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If Edward Never Saved Bella

What if Edward came to the Studio to late to save Bella?


1. Chapter 1

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I laid on the ground with excruciating pain running through every bone of my body. Where are you, Edward! I thought this thought over and over again, hoping that a miracle would happen and he would hear me wherever he was. Searching for me probably.

I had left the airport in such a rush and now I regretted it. James stood over my limp body and smiled a very sinister smile. I heard a noise that stopped him completely as if I hit pause on a movie. His expression was terrified then it relaxed again as he looked at me. I closed my eyes and waited for my death.

I love you, Edward. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I thought harder and harder. Something more sharp then knives bit into my arm and I heard a scream, later realizing it was mine. My mind went completely blank and blocked out any further thoughts in my head. I blacked out. But yet somehow I dreamed.

It was lovely. All my memories with Edward seemed to collide into each other. There was when he had finally introduced himself to me, being as nice as it was possible for him. Then there was us in the forest; hiking for him to show me something. And then there was that something. The Meadow he took me to. His figure flashed across my mind as if he were really there in the green grass. His body shimmered like a thousand tiny diamonds. The first time he kissed me. Him sitting still on my bed. Every aspect of him danced through my mind.

Then, like walking out of a fog, I heard an earsplitting scream and felt my arm on fire. I couldn’t open my eyes or move any muscle whatsoever. Help! I felt my body fill with rage, though I couldn’t understand why. Maybe it was because Edward didn’t come for me as I was hoping for deep down inside. Or it could be that James was so repulsive that he didn’t even kill me and he was now torturing me by keeping me alive. But then again, if Edward did come to rescue me now he would be more agonized then me-seeing what James had done. I used all my strength and energy into opening my eyes and after a couple of minuets I was surprised when they did.

It was a blurred vision at first but then my eyes focused on my surroundings. I was still in the studio-I knew at least that much without having to look- and I was barely perched up near the mirror. I didn’t want to look down; I already knew what was there. I could smell it. Blood. My blood was everywhere. Even as I didn’t move my head I could see the puddle of dark crimson liquid forming under me. The pain was unbearable! I wanted to die. I wanted anything to get the pain, hat was regulating from my arm, to leave.

I dozed out again. This time it was a dreamless black hole that sucked up my mind. The pain was still there but I didn’t notice all to much. What was happening to me? This thought replayed like all the others had. It felt like a few hours later when I awoke from my sleep. When I opened my eyes-effortlessly this time- I was no longer in the studio, my cuts were now covered in bandages and I was in a familiar place. The unfortunate thing was I didn’t want to be in this familiar place at all. Something bad could happen. My inner voice was talking to me now.

Huh, that’s weird. The pain seemed to have vanished away and now all I was feeling was confused and thirsty. I was in the Cullen’s house but it didn’t seem as if anyone was there. A million questions ran through my head. How did they get me here from Phoenix? Where was Edward and everyone else? What about James? And why had the pain dissolved in my sleep? My answers were: Probably by plane because I had only been asleep for a couple hours. Second, they were probably hunting (eesh). Third, I was ninety percent sure he was dead because I wasn’t. And lastly, well I hadn’t figured that out.

My body was able to move now. I got off where I was laying to notice it was a bed-that they had gotten for me- in the middle of the kitchen. That didn’t sound to good if you thought about it. Laying in the middle of the kitchen with blood on me in a house full of vampires. Not that I didn’t trust them but still…

My legs were surprisingly strong but I was still light-headed. I bet I looked like crap. I wanted to brush my knotted hair but before I could I heard footsteps. I listened closer. I heard feet against asphalt and whooshing noises. They were so close but so distant. Maybe I was just hearing things. I went to the front door and opened it.

He stared at me. His expression turned from surprised to aggravated. Aggravated to fear. Fear to pain. Then it slightly relaxed and he smiled my favorite crooked smile.

“Edward!” I croaked out into a shout. I hadn’t realized how much I missed him.

I nearly jumped onto him with a hug. At first he was stiff, unsure on whether he would hug me back but then he twisted his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. Any mental pain that was there before melted away. He breathed and I could feel his lips in my hair.

“Oh, Bella.” He whispered and his tone sounded regretful and sad.