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Death is only the beginning

Danielle is a 17 year old girl, she was left broken by a disturbed childhood and now lives with her colsest friends in Louisiana. She fears that her life is incomplete and that she will never fill the void that is within her. Will the cullens be able to help her? First fan fic so please be gentle.

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1. Meet Danielle

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When all lines are erased and boundaries crossed what keeps out insanity? When you have no other reason in life to keep you from falling off of the edge, what keeps you balanced there?

I can't feel my toes sometimes and the end is too far for me to see but I keep my eyes closed in hopes of salvation.

I don't know many things, I don't think of myself as intelligent but one thing I know for certain is that we shall all die eventually.

The question is what lies on the other side? I wander this Earth, neither alive nor dead but somewhere in between.

I do not know why I was created, and for what reason I was put on this earth but I will try my hardest to live the way I am directed and to be the obedient child that all parents want to make up for my lack of talent.

I fear that without talent I am nothing and nothingness is all ill ever be. My parents pretend to be proud of the mundane things that I accomplish but I can see the shame and pain in their eyes.

I doubt that they will ever be content with the things that I do.

And that all that I ask for not for them to be genuinely proud of me but for contentment and to know that they feel neutral about me instead of this continuous shame that somehow resonates off of them every time I walk into the room.

It’s hard enough that my siblings are the pictures of perfection but my parents are well know for their research in medicine and physics. Trying to live up to others is my life.

It isn’t much of one but it is my life and one of the few things that I can call my own. Growing up like the way I have has taught me to do as I am told and to stay out of the way.

My father is short tempered and has anger management issues. I learned that when I was twelve, I had forgotten to take out the trash and I ended up face down on the carpet.

I was then grounded, part of that included doing any and everything that my siblings told me to do. It was the worst month of my life and if anything good came out of it was that I was changed.

From those ashes arose the new me and the new me was distant and cold.

She learned to love and hate hard and to learn the difference between the two. soon it became a game, the rules called for me to be something I wasn't and to keep the game secret from others, then it turned to a lifestyle where I no longer just fooled everyone else I also fooled myself.

I quickly found that out when I was shoved into a wall at school and I didn't feel anything, there was no registration of what I had just done; all there was left was numbness. And so I came to a conclusion, on May 26 2003, I, Danielle Aliz Grand died.