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I love you, my Angel

The night Edward 'died' but he wasn't alone. There was someone beside him, begging him to stay the whole time, pleading with him not to leave her in the darkness of her world. AU.

Sooo....This can be a one shot....or it can't be a one shot....u choose.... I got the idea from listening to The River Flows In You and looking at an old fashoned picture hanging on my wall of a flower surounded building with lots of windows and a horse buggy outside....but I'm not really sure how that ended up as this....hmmmm...

11. Chapter 11

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As I got ready for school the next morning, I moved with too quick movements—usually I was slow to get ready for it because if the hellish quality it had.

Something inside knew though that in little more than a few short days I would be on my way to Edward’s arms.

I thought his name with bitter-sweet warmth. I missed all the years of not being with Edward, and that the chances to get them back were gone, but I was looking forward to the new existence without the pain, the longing and missing his warmth beside me. It would all be over so soon.

And the best part was Jasper being so wrapped up in Alice’s existence that he didn’t seem to notice my sudden bursts of impatience, despite my attempts to hide them.

Or maybe the bubbles of intense emotions were coming from Jasper himself.

I blurred down the stairs, pausing at Jasper’s study—I suddenly just wanted to see him, my brother of so long, knowing I had only days left to the empty planet.

“Hi,” I said, leaning against the door frame.

He was bent over the computer, typing away so fast the computer had a hard time keeping up with his finger punches.

Jazz looked up and stopped his finger’s blur across the key board. “Morning. You’re down early,”

“Couldn’t sleep,” I smiled wryly.

He chuckled, running a hand through his hand. A habit. “Oh, here are directions to the Cullens—Alice is going to come back and pick me up,” He handed me a piece of paper with scribbled down directions; I shoved it in my black raincoat pocket.

“Okay,” I carefully said, hiding my emotions in just the right way. Because after I left the Cullens, I might not return home. I still hadn’t decided yet. “I’m headed out then, I guess. Later, Jazz,”

I started to back out but suddenly remembered something, “Oh, um” I muttered,” Picked at the wall paint, “Thank you, Jasper. For everything, you know,” Just in case. I wanted him to know how much of a help he’d been, how I wouldn’t’ve been able to possibly keep it together if he hadn’t been there to hold onto the thin strands of my life. “You made everything…manageable,” That was an understatement, but I wasn’t sure how else to say it without giving anything more away.

His brows shot up; his eyes shrunk slightly as he grew suspicious, “Your welcome, Bella,” he said slowly. I forced myself to meet his gaze innocently.

“Bye, Jasper,” I murmured, and then slipping out quickly before he could say anymore.

I was on the road towards Forks before I let my emotions tumble out. That had been ridiculous, of course. I would see Jasper at the Cullens’ later.

But I was undecided as to when I would give him the slip exactly, though. I knew I could never be able to physically be able to say my farewell because Jasper would try and stop me. I felt bad about that, but I couldn’t see any way to do it any other way.

Should I go immediately after the Cullens’? That way I could really check out the coven and be a hundred percent Jasper would be secure after I was gone. Or maybe wait until Alice was over and Jasper was completely distracted? But then Alice would be there and would be able to see what I was doing.

My stomach flipped. Alice. Would she see any of this? Yes, I instantly knew. I had to make it subtle, not involving any of the Cullens in leaving and, if I could help it, Jasper. After school then? In the gap of Alice getting Jasper and when I was supposed to be at the Cullens’? I tried to not make any permanent decisions, hoping to hide my decision as best I could.

When I got to the school I parked on the other side of the street from the parking lot, the furthest place possible from the loud kids laughing and running around. The sound of them all pounded at my head and I brought up my wall to try and tone their chatter down.

Usually as soon as I got there I went in but I was early; I sat for a minute, working to completely drowned out the giggles and yelps—they were so young, like a child.

I fiddled with the paper in my pocket, thinking about looking at it, but sighed, getting out of the car.

The grounds were empty of the students, the school suddenly looking empty and cold. Black clouds rolled in from the north and a lingering student glanced at me, shuttered, and hurried on to their class.

I slid into my history class with a delicate shutter and slouched into my seat, letting my hair fall over my face, trying to block out the class.

Only a little more until I was with Edward.

Only a little more until I was flying to Vulturi.

Only a little more until I was dead.