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All she can do is fight. Fight, and never back down or give up. Never show any hurt or pain, be brave and show her enemies a strong face. War is a hard thing to do. Bella Swan is close to just losing it. Her fiance is kept down with the power of another Volturi member, who is ruthlessly trying to capture her and all of her family-siblings and Cullens. She's the only one who can stop the fight. But can she find it in herself to do it? Sequel to Deceiver.

Most charecters are owned by Stephenie Meyers. Becka, Aaron, Alex, KJ, Jasmine and the new Volturi members are all just a prt of my imagination that I created to go with the plot.

4. Chapter 4

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I hate my job, I hate my job, I hate my job, I thought bitterly as I once again stepped into the warm classroom filled with humans. This was only my second day of work, I was late and I already detested it. And I had three months to go before I could quit.

“Ms. Swan, could you help me with my grammar? I’m having trouble with this one sentence. I just can’t seem to get it to make sense,” a boy from the back of the room said. He had short brown hair and grey eyes, and was wearing a green rugby shirt. He was definitely trying to flirt with me, like he had yesterday.

“Of course,” I said, hiding my discontent. “What is it that you’re having trouble with?” I bent over his shoulder, and looked at his work, quickly reading it faster than any human could. I spotted his mistake, and corrected it for him, explaining while I did so.

“Oh, now it makes sense,” he said quietly, observing what I did. I smiled slightly at him and went to go back to the front of the room and help finish correcting papers, but he stopped me.

I looked back at him like a mother scolding her child. I really didn’t want another invite to a bar or to dinner with anyone. He was looking at me carefully, watching my face.

“I noticed your car yesterday. It’s a Mustang GT500, right?” he asked me.

I nodded. “It just came out a few weeks ago, the new version. I got it to help me get around easier, so my roommates wouldn’t have to tow me around everywhere.”

He repressed a smile at that, before turning serious again. “I was wondering if you could help me with my car. Its and older version of a Mustang Cobra, but the engine is similar. It won’t start for me, and I can’t really afford to take it to the mechanic.”

I blinked in surprise at this. I was sure he was going to ask me out like all the other boys here had so far. I had seen him looking at me before, just as much as the rest of them.

He chuckled at the look on my face. “I’m not as stupid as some of the other people here,” he said, rolling his eyes. “Normally when a girl has a ring like that on her finger, it means she’s taken.”

I glanced down at Elizabeth Masen’s ring, now my own, on my finger. I hadn’t taken it off since Edward had put it on my finger. It was something I hardly noticed now, though when I did it sent a trickle of warmth to my otherwise cold heart.

I smiled at him much more warmly now. “Alright. I’ll go help you with your car after class. Just don’t try and pull anything on me, alright?” I warned him. He laughed and nodded.

I went back to the front of the room. The teacher, Professor Donald, glanced up at me. “You do realize you came here almost ten minutes late, correct?” he said severely.

I nodded, looking down. “I was having some trouble with my roommate at my apartment. She wanted my car, and I needed it to go to work,” I mumbled. I felt like a human high school student again, being yelled at by a teacher. It probably didn’t help that I was stuck in an eighteen year olds body.

He nodded. “Well, I don’t want you to make it a habit to be late. We don’t pay you to get into fights with your friends.”

I nodded, grabbed the pile of papers he handed to me and went to a table to the side of the room. I went through the papers quickly; using the guide he gave me and corrected all of the papers at vampire speed. I ended up finishing them all in only fifteen minutes.

So with nothing to do for two more hours, I sat there and pretended to still be correcting. I listened occasionally to some of the lectures, but not intently. I knew the language as well as if I had been raised speaking it.

Mostly, I was just thinking. Thinking about all of my problems, how I could possibly solve them, the fake life I was leading and more importantly Edward.

I wondered what would happen when Jade’s spell broke and he could come back. I didn’t dare think if, because the implications that brought were too painful to consider. At this point, I was amazed I hadn’t become catatonic again. It was so hard to function away from Edward.

I wondered if we would finally get married. Though when I said yes, I really hadn’t wanted to get married, I did now. I had seen how life can change in less than a second, and how you had to try and do what you could before it was too late. I loved Edward, and I knew finally being officially his would make some of the pain and stress leave. It would take away any doubt we ever had in each other.

