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I love you, my Angel

The night Edward 'died' but he wasn't alone. There was someone beside him, begging him to stay the whole time, pleading with him not to leave her in the darkness of her world. AU.

Sooo....This can be a one shot....or it can't be a one shot....u choose.... I got the idea from listening to The River Flows In You and looking at an old fashoned picture hanging on my wall of a flower surounded building with lots of windows and a horse buggy outside....but I'm not really sure how that ended up as this....hmmmm...

15. Chapter 15

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I whisked quickly to the office, still only half there, lost in a place free of pain and worry. I could almost feel Edward there beside me. I smiled grimly.

I smiled at the secretary, pleasantly handing her instructions to the Cullen’s that was folded up carefully. I had scribbled a note on the back to Jasper—I was suddenly very grateful for the talk I’d had with him earlier that morning. Maybe somewhere deep inside of me I’d always known that was the last time I would see his smiling face.

Mrs. Forester—the secretary—look started, stopping in the middle of typing some conference letter. “Oh,” She gasped.

“Hello, Mrs. Forester,” I said sweetly, “I have this note here that I’m supposed to give to my Uncle, but I’m very forgetful—” I looked down in mock embarrassment “—so would you mind holding onto it and calling me to get it after school? I really would mean a lot to me,” I smiled as brightly as was safe.

Her heart skipped, “Oh, yes! Of course, dear. I would be delighted,” She reached for the note, but I pulled it just out of her reach. Barely.

“But—only he’s supposed to read it. You must understand,” I continued when she frowned, “It’s very personal.”

“Okay, it you say so,” She agreed.

I smiled again and handed it to her. I slipped out into the cool air. Heavy clouds hung above. High above me I heard thunder crack and could feel the tension in the air. It would start raining in only a moment, I could tell.

I tensed myself to run for the car but just as I was about to run to it, there was a high shrill sound that echoed throughout the school grounds: the school bell to change classes. Students poured out of the rooms just as large droplets of cool water gushed down from the sky.

I didn’t mind having to walk, knowing I had Edward so close in my grasp. Throwing up my black hood, I slowly made my way through the crowds of rambunctious kids as they joked and laughed.

Edward’s POV

I had only gotten to the end of the first hallway, running in a blur, when the bell went off and the halls—all of them—were suddenly packed.

I cursed colorfully when I was forced to slow down, frustration coursing through me. I felt like I was crawling, inching my way when my Bella was flying to her death—leaving me truly forever. I would not be able to continue after that. To lose her twice would be more than I could ever possibly handle. The pain of losing her the first time, to find her gone when I was strong enough to go into the city, to stand over her grave in that gloomy cemetery, rushed back to me, threatening to overpower me. I shoved it away violently. She was still alive. I could save her. I would.

“Out of my way!” I roared over the loud sounds of the unsuspecting students. Shoving and pushing wasn’t working. Every moment was another step lost and another gained in Bella’s fading away.

The crowd gasped, parting, and I bolted down it a little faster than safe.

I burst through the exit of that building. Someone screamed, jumping out of my way.

I cursed even louder when I realized it was pouring rain. How could I not have noticed? A wide berth was given to me from the suddenly scared looking students. People everywhere were protected from the rain by unisex black jackets, everyone blurring around me in a black mass. Bella could be anyone of them. How could I tell the difference?

“Bella!” I cried into the mayhem, looking at every person, running through every mind, trying to track her. I was so desperate now.

Still ripping through the crowds, occasionally ripping off a hood to only reveal a shocked face, I continued to screech her name, needing her to hear me.

The rain poured down harder than ever as I twisted around and around, trying to find her angelic face among them.