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Of Angels and Humanity

Emmett's POV through his change and meeting his angel Rosalie. One-shot.


1. Chapter 1

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No, no, no! This can't be happening.

I had to get back. I had to get back to my family. Dammit, they needed me!

I couldn't let this bear kill me, if it's the last thing I do this beast will die. I ran to my gun that it had swiped out of my hand but I wasn't quick enough, it jumped on me.

Its claws raked down my back tearing through the coat and tearing my skin.

"God! Please help me!" I half screamed, half sobbed.

I kicked the bear in the face and reached my gun, I rolled over ready to shoot, but the damn bear jumped on my stomach, and could hear my ribs crack and break, breathing became ten times harder. It took a swipe at my face, roaring in victory. My vision became blurry and I began to give up hope of ever seeing my mom again.

I walked into the kitchen and I spotted my mom at the table drinking a cup of coffee.

"Good morning, Emmett. You're up early."

"Me and Andrew and Pa are going hunting in a little while." I explained. Hell, she knew I slept in at every given opportunity.

"I see. Well you and your brother better not cause any trouble, you hear me Emmett McCarty?" Ma said, using her stern voice.

"Yes ma'am. But just so you know it's not me that causes all the trouble. It's Andrew." I said bluntly.

My mom looked at me and laughed, her deep blue eyes twinkling with humor.

"Emmett, I know you're the one that puts all those ornery ideas in his head." She said with a chuckle.

"Well, I may give him a shove in the right direction." I said slyly.

She sighed and shook her head. "You're just like your daddy. Always causing trouble and always getting other people into trouble."

"He said you cause all the trouble and he's just an innocent victim." I laughed.

"And you're daddy tells more lies than a crooked lawyer." We both laughed at that.

After a while we quieted down and just enjoyed each other's company. I heard Dad and Andrew start to stir upstairs, so I got up and hugged my mom.

I just got this strange feeling that I might not get to do this again. "I love you Ma."

"I love you too, Emmett."

I heard another growl in the background. Hell, another bear here to eat me. I had hoped God would make this quick, well, but I gave up any hope of that now.

I heard a vicious snarl and the bear on top of me flew across the way. What the hell is going on? I felt my body being moved and I cried out in pain.

Someone was moving my hair back and it took all the effort I had to look them in the eye. An angel . . . she was so beautiful.

Beautiful doesn't do her any justice. She had the most beautiful eyes, a gold, honey color. And her hair was a pale blonde.

Her lips were perfect, they weren't too big and weren't too small, they were perfect. Hell, she was perfect.

"An angel?" I croaked out.

She smiled and hoisted me on her back and suddenly we were flying. She must be taking me to meet my maker.

I tried to keep my eyes open to see what heaven looked like but the pain was winning. Wasn't death supposed to be less painful?

We reached our destination and I heard God talking.

"Rosalie, I would rather not change him." God said in a tired tone.

I thought God didn't get tired.

"Please, Carlisle, please, I'm begging you." That was my angel. She had the most beautiful voice.

"Carlisle, you can't actually be considering this. Look at the size of him. He'll be almost impossible to control." An agitated voice said.

I didn't know judgement took this long.

"Carlisle, please, I don't want to be alone . . . " My angel said. I wish he would listen to the angel. "Edward, what is he thinking? Any coherent thoughts?" God asked.

Shouldn't God know what I was thinking?

"He thinks you're God and Rosalie is an angel. He thinks this is his judgement."

"Edward, stop laughing." My angel snarled.

"Carlisle, please change for me. This is all I ask you." My angel begged.

God sighed and I saw his face. I never knew God was handsome. I always thought he would look like my grandpa.

But he had blonde hair like my angel and the same colored eyes.

"I'm sorry for the pain." God apologized.

What was he talking about? He picked up my wrist and he, well, he bit me. What the hell is God playing at?!

He bit my wrists, and he bit my neck, right over my pulse point.

I could feel the fire start to course through my veins. It became consuming. I guess I didn't lead the best life, but I didn't think I would be sent to Hell.

"God." I managed to croak.

The fire was getting to me. I had to keep my eyes open, my angel might disappear.

"Yes?" God asked.

"Please let me keep the angel." I begged.

"Of course." I felt a cool hand slip into mine and looked for the source.

There she was. She was still beautiful and perfect. I continued to stare unashamed. Hell, it's not every day in Hell you see someone so beautiful and wonderful.

"I'm Rosalie." The angel whispered.

I screamed. The pain was so consuming. Soon it was all I could think about it. The fire washed through my entire body, burning every inch of me.

But I had to keep my eyes open, I had to see the angel named Rosalie. After what seemed like hours of non-stop torture, I saw God come back.

Oh no, he came back for his angel. No, she was mine. I needed this angel more than he did. He had thousands of angels.

"Please don't take her away." I pleaded through the pain.

God cracked a small smile and said "I wouldn't dare."

He kind of seemed like a doctor. He checked my vital signs and told me the pain wouldn't last much longer.

Was he going to give me a second chance? I held the hand of my angel Rosalie tighter. And she squeezed back.

Soon the pain began to fade. The fire wasn't so consuming. I could actually stop screaming now. I just whimpered like a wounded hound dog.

"Can you tell me your name?" The angel whispered in my ear.

"Emmett McCarty." I grunted.

Rosalie stroked my face and ran her fingers through my hair. I was falling in love with this angel. I hope God didn't mind or get mad.

She was everything I wanted. All I could think about. I hoped God kept his word and didn't take her away.

I saw another angel come in and stand beside Rosalie. This angel looked young and a little cocky.

He had a sort of bronze haired color and he had the same honey eyes. I hoped he wasn't after Rosalie. He smirked and shook his head.

"He thinks I'm here to take you away or make you fall in love with me. He thinks I'm another angel."

He smirked again. He gave me a crooked smile and let out a low chuckle.

He reminded me of my little brother Andrew.

"Don't worry Emmett, I'm not here to steal Rosalie away. Just to check on you. God will be in soon." He smiled again and walked away.

Sure enough not three seconds later God was back. The fires of Hell became ignorable. Especially when you have an angel like Rosalie beside you. But the pain in my throat wouldn't seem to leave.

"Emmett, we need to talk. You just lay down and listen." God said gently. "Emmett, when I bit you I wasn't doing that just for the sake of biting you. You're now a vampire." I didn't know how I was supposed to take that.

What the hell do you do when someone, who you thought was God, tells you you're now a vampire?

"Very soon, the fire in your body will go and the only pain left will be in your throat. In my family we do not hunt humans, only animals. I will give you the option of staying here with us or you may choose to go your own way." God said.

"So you're not God?" I asked the pain becoming less and less severe.

"No, I'm Carlisle Cullen." I looked over at Rosalie who was still holding my hand.

"Are you part of his family?" I asked.

"Yes." She said in that beautiful voice, that I would follow to the ends of the earth.

"Then, if you don't mind Carlisle, I'll stay with you and your family."

"Emmett, you're not mad at me for asking him to take your humanity away?" Rosalie inquired. Her beautiful eyes were nervous and scared.

"I couldn't care less about that. Not since meeting an angel." I smiled.

"Are you sure Emmett? We don't want to force you into our way of life if this isn't what you want." Carlisle said.

"Wherever Rosalie goes, I will." I said. The pain in my body had faded completely.

But Carlisle was right, the pain in my throat was like hell.

Rosalie smiled at me and kissed my hand. She was so beautiful.

Who needs humanity, when you have an angel?