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I love you, my Angel

The night Edward 'died' but he wasn't alone. There was someone beside him, begging him to stay the whole time, pleading with him not to leave her in the darkness of her world. AU.

Sooo....This can be a one shot....or it can't be a one shot....u choose.... I got the idea from listening to The River Flows In You and looking at an old fashoned picture hanging on my wall of a flower surounded building with lots of windows and a horse buggy outside....but I'm not really sure how that ended up as this....hmmmm...

7. Chapter 7

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The voices above my head were muddled, warped slightly. It only took a second to sort them out and, by then, the light was quickly approaching. Three panicked faces were all hovering anxiously above, one of them mixed with a sort of adoration and humor, along with the panic. It was also the face I wished wasn’t there most, because he’d gotten a first class show of me being the jittery girl I was.

Still, my heart rocketed off when his face spited into a wide smile the second my eyes were opened.

“Bella, dear, what happened?” Mother pestered the second she was sure I was aware.

Mrs. Mason turned to Edward, “Edward, please go fetch Jeffery, please. He’ll know what to do.”

Edward, still smiling softly, jumping up quietly and slipped out of the room smoothly.

I breathed a sigh of relief the instant he was gone, sitting up quickly. Two hands reached down to push me back, but I brushed them aside quickly, “No-thank you, mother, but I’m plenty capable on my own now.” I stood up, brushing a little of my hair out of my eyes. Mrs. Mason and Mother both stood up by my side, weary expressions on their face.

“Really,” I tried again,” I’m fine. Now, thank you very much for being so concerned, but I was just a little lightheaded. I’m perfectly lovely. Mother, would you so much mind if we left right now? I was thinking I might still need a little nap,” I lied. Edward would be coming back soon; him seeing me right after I swooned from a silly single kiss on the hand would be almost too humiliating. I was feeling perfectly fine, actually.

Mother, mouth handing open, stared at me for several seconds. “Honey—we can’t just—can’t you—” Translation: The Masons were high social status people, and walking out after I just fainted on their floor was the icing on the cake.

Mrs. Mason’s hands were suddenly fluttering around, “Oh, dear, the walk back is nearly a half mile and in this heat—certainly not! Tell you what; we have a perfectly cool guest bed room made up for a situation just like this. If you want, you could nap in there while your mother and I finish our tea,” she suggested with a warm cheeriness.

I opened my mouth to quickly object but Mother’s laugh cut me off. “Why that would be perfect, Isabella,” she exclaimed,” Wouldn’t it?” Her voice was still pleasant, but I heard the firm undertone that said I wasn’t to be disagreeing, not after the quick afternoon’s happenings so far.

I shot a quick, sharp glair at her, but Mrs. Mason was glancing between us so I had to let up, plastering on a tense smile, “Why, yes it would, Mother,” I twisted on my heel to face the Mrs. “Where is the room? I think I could find it perfectly well on my own,”

She grinned warmly, “Oh, just right up the stairs and the room straight on. I can get Sarah to show you,”

I thought it over quickly; and the house was just too big for me to wander around, though it would be kind of wonderful to explore its beautiful secrets…no, seclusion would be better, I decided. Wondering, I had a better chance to run into Edward. “Yes,” I said pleasant as I could manage, “that would be very nice. Thank you so much,” I curtsied, keeping my eyes on the floor; they were probably a little more than unfriendly at the moment.

A short, squat woman—or was it an older girl?—came in, bowing low, smiling. “You called, Mrs. Elizabeth?”

Elizabeth’s kind face was bright and cozy, “Yes, Sarah, would you please take Ms. Isabella to the guest room—she isn’t feeling so well and needs a quick lie in the bed. Get her anything she wishes,”

“’Course, ma’am.” Sarah turned to me, “Follow me, miss.”

I followed the small woman out into the large hallway. She started quickly up the stairs, but I paused half up. The large wall it passed was filled with several, various sized pictures. The three person family were all adorable, and it wasn’t hard to see where Edward got his extraordinary good looks. His father had the same sharp-boned beauty, while his mother had the lush, long beautifully colored hair; he had her eyes, too.

“Miss,” The small voice interrupted me.

I hurried up with a small “Oh,”

The further up the huge staircase, the more I wished to stop and ponder each picture, but the little woman bustled along at a fast pace.

