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When Worlds Collide

When a car crash happens and Bella and Edward come across the wreck and to their horror Angela was in the car, they are the first ones to reach the wreck and Edward has to face the choice wether change her or not.


1. The car wreck

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"Edward.... Hunting....... All alone," I heard Bella mumble. What the heck, Bella told me that he was sick and was staying home for the next few days!

"Bella wake up!" I urged,shaking her shoulder slightly.

"What? I'm awake! Don't give me an F!" Bella yelled standing up, once she came to, I have never seen a brighter shade of red on a person's face and probably never will.

"Is there something you would like to share with the class Ms.Swan?" Mr. Plapp questioned Bella, as she turned, surprisingly, a darker shade of red, which ought to be saved for the record books.

"No,nothing sir," she stammered, her eyes wide open.

"Okay then, sit back down and, Miss Swan, see me after class," Mr.Plapp said, sitting back down. He was soon followed by a chorus of ooooooooohhhhhh by the students present.

Did you have to wake me up DURING class? Bella scribbled down on a piece of paper and passed to me.

I looked at it and smiled. Would you rather have Mr.Plapp waking you up? I wrote back. I saw her face changing into a sympathetic one.

She looked at me as she passed the note, I'm sorry.

As soon as Mr. Plapp got back into lecture mode, I whispered, "It's okay, Bella. So, why is Edward ditching school?"

"What do you mean? I told you that he was sick," Bella said, clearly lying.

I looked at her curiously, "When you were asleep you mumbled, 'Edward....hunting....All alone' then I woke you up," I explained.

The final bell rang before Bella could answer. We got our books and bags, "So do you want to come over to my house this weekend to help me sign my millions of graduation invites?" I asked knowing that I was not going to get anything out of her.

"Yeah, that sounds like fun! I'll see you then," Bella said, packing up her stuff. Mr. Plapp was waiting for Bella at his desk. I grabbed my bag and headed out the door, as I headed to my car, I ran into Ben.

"Hi Ang!" he said greeting me with a kiss. He was always the sweetest person I have met even before we were going out.

"Hey Ben, what's up?" I asked.

"Nothing much, just glad classes are over," he laughed.

I looked at my watch just to find an excuse to leave, "Oh! I have to go, my mom is going to be home early and she wants me to start on my graduation invites!"

Ben nodded as he grabbed my hands, "I'll call you later, then. I love you," he whispered.

I pecked him on the cheek, "Sounds good, Ben. I love you, too."

He kissed me on the mouth and smiled, waving goodbye. I got into my car, I turned on the engine and started driving, the roads were oddly icy today and I forgot to put chains onto my car so I did not go faster than 15 miles per hour. Then I heard a horn behind me and freaked out and went a little faster then I should of and lost control of my car.

The car behind me stopped which made my car spin and an oncoming car crashed into mine. I felt a screan forming in my throat as my car flipped over. It all happened too fast, I could feel warm stuff drowning the right side of my head. My eyes were closing, but I was still able to look at the people that I hit. They were both lying down on the granite, knocked out and there was no one on the road, there rarely is anyone for hours at a time. They was no one to help. No one.

I'm going to die, Oh god! I did not even have a chance to say goodbye to Ben! I thought silently, sobbing as the adrenaline rush was wearing out. I was starting to feel my wounds, the wheel was pinning me into the car and the pain was numbing my legs. I felt the shards of glass piercing my arms and ever other inch of my body.

Ever so suddenly, I felt a certain blackness surrounding me and, before I knew it, I was losing conscious. I remember, though, that the last thing I was thinking about was Ben.

I will always love you and mom and dad. I'm sorry. I felt myself slipping away. I heard a crunch of glass as if someone was running on it.

"Oh my god! It's Angela," someone close by shouted, "Edward! Help me! Angela was in a car wreck! Hurry!" The sobbing voice said.

"I'm here, don't cry Bella. It's okay, Carlisle and Emmett will help," I heard a soothing voice say.

"She has lost too much blood, we can't help her medically," another voice said,

"What! NO! You have to do something! Please!" a voice said, sobbing uncontrollably.

"Carlisle, can you change her?" A voice pleaded with someone.

"That seems like the only option, I will do it, but we have to get her out of the car and probably set it on fire so it won't seem like we took away the body," A professional voice said, sounding extremely pained. I felt cool hands pry me out of the car and then I was laying down on something rocky and cold and a sharp pain in my neck.

I started screaming. The pain was much more harder to deal with. Was I being set on fire? Or was this hell? I submerged into darkness not knowing of I was ever going to be awake again.