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Kiss the Rain

In the end she didn’t go through with it. Edward/Bella

Note: I wrote this while listening to the song Kiss the Rain, by Yiruma. It’s a beautiful piano piece. I don’t know what about it inspired this piece. I guess because the rain is something that is so fleeting, it’s impossible to kiss.

1. Kiss the Rain

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In the end, she didn't go through with it. We got married of course. Moved away to go to college like we had planned, but she didn't have me bite her. I had mixed feelings about this. My Bella wouldn't be soulless, but I would have to go through life watching her die. I'd have such a short time with her, but she couldn't leave when it came time. Her parents were the cause and Jacob Black. His thoughts were interesting, hopeful, but dashed in the end. She was still mine. My Bella. My Angel. My Love. My Life.

She moved along with us, and as she got older so did the rolls we had to play. However, in the privacy of our home, we loved each other, held each other, and were each other in everyway. I couldn't remember ever being so happy and daily I had to push away the thoughts that this would be short, for me anyway. I already knew what I was going to do on the fateful day.

When Bella turned twenty seven, we moved out of Carlisle's house to live on our own for a while. Bella wanted a baby and though I couldn't give her one myself, the miracle of medicine could. It had taken a lot to convince me to do this; after all, the child would wonder why her dad didn't get any older. It was inventible, though, for me to do what Bella wished. Our daughter was born on February fifteenth and I could not be happier. She looked just like her mother, with a dash of whoever had donated the sperm, and we named her Elizabeth, after my mother. As she got older, the named turned into just Liz.

Twelve years later, Liz began asking questions. At sixteen, we finally gave her the answer and she was shocked. So much so, she ran away from home. Distraught, Bella called Carlisle, who told her that Liz wasn't there, but he'd keep an eye out. The next day, Charlie called to say that Elizabeth had just shown up on his doorstep. She wouldn't tell him why she had run away, but he figured it was just basic teenage problems. She talked to Bella, telling her she suspected all along, but didn't know for sure. Her anger came from us not telling her sooner.

As much as Bella begged, Liz refused to come home. I tried next, coaxing her, yelling at her, it didn't work. Related her not, she had gotten my stubborn streak.

We waited for three weeks for another call, before Bella finally decided to go to Forks and bring back our under age daughter. I didn't go. How could I explain to Charlie that fact that I hadn't aged?

The next morning, the phone rang.

"What is it?" I asked.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Is she coming back?"

Bella was silent for a moment. "No...I can't take her from this place."

"Bella...what happened."

"I-I- he imprinted. On her."



I was silent. "He what!"

"It's not like he can help it. She's his soul mate. I gave birth to his soul mate!"

"It's creepy," I said after a second.

"I know."

"How do you feel?"

"I feel..."she paused. "Jealous. I feel jealous of my own daughter."


"And, that makes me sick. I have to be happy for her. He'll love her."

"Tell him to keep his forty year old paw of my minor daughter," I growled.

Bella laughed slightly. "It's funny," she said. "Jacob left at twenty five and returned eighteen years later claiming to be Billy's grandson and that Jacob, his father died."

"Genius..." I muttered, remembering how similar Jacob had looked to Billy. It made sense that Jacob could pull it off.

"You're coming home, right?" I asked.

"Yeah. We'll still see her. She says she'll come home this summer."

I nodded. "What can I say? No?"

"You probably could, but then Jacob will stalk the house."

I wasn't surprised, three years later, to find Liz at my doorstep with Jacob in tow. He looked the same, twenty five, big, muscled, and scowling. However, there was something different. Something softer and his thoughts seemed to never be far from my daughter. They were very....I don't know how to explain them: fond? Worshipping? Don't get me wrong, they were lustful too, but it was deeper than that and I was reassured. Even though he still stunk. I was also pleased to note that he had stopped phasing which meant he would now age. I envied him for being able to spend a lifetime with his soul mate, while I only got a moment or two.

Personally, I never thought the dog would ask permission to marry my daughter, but he did. We had a small ceremony at our house, with my family and a pack of werewolves present. Now that was awkward. An elopement notice went to the human family members.

Every now and again, we would get emails and letters from Liz. Her first child was a boy and after much arguing she said, they had decided to name him Edward. I was touched and a little amused by the fact that the dog had allowed it. He looked just like his father and I reminded Carlisle not to go back while my grandson was still alive. Twin girls came next. Obviously it ran in Jacob's family. I never got to meet them, because life ended sooner than I expected.

At the age of sixty five, my Bella was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Though we tried everything, she finally told me to let her go. The pain of living wasn't worth it anymore and she wanted me to remember her as being strong. Not frail. I saw Liz one last time, with her son Edward, and she kissed me on the cheek.

"I'm sorry," she said. "For leaving you."

I couldn't answer. I just held the part of Bella I had left close to me. "Thank you."

"Love you dad."

"Love you too, angel."

Bella was buried in Forks. In our meadow. Liz helped arrange it and I stood in the shadows of the trees, as the small service commenced. As my life was lowered into the ground, I turned away. I had a plane to catch. I had to go to Italy.