The brown haired maid paused at a delicately decorated door and opened it up in a smooth movement. I sighed, glad that I hadn’t run into the mysterious Edward, and entered the room. It was smaller, simpler than the rest of the house, but still beautiful. Creamy white curtains were draped over a large arched window that looked out into a spacious backyard. Or was it a garden, full of plush flowers? A small bed sat in the corner next to the window. Other than that, there was only a small dresser with a mirror propped atop it.

Pushing past me gently, Sarah drew the curtains—they were actually quite thick, once all opened up—over the window and a dark tint filled the room. Some of the previous heat vanished from the room and I sighed; the heat actually really had been bothering me some.

Sarah flashed a small smile and walked out, closing the door behind her. I sighed, brushing some of my hair out Of my hair. I thought about slipping out the door and wandering the house but, again, the prospect of running into Edward was both exhilarating and terrifying. So, instead, I sat on the edge of the bed, glancing around the rather empty room, now that I thought about it.

Reluctant, I glance at the bed. I felt like I was giving in if I used the bed; mother would get her way, once again. She always did. She had the status to do it.

Deciding that I could just tell her that I didn’t take a nap, I curled up in the middle of the bed, pulling my hands under my head like a pillow. The bed was very comfortable, probably imported from France or something. The Masons appeared quite wealthy, not near in the same status level of my family. My family was okay, a little better off than the common family, yet still not big enough to import such exquisite delicacies—now that I thought about it, the tea that I’d managed only one sip of had been delicious, a minty cinnamon .

I couldn’t get it. I’d seen several beautiful boys that had all been in my category of ‘marshmallows’ , but for some reason, Edward’s face made my heart thunder in my chest and my palms sweaty, nervous. His large green eyes made me want to figure him out, to unravel his secrets that they seemed to be hiding. They must hide something; they were so beautiful that it was impossible for them to not have some hidden facts looming in their depths.

Very slowly, no sound coming from it, the door swung inward. I jerked up, surprised. I expected it to be Mother perhaps, or Sarah coming to check on me, so I was a little shocked when Edward stood in the doorway, his hands carefully folded behind his back, his lips lifting in the corners, green eyes smoldering.

I straightened up instantly, so fast it almost made my head dizzy. Or maybe that was Edward. “W-what do you need—” I had to say his name out loud “—, Edward?” Yes, his name sounded delicious on my tongue, a prayer, perhaps.

His smile grew, showing some of his white teeth. He shrugged, taking a few steps into the room, boots sounding too loud on the wood. Edward glanced up at me through his eyelashes, just like before, “I figured you really didn’t need to sleep,” He confessed, humor in his voice.

I straitened up, holding my chin high, “How would you know?”

He shrugged again, “Your mother.” Edward answered.

“What did she say?” I asked, suspicious. If my mother sent Edward up here to spy…

Edward was now near the opposite end of the bed and sat on the edge, facing towards me partially, “Nothing.”

“Then you lied to me.” I accused.


“You just said my mother sent you up here, now you’re saying she didn’t.”

Edward’s brow rose, “I never said any such thing,”

“Did so.”

“Bella,” He sighed, frustrated,” Will you at least let me try and explain? Please?”

I probably would have continued but when he said my name my heart was suddenly lodged in my throat, so I simply nodded.

“I have a way of…hearing, I guess you could say, what people aren’t saying. If I just watch the way people move and really listen to what they say, I can usually tell what people are really meaning…or in this case, thinking.” He stopped, looking at the bed sheet, not meeting my eyes.

After a long, awkward silence: “You’re mad.” I chuckled. The boy—almost man—said he could read minds! But… strangely, I believed him. “But I believe you.” I quickly stated when his head had whipped up. “No, you don’t,”

“Yes, I do. Do you think I’d lie?” I challenged, fighting back a smile.


I laughed. That was unusual for someone to actually come straight out and charge a woman to lie flat out. I liked it. More then I probably should’ve. Only because it came out of Edward’s mouth. “I probably would, I guess.” I quickly stopped laughing, but my grin stayed where it was—sprawled all over my face.

“I am curious, though. Can you do it to me? What am I thinking about right now?” I leaned forward, wrapping my legs under me and scooting a little closer.

Edward shrugged, “I can try.”

“Do you need to put your hands on my head or something of the sort?” I asked eagerly.

“No,” He chuckled, “just behave like you normally would,”

I wrinkled my nose but held my tongue. That was kind of boring; I would do it anyways.

I shifted as Edward watched me intently. It was kind of strange the way he looked at me, like he could see only me, so I picked at a piece of my hair that had fallen out, wrapping it around my finger over and over.

