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When Worlds Collide

When a car crash happens and Bella and Edward come across the wreck and to their horror Angela was in the car, they are the first ones to reach the wreck and Edward has to face the choice wether change her or not.


6. werewolves

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“No Angela, we knew that this may happen, we were preparing in case something happened.” Edward explained. Then Bella came up to me and hugged me, “Everything will work out, it always does.” She whispered, as she did that a fire burned in my throat “Bella, step away” I murmured, she did so and everyone tensed up but when my face relaxed everyone else’s did as well. The Emmett continued, “Were used to it Angela, Bella does on a regular basis.” Emmett laughed again, “Do I have to hit you again?” Rosalie murmured so low that only vampires could hear.

“Let’s go, we have to be far away before they arrive.” Carlisle announced and everyone sprang to life as they were rushing up to their room packing bags and others putting bags in the car. “Wait! I don’t have clothes!” I assumed and all I heard was a giggle of a certain fashion friendly vampire. “Just who do you think you think you are living with?” Alice asked coming down the stairs with two suitcases, “These are for you; I went shopping while you were changing. Oh yay! You are going to love them!” She announced.

“Bella, you have to stay here, they are going to think that we changed you.” I overheard Edward telling a depressed Bella.

“You can’t do that! Jacob knows that the car that they found was not mine, Angela is my friend!” Bella cried.

“Love, you know that we can’t, I will not risk the danger of you getting hurt!” Edward explained.

“Well, if you go off hiding then I’m going with you!” Bella replied.

“Bella, what about Charlie? Don’t you think he will want an excuse other than, “I’m running off to go hide with my vampire boyfriend.” Or do you have something better planned?”

“Please?” Bella was all Bella asked attempting to put on a puppy dog face.

“Love, please don’t.” Edward sighed.

“Please?” Was all she whispered into his ear. “No.” He muttered before walking away.

“Angela!” Bella gasped once she realized my presence.

“Hey Bella, are things between you and Edward okay?” I asked full knowing the answer.

“No, he wants to have me stay here while you guys hide out for a while.” Bella murmured before losing it a breaking down crying. I saw the pain leaking through her eyes, she was truly upset, I turned to Edward,

“Edward, you need to take her with you, she will be safe, after all I pretty sure that you could defend her if nessacery.” I explained. I looked at him he was contemplating the idea of taking her with him, then his face became angry,

“No! Anything could happen! I can’t deal with losing her Angela! You have no idea!” He whispered harshly.

I had no idea? Is he insane? I just lost the love of my life, my family and everyone I had ever cared about, other than Bella and Edward. All of their faces rushed around my mind, it was foggy but I can still remember a good majority of the details. Besides doesn’t he realize what a wreck Bella was when he left? How about putting her though that again, only if he would never come back?

Edward heard my thoughts and pain flashed across his face, “Don’t Angela, please.” Edward asked me

“Well I have a point; you really need to do this for Bella.”

“Fine, Alice-”

“I know I’ll have some of Bella’s things in a moment” Alice said cutting off his sentence.

Thanks, Bella mouthed to me

“No problem” I said

“I was wondering why Angela knew earlier that Bella needed to step away earlier, and the fact that she is so well controlled.” Carlisle mused, “Very interesting, Angela, we do need to tell you some things about being a vampire.”

“What might it be?” I asked

“Well, Humans, as you know, smell very appealing for a while, for the first few years you will probably need to stay away from humans, unless your powers are to such a far extent that not only can you shape-shift and turn invisible, but self control as well.” Edward explained to me, it seemed odd that I’m pretty much going to be in solitude for a few years, but I was okay around Bella, I mean, I did not want to kill her or anything but she did smell good. I suddenly remembered when I became a vampire this was all explained to me, I guess we all forgot in the visit of the Volturi! Edward heard me and nodded.

“Okay we need to leave, Edward go behind me and Angela, Bella will go with you, and I’ve already but her things in the car.” Alice said.

“I’m going with you Alice?” I asked

“Yeah, even though we will be driving pretty fast it’s going to take a while, we will all stay with Tanya and her family.” Alice explained

After that everyone got into their own little groups and got into cars and with a few quick goodbyes they drove off…. Alice and I were last except for Bella and Edward who were talking out in front of the house.

“Ready?” Alice asked

“Yeah, let’s go.” I said with a sad smile, as the car pulled away and sped down the road towards the highway.