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When Worlds Collide

When a car crash happens and Bella and Edward come across the wreck and to their horror Angela was in the car, they are the first ones to reach the wreck and Edward has to face the choice wether change her or not.


5. Volturi

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I knew someone was following me while I was running, and I knew I could outrun that person. But before I was even near the forest I was on the ground in such pain. It hurt all over -- I seized up and locked my muscles. I turned my head in time to see a child-like vampire smiling at me. Why was she smiling?

"Thank you Jane, dear, for your assistance," Aro said, smiling at her.

I hissed at Jane (once she stopped) and got up.

"Of course, master," Jane said, smiling sweetly at Aro.

"Angela! Are you alright?" Bella asked, stumbling forward -- I guessed that as she ran she had found something to trip on. I nodded as Edward chuckled, hearing my thoughts.

Hey Edward, is Aro going to hurt us? I thought.

He shook his head.

"Please excuse Angela, she is a newborn and she does not know the rules. She has been a vampire for only a few hours, so she is slightly skittish, as you saw. We will be teaching her everything within a matter of days," Carlisle explained.

"She has broken no law. That is not the reason I am here. She has already shown extraordinary power abilities that would be of great use to the Volturi," Aro said.

"Does that mean leaving Forks?" I asked.

"Yes it does, Angela. No matter what, you are welcome to choose whatever you want. But you are more than welcome to stay with us," Carlisle offered.

"No thank you, Aro, I would like to stay here with my family."

Esme just about cried when I said family.

"That is acceptable. Such a loss. Well, if you change your mind, you are more than welcome in our guard," Aro said in a disappointed tone. "Alice or Edward, would you be interested in joining the Volturi?"

I figured that they had been asked before. "Our answer is no, but thanks for asking," Edward replied, reading Alice’s thoughts.

"Okay, I hope that we will hear from you soon. Bella is still human...How interesting..." Aro pondered.

Edward snarled. "You won’t touch her."

"Of course not, just an arrogant thought." Aro shrugged.

"The date is set; she will be immortal in a matter of months," Alice explained, stepping in.

"We want Bella to finish high school before she is changed," Carlisle added.

"Thank you. I hope we will meet again on another occasion." Aro smiled at Angela. "Nice to see all of you again." He walked off with the other three members of the guard.

I ran back into the house, terrified out of my wits. Esme was next to get to the house. She hugged me, saying, "I’m so happy that you have considered us to be your family so quickly."

"Wow, I’m glad that you were able to stay visible. Imagine if they saw you shape shift out there! Maybe a fight would have broken out!" Emmett wished. Rosalie smacked the back of his head.

"That would have been bad. You don’t want to mess with the Volturi," Edward said.

"Oh my god, one problem after another!" Alice sighed, and once the very last word passed her lips Edward snarled again.

"What’s wrong this time? We're used to Bella getting in the trouble, but now Angela?" Emmett said with a booming laugh.

"I really would not be laughing right now Emmett!" Edward murmured in a dark voice.

"What’s the problem now?" I asked, now curious. Everyone else was sitting down, preparing themselves for something huge. Even Esme looked terrified.

"A wolf passed the wreck and picked up on our smell. He went back and told everyone else, and they discussed why there would be a scent. They came down to the fact that either we found someone alive and changed them, or killed them and made the wreck to cover it up," Alice explained.

Horror was, once again, painted on their faces.

"Which means they're going to cross the line and attack us. The future disappears in two hours, so we have until then to leave," Alice added.

"Wolves? Like werewolves?" I asked. What will they tell me next? They have some ghosts hanging around? Edward, despite the circumstances, laughed.

"They are the enemies of vampires -- they are capable of transforming anytime they want, no full moon needed."

"I’m so sorry everyone. It was wrong of me to ask for you to change Angela. I’ve put all of you in danger," Bella whispered.