When class was finally over, I quickly jumped up and gave Professor Donald all the tests I had corrected and walked out with the boy with the Rugby shirt who I now knew was named Dustin.

Dustin didn’t try and flirt with me or even look at me funny as he showed me to his car. I was extremely impressed that he was able to resist the looks of a vampire, even when said vampire wasn’t flaunting around.

“So, this is it,” he said, gesturing to a dark green old vintage Mustang. It looked recently washed, and very old. “It isn’t anything like your, but it has a lot of power under the hood.”

I touched the hood. “It’s a great car, no matter how old it is. They all have the horse on the front anyway, so most people wouldn’t really be able to tell the difference,” I said professionally. He nodded, and opened the hood so I could take a look.

I immediately spotted the problem. “Look there; a wire is loose. You need to get that tightened. Let me see if I can get it,” I murmured, bending over the engine. I grabbed the loose wire and the piece of metal it was attached to, and using my vampire dexterity, tightened it.

I leaned back, wiping some of the grease on my hands off on the grass. He looked impressed. “Wow, I didn’t see you as the type to know how to work with cars,” he said in awe.

I grinned. “Well, my two brothers said that to be able to continue living with them I had to know how to use my own car correctly. They went over everything with me.”

He raised his eyes. “You live with your brothers?”

I nodded. “And my sister. My brother Aaron is my twin, and then my two other siblings were adopted when they were really young. Becka and Alex are just a year younger than me.”

It was the story we had come up with to avoid suspicion. Since Aaron and I had been near the same age when we had been turned, we decided to be twins. It helped that we looked so much alike. Becka and Aaron said they were separately adopted so it wouldn’t seem awkward to anyone when they said they were a couple. So far, no one really questioned it past the point of our family.

“Why don’t they all live with your parents?” Dustin asked curiously, closing the hood of his car and leaning against it. I frowned slightly, pretending to be trying to hide sadness.

“Well, our parents got into a really bad car accident five years ago, so I got custody of my younger siblings. Our aunt and uncle help out a bit, but we didn’t want to burden them too much,” I explained, giving a sad sigh.

His expression was taken over by pity. “Oh, I’m sorry. That must be horrible though, having them pass away when you’re old enough to remember them,” he said sympathetically.

I nodded. “It was worse for Alex and Becka, really. They were closer to our parents then Aaron and me, even. It took them awhile to get over it. But they were a little more upset that they found out they had to listen to me until they were adults.” I smirked.

He laughed. “I could imagine. Well, don’t let me keep you or anything. I’ll let you get back to our family,” he said, gesturing for me to go.

I smiled lightly at him, and waved my goodbye. He returned it, and I walked back to the employee parking lot on the other side of campus. Most of the other boys were gone, so I didn’t have to worry about any random people offering dates.

It was nice to talk to someone not trying to flirt with me or get me to go out with them, someone who didn’t know about all of my real problems, and accepted the fake ones.

As I opened the door to my car and turned my keys in the ignition, I saw the clock on the dashboard, and groaned. I knew class had been let out a few minutes late, and then I was with Dustin. It seemed I was going to be a half an hour late to get home as well now.

I pulled out of the parking lot, and sped through the forests. Nothing was wrong now, so I didn’t have to drive as anxiously as I did last night. I only had to worry on the interrogations waiting for me at home.

The reason I had really been late to work today was because Becka, Aaron and Alex had been questioning me on every little detail of my meeting with the small girl who wanted to help us, and the confrontation with Jade, Felix and…Edward.

We had focused mostly on Edward and the small girl. Becka said it made sense that Edward would somehow break through slightly if he thought I was in danger or pain. He cared enough to be able to help in any way he could.

Aaron was suspicious of the small girl, absolutely sure that it was a trap. Even if she had saved me a lot of time and warned me of what was coming, she still was with the Volturi, and couldn’t be trusted, or so he thought.

Suddenly, a flicker of motion caught my eyes. I braked quickly as a small doe walked across the road, looking at me with knowledge filled eyes warily. I let it pass before heading back home. I wasn’t thirsty, having hunted on my way home last night.

I sighed as I saw the small town come into view.