased.. TIMES 10!

Freakin awesomeness. After like 8 steps I was in front of the main house. The tall leech was sitting in the front lawn crouched over something. His head jerked up at my appearance and I saw... gardening tools (?) layed out in front of him... Maybe my suspicions were right. He WAS gay. Then he ran inside the house, but it was so slowly. Carlisle then appeared in the doorway.

"Well, Jacob. It seems like your transformation is complete. But, you do not look like one of us." His golden eyes scanned me over.

I found my voice, " I feel.. fantastic." I know thats an extremely gay word but it was true. I couldn't have felt better, not even as a super fast healing werewolf.

"I wonder..." Carlisle admitted, " are you thirsty?"

I thought about it for a moment.

"No. Not at all. And I'm not hungry either." Which was wierd, because when I was... well. Only a werewolf- not some halfbreed hybrid thing- I was always hungry and could eat forever.

I decided it was time to find Bella.

I ran through the forest at a speed no one could record. And I hadn't even phased. I stopped, amongst the trees and bushes. I took off the basketball shorts I was wearing, I had no clue whose they were, and tied them around my wrist.

Then I phased. YES! I wasn't completely gone. I ran, following Bella's scent, and heard my pack.

Jake? Is that you? It was Sam.

Yeah its me. sup?

What happened? Are you cool now or what?

I don't know yet Sam. I'm unsure. Let me figure it out then I'll tell you.

I phased back to human when I reached the treeline and put my shorts back on.

Bella and Edward.. were .. well. Ew.