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Eternal Nights

When the Cullens inform their friend Lira (an elven vampire) that they found a group of travellers, dead, Lira realizes she must help stop it for there have also been many other multiple deaths in the mountains but whom or what is causing it? But Lira and her newly acquired family face another setback, they have been exiled. How will they help or will it be too late? R

Lord of the Rings/Twilight crossover, set in Middle Earth

1. Chapter 1 - A Group of Vampires in Imladris

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Lira slowly opened her eyes, she hated having to pretend to sleep at night in Imladris, it drove her insane. She missed Edward, the one person who made the nights seem less eternal. Many times she had considered taking up her old hobby of writing all night but now that she lived in her sanctuary, it was hard to. She had also considered trying to write songs or poems, combine her two great passions, well, two of her three great passions, she knew not how to combine singing and writing with Edward.

Someone knocked on the door and Lira eagerly stood up and went to answer the door in hope that it was Edward. As she grasped the doorknob, she suddenly felt calm. Instead of opening the door, Lira turned to find seven abnormally pale beings standing behind her. Lira smiled, fighting the calm atmosphere flooding the room before she ran to one of the beings with light brown hair and a kind smile upon his face. Lira enveloped him in a hug as he staggered backwards as he caught her.

“You’re stronger,” he whispered.

“I’ve missed you Edward,” Lira whispered in reply as she reluctantly let go of him.

“We all missed you,” Carlisle – Edward’s father-of-sorts – said as Lira turned to him.

“Well, you certainly took you’re time getting back from hunting.” Lira retorted cheekily.

“You know how hard it is to tell the difference between orcs and animals for us, just because you’ve lived here for more than a decade doesn’t mean we all have.” Edward teased. “To be honest, we couldn’t find much, for some reason, everything is leaving this area. What would you know about that?”

“I don’t know exactly, it might be the orcs, these mountains are riddled with them but it may be something else. Lord Elrond might know but for some strange reason, Elladan and Elrohir won’t let me anywhere near him or Andúnë. I don’t whether it’s because they despise vampires or what but it is starting to scare me, I feel I’m losing my friends and well, adoptive family. I could ask Glorfindel when he gets back from his patrol but that requires me getting to him before the twins.” Lira answered.

“What about your cousins, Ardoron and Rusc?” Jasper – Edward’s youngest brother – asked.

“They left; they live in Mirkwood now with Lego . . . Nuinlanthir and Narulas. I haven’t seen them in a few months now.” Lira answered, avoiding Legolas’ name. It still caused her great pain to remember the one that had led her to where she was now, a vampire. It was a long and tiring tale of betrayal, love, battles and depressingly, death. In a battle against the Valar Námo and Irmo, Legolas had been slain by a vampire but none of who were involved in Lira’s life nowadays.

In the following hours after Legolas’ death, Lira had begun to fade before Yavanna stopped it by means of revealing Lira’s destiny. The Valar had said that Lira was destined to lose Legolas and fade unless she was saved by one means: if she was bitten by a vampire. It had seemed grim at the time and when they – being the residents of Imladris – had found out, many had been disinclined to acquiesce the request. They had all been too late; Lira had left with Edward and his family.

“The shortage of animals is nothing compared to what else we found.” Emmett exclaimed.

"What else did you find?” Lira asked, would it be something funny or had they found something that would give Elrond reason to worry?

“Well, we found a group of travellers,” Emmett began slowly.

“And . . . what happened?” Lira asked.

“They were all dead,” Alice finished.

“Dead? What? How?” Lira asked hastily.

“We don’t know but it wasn’t normal, these travellers weren’t killed by orcs, we don’t know what they were killed by though, it could’ve been many things.” Carlisle continued.

“But you don’t need to worry.” Esme said before she shot warning glares at the others. “Everything will be fine as long as Lord Elrond finds out soon and begins trying to work out the problem.”

“But Esme, Elrohir and Elladan refuse to let any of us within a ten foot radius of Elrond, the closest we’d be able to get to him is via a letter . . .” Lira trailed off.

“What is it Lira?” Alice asked.

“Write him a letter, explain everything, ask him to send the twins and any reinforcements they have on a patrol, leave a clear path.” Lira muttered to herself. She looked up at the others who all bore expressions of extreme confusion.

“What if it doesn’t work? What if the twins read the letter before it gets to Elrond?” Emmett asked hastily.

“Give it to Elrond personally,” Lira answered.

“But the twins won’t let us anywhere near him!” Alice exclaimed.

“The twins guard their father like a bank vault during the day but we can still get to him at night. Sneak into his bedroom and put the letter on his pillow or something of the likeness. The twins will be completely oblivious to the contact.” Lira explained. Nobody spoke for a long moment before Edward broke the silence.

“Well, I think it’s a good idea.”

“Of course you do, your girlfriend suggested it,” Jasper muttered under his breath and Edward heard it. Without hesitation, Edward tackled Jasper but his youngest brother was too quick, before the others could blink, the brawl escaped the confines of Lira’s room and out into an un-expecting Imladris.

Carlisle, Emmett, Rosalie, Lira and Alice all ran after Edward and Jasper as they ran through the corridors of the Last Homely House. Eventually, Edward and Jasper allowed their fight to remain in the courtyard of Imladris. Eventually, Edward pinned Jasper to the ground. Lira and the others had skidded to a halt and could clearly hear what Edward whispered threateningly.

“If you ever even dare to say something like that about Lira and I again I swear I will personally rip you to shreds Jasper Hale!”

“What is going on here?!” Elladan yelled as he pushed through the crowd of gathered elves. He soon laid eyes on Lira and the Cullens that remained looking civilized. “Oh, you lot, I should’ve known.” Elladan said smugly. “There’s nothing to see here everyone, you can go back to your business.” Elladan then turned to Lira who had walked forward and unsheathed her sword.

“You’ve changed Elladan, in fact . . . I don’t know whether I’m the monster or not nowadays. We were friends once Elladan and I haven’t changed my perspective on that . . . until now.” Lira said depressedly. “What happened to the Elladan I know?”

“I’m only doing this because I don’t want Elrohir or Andúnë getting hurt, they’ve already lost two of their friends to you.” Elladan retorted.

“Zakari and Legolas’ deaths weren’t my fault!” Lira yelled. “What is it about me being a vampire that you don’t like?! What is it Elladan?”

“It’s not about you being a vampire; it’s about how dangerous you and your new family are to Imladris. You brought this upon yourself Lira, exile.” Elladan answered with a smirk. He knew this would hit a nerve but he didn’t know it would hit him back. Lira threw a strong punch at the elf sending him back into a wall. Lira advanced on Elladan and raised her sword.

“Words are like spears Elladan, once they leave your mouth, they can’t be taken back. I thought you knew that, I thought you were my friend but apparently not.” Lira whispered tearfully. This wasn’t because of Jasper, she knew that he was as angry as the rest of them right now at Elladan’s actions, these were her own emotions. “I daren’t imagine what Elrond will say about this for it causes me too much pain. I never thought an elf would break me but apparently I was wrong.” Lira then dropped her sword and sprinted off to the one place only Edward – or Legolas – would find her.

Edward scowled at Elladan. “Now you’ve done it you stupid elf!” he spat before he ran off, Alice, Esme and Rosalie following. Elladan didn’t move as he watched the vampires slowly disappear, Carlisle taking Emmett and Jasper back to Lira’s room to wait for the others. The vampires wouldn’t be welcome in public until this blew over, if it ever did.

End chapter