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All she can do is fight. Fight, and never back down or give up. Never show any hurt or pain, be brave and show her enemies a strong face. War is a hard thing to do. Bella Swan is close to just losing it. Her fiance is kept down with the power of another Volturi member, who is ruthlessly trying to capture her and all of her family-siblings and Cullens. She's the only one who can stop the fight. But can she find it in herself to do it? Sequel to Deceiver.

Most charecters are owned by Stephenie Meyers. Becka, Aaron, Alex, KJ, Jasmine and the new Volturi members are all just a prt of my imagination that I created to go with the plot.

10. Chapter 10

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I quickly stopped the car once we were far enough away from the coming landslide, and jumped out. Edward nimbly repeated my actions, still more graceful than I was.

“How the hell could anyone do that without extra help?” Edward said, his voice right one the borderline of a growl. I glanced at him, and saw his pitch black eyes, though he had just hunted. I knew he was very, very angry.

I glanced at him. “Well, maybe they did have help,” I said quietly. He stared at me for a moment, and I jerked my head up. He looked where I directed, eyes widening in horror.

In the spring, floods were a common thing in the mountains, and they could often trigger landslides. Usually they weren’t too bad, but they made a bit of a mess to have to clean up. But other things could cause a landslide in the chaos of all the melting snow and wet earth. Like a pissed off vampire.

I looked down as I spoke again. “Um, Aaron and Alex used to have bets on who could trigger a landslide, and it was really easy money,” I said with a shrug, my skin glowing in swiftly growing darkness.

Edward raised his eyes at me. “And when was this?”

I stiffened slightly. “Maybe a month and a half or so before I jumped off a cliff,” I whispered, not trusting my voice to be steady if I spoke any louder. I didn’t want to cause him any extra pain.

His eyes tightened slightly, but he didn’t show any other emotion as he nodded. “I can imagine the advantages you would have over your brothers,” he said in amusement. I grinned at him, happy that he didn’t get all sulky. Usually whenever he leaving me was brought up, he would go into himself and brood over dark thoughts I probably didn’t want to know.

“Well you know…” I said with a shrug. “Being able to move things with just a little push without actually moving can be helpful. Though I think the advantages I have with my mind got me the most money from that bet.”

Edward laughed. “Let me guess. All of you could use your powers and since no one can get in your mind, you were the only one not standing there wondering why they were on a mountain or watching something do something ridiculous while you cause a natural disaster.” The bluntness with which he said it made me burst out laughing.

“Yes, I used to cause disasters. But really, what’s new?” I raised my hands in the air to show my exasperation. “But right now we have to concentrate on not causing another one,” I added, nodding to the sliding earth.

“I can only guess at whom that might be,” Edward muttered under his breath. His eyes darkened more than they had been, and I began to worry about him acting out in anger.

“Well, I can say it wouldn’t be as good as mine,” a soprano voice said happily. Edward and I turned, wide eyed to see a little girl with auburn hair standing in front of us with a cheerful expression. Though she seemed at ease, I felt a small tinge of distrust flash through me.

“Martha,” Edward breathed in disbelief.

She smiled wider. “The one and only, here for service!” She gave us a mock salute, and then became serious. “I would leave now-ish unless you want to be a statue man again.”

Edward frowned and glanced at me quickly. I looked back at him with a bleak expression. “I’m blocking as much of you as I can, but part of your mind is still being overshadowed by her power. I’ve pushed most of it out, but any small bit she can use to get me out.”

“And if she pushes just right on the connection you share with any of the people your protecting, she could possibly get into your mind as well,” Martha informed us.

Edward went pale and glanced at me while I took the news calmly. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t figured that out when this all first happened. “I know. But she’ll have to push harder than I think she can, and I can block myself before she can get me. On the off chance she does get through to me, I’ll still have a measure of control, I think.”

Edward still seemed upset. “You think? What if you’re wrong and she controls you just as much as everyone else?” he demanded. He was slightly pale and looked extremely worried. I knew he was only scared for my safety and well being now, completely willing to give up any chance he had.

“Life is based on chances. I just go with whatever I see as the smartest decision for everyone. You know that,” I reminded him. While he was the picture of anxiety, I was the vision of serenity. “And stop letting Becka rub off on you. It’s scary,” I added with a sly grin and wink.

He narrowed his eyes at me, but Martha jumped in before he could retort. “Get back into the car already. I don’t want to be shipped back to Italy.” There was a stressfulness in her voice to which we both reacted to at once.

“Could they even catch you to get back to Italy?” Edward asked as I threw down the gas petal and flew away from the pile of mud and bracken.

Martha, sitting in the backseat of my car, nodded. “I’m not as free with my power and Becka is. I can only go to places I’ve seen, whether through picture or video or in person. Also, I can only go to certain places on top of that. It has to be wide and open, or I could cause a disaster. I don’t move through space; it moves for me.

“You must have been a very interesting human,” I acknowledged as I almost went over a bend in the road, blocked only by a thin metal railing. “Bending space? What did you do as a kid? Space travel training?”

Martha smirked. “Maybe,” she said mystically, not saying anything more. She leaned back into the black leather seats and stared out the window with her wide amber eyes.

She had gone back on her old ways to embrace ours, I thought with a shock. She wanted to leave the Volturi so bad that she decided to stop hunting humans in favor of animals.

I met Edward’s eyes and saw that he had made the same assessment. We knew we could trust her now. Unless she was a greater actor than even Aro, who sometimes was very see through.

“Bella?” Martha asked quietly. I glanced again into the rearview mirror, carefully meeting her eyes. She was looking at me thoughtfully, as if I had suddenly turned into some great teacher to tell all I knew.


“Do you think you could make me a half vampire too?”