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I love you, my Angel

The night Edward 'died' but he wasn't alone. There was someone beside him, begging him to stay the whole time, pleading with him not to leave her in the darkness of her world. AU.

Sooo....This can be a one shot....or it can't be a one shot....u choose.... I got the idea from listening to The River Flows In You and looking at an old fashoned picture hanging on my wall of a flower surounded building with lots of windows and a horse buggy outside....but I'm not really sure how that ended up as this....hmmmm...

12. Chapter 12

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Alice was impatient. She practically dragged me out the doo, saying I’d had my day of hunting and now I had to go to school. No, worse, high school. I didn’t want to listen to the petty high school ‘love wars’. There was only so much one man could take.

“Edward, please, just come on! We’re going to be late,” Alice pestered me. She didn’t have to say it out loud though. That was purely to annoy me further.

I glared at her, “Fine,” I snapped.

Alice rolled her eyes, Aren’t you excited to meet this new coven? She thought. There was for an instant, a fizzy image of a girl, but I couldn’t quite make out the face—Jasper’s jumped into her trail of thought in unexpected places, consuming her.

“Yes,” I said dully, “Eccentric,” I slung my feather-light over my shoulder, “Now, let’s go, so maybe I can get a seconds rest from Jasper,”

Alice’s eyes twinkled, Unlikely.

I ignored her, walked out the door, and got in the passenger side of Alice’s car. She slid in smoothly and started it.

“Edward, this is silly—,”

I caught her line of though, “Don’t, Alice,” My voice was icy. I did not want to have this conversation.

She mashed her lips down and backed out of the driveway in a quick swing. I could feel the hurt coloring in her thoughts; I felt guilty, but kept firm in not giving in to her.

“I don’t understand,” She quipped before I could protest.

“You don’t need to,” I said slowly, looking out the window, watching the storm that was sure to let loose any minute.

“No,” She agreed, “But I feel like I should,” You can trust me, she added silently.

I winced as I considered ever trying to actually say the words out loud—that there would never be someone just for me again, that my time had come and gone.

Alice noticed, “I’m sorry,” She said, and it rang with sincerity, “I don’t mean to hurt you,”

“I know,”

But you still won’t tell me?

I gave one clipped nod of my head.

She sighed.

I carefully blocked out Alice’s thoughts, and the ride continued in a tense sort of silence. The trees flashed by in a green hum.

The school was pitifully small when we pulled up; our car by far outshined any other there.

The smell of the pounding blood, all so warm and delicious, made the back of my throat itch, but I ignored it with a simple wave of my mind.

As I turned and reached to open the door, Alice suddenly blurted, “Then will you at least tell me one thing?”

I gritted my teeth, wanting to just get out and away from this conversation, “What?”

“Do you regret being one of us? Despite having us all here for you?”

I froze, not daring to breathe. I half turned back to glance at her. Alice’s face was in equal parts anxious and worried. Her big eyes watched me closely.

I got out of the car, not saying anything, but knowing she knew what my answer was. Because the truth was, I would give up my loving family if it meant having really died that night I’d proposed to Isabella Swan.