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All she can do is fight. Fight, and never back down or give up. Never show any hurt or pain, be brave and show her enemies a strong face. War is a hard thing to do. Bella Swan is close to just losing it. Her fiance is kept down with the power of another Volturi member, who is ruthlessly trying to capture her and all of her family-siblings and Cullens. She's the only one who can stop the fight. But can she find it in herself to do it? Sequel to Deceiver.

Most charecters are owned by Stephenie Meyers. Becka, Aaron, Alex, KJ, Jasmine and the new Volturi members are all just a prt of my imagination that I created to go with the plot.

7. Chapter 7

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"Okay, so Becka, Aaron, Alex and I decided one day that we wanted to go to the neighborhood pool, since it was well over a hundred and ten out. We were twelve, I think. When we got there, Becka thought it might be funny to try and push Aaron in, since he was usually the most...balanced of us at that time."

Edward laughed, and I glared at him. "I'm sorry love, but I'm pretty sure you being counted for that would make anyone seem extremely balanced. You didn't exactly have a constant equilibrium."

I gave him a dark look before going on as if he had never spoken. He had teased me enough when I was human about my clumsiness; now I wasn’t, and he didn’t need to bring it back up. “Becka pushed Aaron hard into the pool, and she didn’t realize it was the shallow end right there. He hit his head and passed out. I was the only one with a CPR certificate, so I had to go in after him and pull him out, since the lifeguard was too busy flirting. Luckily he woke up before I had to do mouth to mouth,” I shuddered, “but he had a concussion and had to go to the hospital. Ever since, we’ve never let Becka into the pool last. She has to go first. Even now, that is a tradition that won’t stop.”

“Even though some of us wish it would!” Becka called from the living room, where she was watching the news with Aaron. Alex had gone to the store to buy some clothes for Edward to where. Becka had given him a specific list, so we didn’t worry about him grabbing the wrong stuff.

Edward chuckled. We were in my room, sitting next to each other on my bed, just like we always used to before everything happened. I was leaning against his chest, and he held my waist tightly, protectively, as if he was protecting me from some unknown force.

I shook my head slightly. “I wish she would just accept that some memories remain and are carried over to this life,” I sighed. “It would make life simpler.”

Edward shifted slightly behind me, turning me to face him again. “It sounds like Becka did a lot of bad things before, hasn’t she?” he asked seriously, though it was slightly marred by the amusement in his golden eyes.

I snorted. “You have absolutely no idea how…mischievous she could get, especially when we first entered high school.” I closed my eyes as fuzzy memories assaulted me. “It’s lucky I made it to Forks when I was seventeen.”

“Were you?” Edward whispered, and he sounded tormented. I opened my eyes to see the anguish on his face. I knew he blamed himself for everything that had happened to me, though I didn’t. I took it all as fate.

I gently cupped his face in my hand, and he opened his eyes to look at me. “Please Edward, I can’t take it if you blame yourself for all the stupid things that have happened to me. None of it is your fault, so you shouldn’t treat it like it is.”

He shook his head and laughed once without humor. “Bella, if you never came to Forks and met me, you wouldn’t be in this mess. You would probably be in college right now, and starting your human life.”

I raised my eyes at him in disbelief. “Edward, I wouldn’t be human right now even if I never came to Forks. I would have been in that car accident with the others, and KJ would have changed me. Either that or I’d be dead. I really much prefer than path we’re on right now, thank you very much.” I leaned in and kissed his nose.

He smiled at me for real this time, and laughed. The sound still sent tingles down my spine. “You know what? I think I’m a bit happier that we’re together instead of never knowing of each others existence,” he whispered, cool air tickling my face.

I smiled at him. “Me too.”