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I love you, my Angel

The night Edward 'died' but he wasn't alone. There was someone beside him, begging him to stay the whole time, pleading with him not to leave her in the darkness of her world. AU.

Sooo....This can be a one shot....or it can't be a one shot....u choose.... I got the idea from listening to The River Flows In You and looking at an old fashoned picture hanging on my wall of a flower surounded building with lots of windows and a horse buggy outside....but I'm not really sure how that ended up as this....hmmmm...

3. I'm going crazy

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He won, of course. I wasn’t the best, nor the fastest, in our two party coven. Jasper won but he chose the smaller room, the room with the second best view.

“No,” I stated stubbornly, arms folded across my chest in the doorway of the room. I wasn’t going to let him baby me like this. “Jasper, you get the other room—you won fair and square.”

Jasper took his own statue like stance, brow furrowed in annoyance. His eyes were still dancing, though, “That’s right—I did win fair and square, so I choose this room,” He took a step deeper into the room.

I moved with him, not backing down. I pursed my lips, trying to figure out a way to make him give in. “But I want this room,” I lied. I knew Jasper and, if I was correct, he would give me it if I really wanted it.

“Liar,” He called me out.

I raised my chin in defiance a half inch, “Am not,”

“Are to,” The cheater shoved a wave of calmness at me.

I gasped, “That’s cheating! And just for that, I do get this room,” I spun on him and sat down on the dusty floor. Sheets covered the already furbished home. I kept my arms crossed tightly, face sour.

Jasper threw his hands up in defeat and left, muttering something about “little sisters,” and “call me controlling,”

I relaxed as soon as he was gone, glad that I’d won. He really did deserve to have the bigger, better room. He did so much for me and I could hardly do anything in return. And to be honest, I really did like the room.

I took a minute to take it in.One whole room was glass, rain pattering against it in a calming dance. Droplets converged and created little streams to run down it. Several white shapes sat in the room, dust covering it in a fine sheen.

I stood, rolling up on my feet in an easy graceful movement, my body moving in stride with my thoughts. I slipped over to the largest sheet covered object, a bed, I was sure. My milky pale fingers grasped the silky fabric in one hand and whipped it off, watching as it moved and threw the dust motes into the air. The tail of white cloth snapped slowly, my eyes breaking down the movement.I let the cover float to the floor. Ah, I had been right. I was a bed. I smiled; glad that I had kicked Jasper out—it was a deep blue bed, neatly made up in silken sheets.

Impractical as a bed was in the house, I was glad. I ran my fingertips across the soft mattress, walking around the bed at human pace. I slipped onto it, crawling into the middle. My clothing against it made a soft brushing as I settled on my back, staring at the ceiling. A large chandelier hung lightly, and it was then I realized the light wasn’t on. I hadn’t even noticed—I could see just as well as if it was on when it wasn’t.

This was dangerous, for me to just sit as I was. My thoughts were set to wander too much in a position as such. And it was foolish for me to just sit—I had to still unpack, despite the fact that it would only take a few minutes.

As if realizing I needed it—which he probably did—Jasper stuck his head in the open door. I didn’t move but I could still see his face out of the corner of my eye. It was, shockingly, worried.“Hey,” He whispered, “you want to help me unpack the truck?”He could already be done by now but I didn’t mind, sitting up, letting my hair trail behind me softly.

“Sure,” I chirped, forcing my mood up for the second time that day.

Jasper flashed a smile and disappeared back down the hall.

I slipped off the bed and pattered out the door, moving considerably slower now, actually observing the dark hallway. I had been too preoccupied, running after Jasper, to notice the house before. My room was on the third floor, the last in the hall. I passed several other doors as I skipped down the two staircases to the main floor.

Jasper flashed a smile as he passed me, arms stacked full of large boxes. It looked like the TV set…I pointed to a corner in the large airy living room. “Just put it there and I can hook it up in a minute,” He nodded as I continued out into the falling rain.

My hood had fallen down but I didn’t bother to pull it back up, instead letting the cool droplets break on my skin, my hair. I faltered, each foot on a step; palms open flat to the sky. The world held a whole new smell here than it did in the other towns. Clean, fresh, open, is what it whispered. Wind tossed my hair with the rain, soaking it. A loose strand dangled in my face, swaying back and forth from the breeze. A large smile broke my face.I sighed, dropping my hands but not losing the wonderful sensation that the rain was giving, and finished the last few steps.

I crossed the lawn in quick graceful bounds to the truck. The back was open, box upon box stacked atop each other in a strait orderly way. I reached for the first few when I froze.

The strangest sensation crossed me, like an itch on my scalp. I hadn’t itched in the last eighty sum years.

I twisted around, seeing every detail, saw every raindrop flung from the sky, watched the wind whisper through the trees to create a melody, but that was it. There was nothing in the trees. It was black and empty, as it was supposed to be. I sniffed, taking in the fresh clean smell, catching a few small animals nearby.

The lightest of scents, almost not there but not quite, flittered in the wind. Like sunshine and…but then it was gone. Where did it go?

Less than a second had passed.

I strained to hear harder. I heard a few cars wiz by on the freeway, heard the individual pounding of the black rain, and heard the life of the forest.

“What are you looking for?” Jasper whispered low in my ear.I didn’t jump—I had felt him in all my listening.

I shook my head, turning back to scoop up several boxes. “Nothing,” I muttered, “I’m just going crazy, that’s all,”

He chuckled and we continued into the house, emptying the truck without further interruptions.

Later that night, as I stood in my room, watching the night pass by, I couldn’t shake the feeling or the delicious smell I’d snatched from the passing air. Edward’s face had bloomed across my vision more than once, smiling and laughing like he never really would again. I had stood by my window late into the night, watching as the rain faltered and the clouds lightened, turning into a gray shadow across the land as the sun burned into the morning.