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Coming home early

What if Edward had gotten back early the weekend of Bella's first trip to La Push? What would he have heard Bella say in her sleep? I will add more after 5 reviews!

So I have been wondering in a while what Bella said in her sllep during that fateful dream. Well here's my take on it.

1. Eves Dropping

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Edward’s POV

As soon as we had gotten home from the hunting tip I went to Bella’s. It was dark so she would probably be asllep already. I had to make sure she was okay. I tried to reason with myself, what could have happened to her with her friends? It didn’t help.

Before I knew it Iwas climbing through her open windo to sit in the rocking chair. Her pulse was slow, she must not have started dreaming yet. I noticed that she was fully dressed and was listening to a CD full blast. I wondered at how she had fallen asleep at all with the noise. I was quickly pulled away though because she had stared talking.

“Jacob? No I want to go see the sun.” She murmered. I had no idea who Jacob was but I didn’t like her talking about him. No need to be jealous Edward, you have no right to claim her. But I couldn’t deny that I wanted to. I wanted to be with her for eternity, knowing fully how long that was. But I never could, I wouldn’t, couldn’t make her a monster. She deserved so much better then me. Again her words interupted my thoughts.

“Jacob stop, no I don’t want to go back in the forest. I want to see the sun... Jacob! Your a wolf!” Her voice got slightly louder and I got nervous. How had she known about that? Had someone there... no they wouldn’t.

“Edward.” She sighed my name, I wondered if she was still having the same dream. She looked peacful. But that didn’t last long, I could hear her heartbeat go up as something happened. “Edward.... vampire.... NO!”

She lurched upright causing the headphones to clatter to the floor, Luckily for me she stared out the window as soon as she was up. She groaned and layed back down. As soon as she closed her eyes I was out the window.

How did she know?! This put everything in jepordy! But maybe not. Maybe she didn’t really believe. I would play it safe. On monday if she ignored me or acted afraid I would tell carlisle. If not I would asume she hadn’t believed whoever told her our secret.

But I knew that even if she didn’t believe I would tell her. In some small way I wanted her to know, she would finally stay away from me as she should. I was filled with pain at the idea but it was best for her.

Still there was a small hope that maybe she wouldn’t be afraid of me. Silly to hope for that but I couldn’t help it. Besides when she had said vampire in her dream she hadn’t sounded afraid, only as if she we stating the obvios. But I had probably mistaken her tone. Of course she would be afriad. She should be. I was a murderer. And by being with her I was puttig her life in danger.

A horrible image came into my mind. Bella was lying on the gound prfectly still. She was whiter than me and I could see a cut on her neck. No, I couldn’t do that to her. I couldn’t live without her being alive. Especially knowing I did it!

When I got home Alice looked at me worried but said nothing. I ignored her and went to my room. She must have seen something. I listened to her thoughts as I sat on my couch.

“Edward if your listening start a CD or something I have to talk to you!” She sounded very impatient. I grabbed th remote from my stereo and turned it on. It was my signal that I was listening.

“Don’t worry. It willbe fine but I saw something. I think you need to see it” A vision came into my mind from hers. It was Bella. But not quite, she was more beautiful then I had ever seen her look before. She was even paler than usual too. But the alarming thing was that her eyes glowed red. A newborn.I quickly pulled away from Alice’s thoughts. No, that was almost as bad as killing her, maybe worse. That would never happen.

With that in mind I decided to speak with Carslisle about my suspicions. It was going to be a long day.