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20 Questions with Alice

Takes place during Eclipse, when Alice was holding Bella hostage.
Bella and Alice have a little fun playing 20 Questions

Bella's POV

1. Chapter 1

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“Hey Bella!” I looked over the back of the couch in the Cullens’ living room. Alice was smiling at me with a glint in her eyes. I was being held hostage by Alice at the Cullens’ while Edward was gone hunting with his brothers. He was due back at any minute. “Guess what?” she called to me in a sing-song voice. “You decided to let me go home?” I guessed hopelessly. “Nope.” I sighed. “Emmett bit into an elephant accidentally and is now going to bring home a vampire elephant to keep as a pet?” Alice giggled. “I wish! But, no. I saw that you were going to ask me to play a game, and I chose 20 Questions!” she was practically hyperventilating by the time she finished. “Excuse me?” I was clueless. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. “20 Questions!” she squealed. “You know, where someone thinks of an animal, a plant, a type of food, a mineral, or something else, and the other person asks them twenty yes or no answer questions, and after twenty questions, they have to guess what it is!” I groaned. This was one game where Alice had a huge advantage. “Umm, Alice? How can you play this?” She frowned. “What do you mean?” “When you play,” I explained, “you can see what I’m going to choose, so the game is pointless!” “Oh no,” Alice pouted. Then she perked up. “Well, you’ll just always be the one guessing!” She ran over and sat in front of me on the floor. Alice sat and thought for a grand total of 4 seconds. “Ok! I’ve got it.” I sighed. I decided I might as well play along. It would give me something to do while I waited for Edward. “Ok,” I said, “is it an animal, a type of food, a plant, a mineral, or something else?” “Something else!” she yelled happily. I sat, thinking of my next question…. “Yes!” Alice said ecstatically. I looked up at her. “Yes what?” “Yes is the answer to your next question!” she said impatiently. “Alice!” I moaned, “I haven’t even thought of my question yet! Wait until I ask it, then answer.” “Oh, oops.” I took a deep breath. This was going to be a long game. “Alright, is it something you wear?” “Yes!” “Is it something just for women?” “No. That’s three questions. Seventeen more!” “Alice, I know.” “Oh.” I leaned back against the Cullen’s coffee table. Of course Alice was going to choose apparel. It’s so, Alice. “Umm, is it worn on your feet?” She shook her head. “Is it worn on your hands?” I guessed. She jumped up. “How did you know?” I was startled. “How did I know what?” She huffed. “In three more guesses, you’re going to say my Chanel watch that Rosalie bought me last year! We haven’t even gotten to ten questions yet! You must have cheated!” I sighed. Alice was being Alice. “I didn’t cheat. But now I know you chose your watch. Guess the game’s over now!” Just when I finished my sentence, the Cullen’s front door opened. Edward ran in followed by Jasper and Emmett. I swear my heart stopped when Edward smiled at me. He sprinted to me, pulled me into his arms, and kissed me quickly. He smiled. “How was your afternoon?” “Oh, great,” I said sarcastically. Alice pouted. “Was it really all that bad?” She gave me her full puppy-dog face. Her eyes popped out, and her jaw turned down in a sad kind of grimace. She knew I was going to feel guilty. “Ah, Alice. It wasn’t all that horrible,” I said, pleasing her just a little too much. She brightened up right away. “Guess what we were just doing, Edward!” she squealed. He pretended to have to think about it. “Well, I have no idea, so I’ll just take a guess. 20 Questions maybe?” Alice pulled a look of faux shock. “Why, yes! How could you have known?” I rolled my eyes. “Why don’t you play, Edward?” she suggested innocently. Edward chuckled darkly. “Why not?” he said. I stood there, slighted amused at the situation. This was going to be interesting. “So,” Alice said, “who shall begin?” “Ladies first,” replied Edward in his most gentlemanly voice. Alice nodded looking very serious. Edward sat down in the love seat, and pulled me down next to him. Alice remained on the floor, and she leaned into the coffee table facing us. “What’s she thinking?” I whispered to Edward, knowing fully well that she could hear me. “She’s blocking her mind,” he said, not bothering to whisper. I looked at him curiously. “She’s singing ‘Dancing Queen’ by ABBA in her head.” He winced. “We’re lucky she never sings aloud.” She glared at him. “Ok, Edward, go.” “Animal, plant, food, etc?” “Other,” she answered promptly. I knew they were only speaking out loud for my benefit, and I was grateful. I hated having to guess what they were thinking. “Bigger than a grizzly?” “Mother or cub?” she asked suspiciously. “Mother, just out of hibernation.” “The best ones. And no.” It went like that for five minutes. Edward would ask her random questions, and she would answer vaguely. “Man-made?” “Yep.” “Heavier than Bella?” “Everything’s heavier than Bella. Yes” By the twentieth question, I knew that Alice was doing a good job of blocking her mind. Edward seemed to have no idea what she was thinking about. Alice sat with a smug look on her face, while Edward sat in deep thinking for ten minutes. After some time, Edward got this insane grin on his face. “My Volvo S60 R.” Alice smiled sweetly. “Yes, and not a minute too soon.” Edward jumped up. “I’m going to kill him!” he bellowed before storming out of the front door. I turned to Alice. “What was that about?” “Well,” she said with an evil laugh, “on the trip, Edward drove Emmett’s jeep in the river when Emmett was devouring a bear. Emmett wanted me to help him get back. If he hadn’t heard Emmett’s thoughts and we would have kept playing, I would have thought of a ‘key’.” I put two and two together. “Wait, Emmett keyed the Volvo?!?” Alice giggled. “And drove it in the Calawah River. Eddie is soooo mad!” I sighed. Nothing was ever boring in a house full of vampires. “EMMETT, YOU ARE SOOO DEAD!!”