When I glanced back up, Edward’s eyes were closed, face intent, body slightly leaning forward.

Oh. The thought came to me before I could really stop it. Hm. I grinned, throwing a glance at the empty doorway, and, very slowly, leaned forward, so there was only a foot between us. Six inches. Four inches…one. Edward’s eyes were tightly closed, his breath soft and level, no idea I was so close. I worked on keeping my breathing just as soft, so maybe he couldn’t feel it. His face was so beautiful, so glorious, it wasn’t hard to keep my breath off his skin—it had stopped almost completely.

I grinned, working to keep my giggle inside. I’d never done something quite so ridicules…or fun.

It was a very quick, sure movement. That’s why I didn’t yank back in time. Edward’s green eyes fluttered open, burning into mine. They were bright, intense. I gasped, hurrying to get back; gentle, but firm hands held onto my face, though, warm against my skin.

I didn’t try to pull back after that. My body was much, much stronger then my mind right then.

Edward seemed to be enjoying himself, a small smile creeping up on his lips. “What were you doing, Bella?”

I shy smile grew on my face, more then ecstatic that he wasn’t furious of me invading on his personal space. “I was seeing if you knew what I was doing. If you really could read my mind, you would’ve been able to figure out that I was going to do it.” I whispered, still smiling.

Edward chuckled, blowing his delicious smelling breath on me. It smelled like fall, the way the world smelled just before it was plunged into a dark winter. “That’s silly. Besides, I can’t tell if you’re thinking anything or not. See, it only works sometimes, when I really try, but just now I tried very, very hard and I couldn’t hear a thing,”

“Does that mean I’m immune, then?” I liked that idea.

“I don’t know,” He confessed, dropping his hands from my face and leaned back. How natural that had seemed, to have been there in his hands. So right, in fact, that it almost hurt that it was gone. Silly. Ridicules. Yet, knowing that it was silly and not right, I didn’t care. I liked being there.

“Does that mean there’s something wrong with me?” I asked, disturbed that I was the only one excluded from his mind-reading.

Edward laughed, “I’m the one who thinks he’s hearing other people’s thoughts, and you think you’re the crazy one?”

I blushed, glancing down at the bed spread under me. I felt stupid, actually asking that question.


I jerked my head up—my name on his lips did that sometimes. His face was so soft, so beautiful…so close…his lips were only inches, less even.

I leaned forward so very softly, closing my eyes…

I jerked off the bed, disgusted in myself. I had done it again. How could I? Jasper would be in just as much agony as I was. I growled at myself, trying to place the self-hate where the pain would soon try to occupy. I took several, deep breaths before pulling on a jacket—something for the humans; it had snowed in the last month—and walking out of the room.

I had been haunting the halls of Forks High School for almost a month and had come up with nothing. No signs of something Jazz would be looking for, so pointers at a girl, nothing. Nothing. The word seemed to echo through my head.

“Leaving. Bye. Love you, Jazz.” I yanked the door closed behind me, not waiting for his response.

I was at the school in less than five minutes, my car no longer surrounded by ogling immature children; I’d ‘worn off’ and they’d lost interest, guys included.

I glided through first hour, history, with my glass like mask on. I answered when spoken to directly, nothing more. Period. I got by with telling myself that I only had a few more days until I left for Italy. I had made a pact with myself a couple of days before hand that I couldn’t do this, couldn’t walk the halls with the same consuming agony that I’d lived with for so long. This was over. I hated hurting Jasper like I was going to, but I wasn’t going to do this anymore. I was giving this searching this one more day, and no more, unless I found what I was looking for.

Fourth hour I slid into the back desk, the room empty except the teacher—the usual. The room quickly filled up just the same. Mr. Baner started the roll. I called here at the called for time, hardly aware I was even doing it.

Outside the classroom, I could hear someone running down the hallway, light, quick steps, like they were dancing almost, except the pounding of their feet was wrong, like they were working to run like they were. I could almost hear the suppressed energy. Only one thing made that sound. Vampires.

The smell swirled to me quickly, too. It was like mine, in a way. It wasn’t the same smell exactly, but more like the same quality of the smell. This one was very soft, like the wind and spring mixed into one. Feminine.

I straightened in my seat, hoping to find out more. Not even a second had passed. The door opened smoothly and in danced and small, pixy like woman with short, spiked midnight black hair. I gapped as she turned and winked one of her large, gold eyes at me.