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All she can do is fight. Fight, and never back down or give up. Never show any hurt or pain, be brave and show her enemies a strong face. War is a hard thing to do. Bella Swan is close to just losing it. Her fiance is kept down with the power of another Volturi member, who is ruthlessly trying to capture her and all of her family-siblings and Cullens. She's the only one who can stop the fight. But can she find it in herself to do it? Sequel to Deceiver.

Most charecters are owned by Stephenie Meyers. Becka, Aaron, Alex, KJ, Jasmine and the new Volturi members are all just a prt of my imagination that I created to go with the plot.

2. Chapter 2

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I was extremely angry at my siblings.

I knew their hearts had been in a good place when they got me to come out here to the small community college to do something other than mope around, but even with that sentiment in my mind could I take only so much.

As soon as I had arrived, I saw that this class was mostly composed of boys who probably wanted to impress girls with speaking Italian. The teacher was also male, and he seemed resigned to his student’s antics. At least he was checking me out.

The entire class period had been composed of boys attempting to flirt with me in Italian, and I had to try and refrain laughing at their horrible grammar. I was shocked that these kids were actually accepted into this class.

“Ms. Swan, are you doing anything tonight?” a boy asked me, running over to me as I tried to hurry away after my three hours of torture. I turned, wincing slightly, to see a mildly good looking boy come over to me. He had blond hair and blue eyes, and was looking at me with a hopeful expression. I remembered his name as Michael, with a sense of amusement.

I shook my head, giving him the most dazzling smile I could come up with. “I’m sorry, but I’m going out with some friends tonight. I don’t want to let them all down,” I said sweetly.

Dazed, he nodded and walked off in the opposite direction of the student parking lots. He stumbled slightly, and I laughed quietly to myself. It seemed it was quite easy to daze people the younger they were.

Shaking my head, I got into my car quickly and quietly, speeding off before anyone else could approach me. I didn’t want any of the people in there. I only wanted one person.


I shook slightly in my black leather seats, and I slowed down slightly. I had been thinking a lot about him lately, and it was beginning to take the same toll on my mind and emotional state as the time when I thought he no longer wanted me. It wasn’t as severe, more diluted than the concentrated pain it had once been. But it was still there.

I leaned onto my steering wheel, my forehead on the top part. I prayed no one would stop to see what was wrong with the person in the mustang. I didn’t want to explain my emotionally meltdown.

With a deep breath, I sat up and got ready to start my car again. I glanced into my rearview mirror, and jumped almost out of the roof of my car.

“Damn it,” I mumbled. I really wasn’t in the mood for this. I was going hunting tonight, and now my thirst would be ruined. I wouldn’t have any fun.

I got out of my car and looked at the strange little girl with raised eyes. Her auburn hair was still tonight, and her normally red eyes were now a dark burgundy. She looked at my resigned face with amusement.

“Really?” I said, shaking my head. “I mean, come on. How old are you right now? Didn’t you ever learn the concept of personal space and backing off when people have meltdowns?”

She shook her head slightly, a small smile on her young face. “I’m almost thirty, Isabella,” she said, laughing. “And I do know about personally space. I just thought you light like a heads up that Jade is coming in a few minutes. I dropped her off to far to get here quickly,” she added with a devious smile.

I stared at her. “Are you…helping me?”

She nodded brightly. “I believe that your cause is fairer than the Volturi’s. You should be allowed to go and live your own life. I just want one thing from you.” I stared at her intently, letting her know I was listening. “I want you to let me free too. I know that Becka has a power similar to my own. I was hoping I could teach her more, and let her teach me as well.”

I stared at her for a long moment. I knew that she was serious, and that she just wanted a more peaceful life. I didn’t know what the Volturi had done to get her, and I was sure I didn’t want to find out. She had been a vampire much longer than I had, so whatever happened must have been traumatic.

I nodded. “Just be careful,” I said quietly, now feeling multiple people coming at us at a pace too fast for a human. “Don’t let yourself get caught in a trap.”

She smiled knowingly at me. “And you don’t let your emotions get in the way of yours or anyone else’s safety,” she warned. I saw that she knew something, but wasn’t going to tell me. “It might even be better to lead them all away from town.”

I nodded and glanced at my car. I turned back to her, grinning. “That shouldn’t be a problem.”

An hour later, I was weaving through the sharp mountain turns, precariously close to the edge of a cliff. The only thing keeping me from falling was a narrow steel fencing on the side of the road. That and my quick reflexes.

I had been going quickly out of town, leading my scent into the thick, empty, dark forests of the mountains. I had called Becka, and warned her to watch out for herself. She agreed, and quickly left with Aaron and Alex. I didn't tell her about the little traitor that was helping us. I had a feeling that would be safer to do in person. I didn't want any broken phones.

Every now and than, when I went on a sharp enough turn, I could see small headlights behind me, speeding even fast than I was. No human would risk going like that, so I knew it was probably Jade and whoever she brought along with her this time.

But even as I passed state boundry lines, I just couldn't shake them off my tail. It was obvious they wanted a confrontation now, and refused to let me try and get away. I relished the challenge, and slammed my foot down even harder, coaxing my Mustang to go faster than it's makers ever intended it to. I laughed as I imagined getting pulled over now. I doubted they would even try. I would have just been deemed suicidal again, and left to my craziness.

Suicidal. Sometimes I wondered if I truly did want to die, somewhere deep down inside of me. So many people accused me of it, even when I wasn't intending to get hurt. Again, I was acting reckless and stupid, the opposite of the promise I had made four years ago right before my life temporarily ended. It seemed whenever I couldn't be with Edward, I had to go against my promise. So I wasn't trying to kill myself, I was really just distracting myself from the pain with stupidity.

"Damn it," I growled suddenly, braking hard. There was a huge gap in the road, looking to be the result of a recent and violent landslide. It had been raining hard enough in the mountains that I didn't doubt it.

Behind me, a car braked sharply as well, a high pitched whine filling the air in the absence of the two loud motors gunning it. It echoed in the high altitude, making it seem like there were dozens of cars behind me.

I slowly got out of my car, watching my enemy with careful eyes.