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Eternal Nights

When the Cullens inform their friend Lira (an elven vampire) that they found a group of travellers, dead, Lira realizes she must help stop it for there have also been many other multiple deaths in the mountains but whom or what is causing it? But Lira and her newly acquired family face another setback, they have been exiled. How will they help or will it be too late? R

Lord of the Rings/Twilight crossover, set in Middle Earth

2. Chapter 2 - The Vampires Make Things Better

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Lira ran until she came to the spot where Legolas had taken her star gazing not long after they’d met. Lira lay back on the grass and watched as the fluffy, white clouds passed overhead. She closed her eyes and tried to remember the sound of Legolas’ laugh as they’d run across a field on their way home to Lasgalen. Lira soon became enthralled in her reminiscence as she failed to hear the others come and sit beside her.

Edward gently took Lira into his ice cold arms. Lira hadn’t realized that she’d also begun crying and Alice gently wiped away the tears with a handkerchief. Rosalie and Esme watched in silent desperation as tears wracked Lira’s lithe form. Elladan’s words had hurt her more than anyone could imagine – at least, anyone who knew the feeling.

“We should take her back.” Esme whispered as she stroked Lira’s dark hair.

“I think we’ll stay a little longer but you and Rosalie can go if you want to, we won’t keep you.” Alice answered as Edward whispered kind words into Lira’s ear as the flow of tears subsided somewhat but they didn’t stop. Esme nodded before she and Rosalie left the meadow and headed back towards the house as Edward gently cradled Lira in his arms.

“Why w-would he say t-that?” Lira asked, her breath hitching ever so often.

“I don’t know Lira but I think we shall leave, go and find your cousins.” Edward whispered in reply.

“It’ll only take us a few days to reach Lasgalen and we’re quite sure that you’ll be welcome there.” Alice whispered reassuringly.

“That wouldn’t b-be a good i-idea.” Lira answered.

“Why not? Didn’t you used to live there?” Alice asked before Edward glared at her warningly, he felt that this topic shouldn’t be brought up given the circumstances. Lira however, didn’t feel the same.

“Because I’m a v-vampire, Thranduil will b-blame me for L-Leg-” Lira broke off mid-sentence and buried her face into Edward’s chest as she began to cry again. Edward rubbed her back soothingly before Alice left, she didn’t want to make anything worse at the moment, she’d go and mull things over with Jasper about what he’d done instead.

When Alice had gone, Edward tried to get Lira to sit up so he could talk to her about what the Cullens and she would do now. Elladan had made it clear that he didn’t want them in Imladris and they couldn’t go to Mirkwood for fear of false accusations against Legolas’ death. No matter how hard Edward tried, he was somehow unable to pull Lira away from himself. Of course Edward understood why she did this, she was hurting but he couldn’t live with her connected at the hip.

“Lira, I know you don’t want to let go and I respect that but I can’t breathe,” Edward lied in hope that Lira would’ve forgotten in her sorrow.

“You haven’t breathed since 1918,” Lira mumbled as she sat up, letting go of Edward’s waist. “I don’t forget things that easily.” Lira’s mood had suddenly lightened. Edward looked around in hope of finding Jasper hiding up a tree, the fight wasn’t over yet.

“Jasper isn’t here Edward,” Lira said as she took Edward’s face in her hands. “Don’t leave me,” Lira whispered. Edward sighed as he wrapped his arms around Lira’s neck.

“I’ll never leave you unless you want me too,” Edward whispered in reply. Lira sunk into Edward’s embrace before he slowly pushed her away. “What are we going to do now? We clearly can’t stay here and we can’t go to Lasgalen but where does that leave us?”

“We could always go to Lothlórien, I’m sure Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel wouldn’t have anything against that although it wouldn’t be as interesting. Then there are the countries of Men: Rohan, Gondor. There are also some settlements east of Mirkwood and in Eriador. We wouldn’t want to stay with in Hobbiton, it is all too small. There aren’t very many options other than Lothlórien, Gondor and Rohan.” Lira answered.

“Is that it? Are you absolutely sure there is nowhere else?” Edward asked.

“Aside from Aman and what is left of Beleriand, that’s it. There is of course Harad in the south but we would be in danger there. If we go to Gondor or Rohan we can prevent some things from happening in the years to come but I doubt whether Lord Denethor or King Théoden would allow eight vampires to live in their kingdoms.” Lira answered.

“Do you have a map of Middle-Earth somewhere?” Edward asked.

“Aye, there’s one in the library, why?” Lira asked in reply.

“If we can find somewhere devoid of life or major habitation, we might be able to survive. Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle and I can build a house for ourselves unless you can come up with another idea.” Edward explained.

“If we can stand to wander for about twenty years – perhaps with Gandalf – we might be able to get into Gondor safely.” Lira replied.

“How can you guarantee that?” Edward asked.

“Do you remember Aragorn?” Lira asked.

“Yes, he was there before I changed you. But he’s only a ranger, how can he help us get a safe home in Gondor?” Edward asked confusedly.

“He is the Heir of Elendil. Elendil was the father of Isildur who was the last King of Gondor. Aragorn is the Heir to the throne of Gondor and must take is rightful place at some stage.” Lira explained. “He will be part of the Fellowship of the Ring which I had been promised a place in before-” Lira broke off as she recalled on how Legolas had promised that he’d let her come with him. Now, Lira had nowhere to go and she was unable to aid the future ring bearer in their quest to destroy the One Ring.

Edward took Lira into his arms again as she began to cry again. He softly sung a song she’d taught him during the long nights and Lira slowly and somewhat reluctantly relaxed into Edward’s arms. Edward kissed the top of Lira’s head before he rested his head on hers.

“Don’t leave me,” Lira whispered in a voice so quiet Edward could barely hear her.

“I won’t Lira, we can’t leave you, it’d be too dangerous. Besides, Jasper likes you too much.” Edward teased. Lira laughed before she sighed and closed her eyes in hope of miraculously falling asleep even though she knew it wouldn’t happen.

“Do you want to go back to your room?” Edward asked. Lira nodded before Edward helped her stand. He gently wiped the tears from Lira’s eyes before they left the meadow, hand-in-hand.

End chapter 2