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If Edward Never Saved Bella

What if Edward came to the Studio to late to save Bella?


2. Chapter 2

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Oh, Bella? What was that suppose to mean? Why is he looking at me like that? Do I really look like crap to that extent if I’m getting pity looks from the love of my life? I felt something change within me. More self-confidence?

I looked at his face. It was different. It was more gorgeous then it had been before; more gorgeous then anything I’ve ever seen in my entire life. More gorgeous then Rosalie. Ha that was something. Something was different about my eyes, I could feel it. I glanced around the house and noticed things I hadn’t in my previous visits here. My eyes were sharper.

Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. Is this what the look in his eyes was? What I am moronically just now noticing.

“Am I?” I sounded breathless. I looked in his now liquid topaz eyes and saw it. Emmet came running up and at the sight of me gasped.

It didn’t do it for me. I ran up to Alice’s Room where I was hoping to find something with a reflection but stopped dead in the middle and turned to Rosalie’s room. She was destined to have a mirror in her room. And she did. More then one, actually. On every wall there was a shaped mirror with a picture of her and one of her family members on it. That’s so Rosalie, I thought. Of coarse she would have mirrors on every wall and pictures of herself attached to them. She was probably thinking, “It extenuates them perfectly.” I took a deep breath and took slow steps to the closest mirror.

Oh. God. I studied the person in the mirror. She looked tired and confused but gorgeous. I couldn’t believe this. I probably never would. I was a…

The words couldn’t form, not even in my mind. I heard someone’s footsteps hum up the stairs. I sat on Rosalie’s bed. I didn’t look like crap like I thought I would. I looked inhumanly gorgeous. The realization of me being a… well, you know, struck me. Might as well get used to it. Be quiet you stupid inner voice! I could feel someone behind my back. It couldn’t be Emmet; even if they were so graceful I couldn’t tell their steps apart, I could tell they were lighter then him. I closed my eyes and rocked myself back and forth on the bed.

The smell hit me. It wasn’t Edward because he had an amazing small that was so lovely it sang its own song. It was a flowery scent.

“Alice” I whispered, my eyes still shut.

“Bella!” I could tell she was smiling as she whipped over in a heartbeat.

I opened my eyes as she cradled me in her arms. I was so glad she was here. I wanted to cry but all that came out was a sigh/ hiccup sort of thing. Edward flew in but instead of barely seeing him, like I was used to, I could see him with perfect clarity as he pushed Alice aside and scooped me up in his granite hold. His skin was no longer cold. Oh, God. Alice said something under her breath.

“Ha! You can’t do that anymore, I can hear you!” I felt like a child.

“Well it’s very true, Bella.” Alice eyed what I was wearing. “You might be gorgeous but it seems your taste in clothing still lacks.” She laughed off.

“Oh, come on. I’ve been awake for a whole ten minuets and you’re already criticizing my outerwear.”

I could feel Edwards gaze on me. He was still staring from when he first came in.

“What?” I didn’t like people doing that and he knew it. I would’ve blushed.

“Spectacular.” He was being sarcastic.

“What, Edward?” Was he seriously not going to be happy? After what I just did for him?