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Death is only the beginning

Danielle is a 17 year old girl, she was left broken by a disturbed childhood and now lives with her colsest friends in Louisiana. She fears that her life is incomplete and that she will never fill the void that is within her. Will the cullens be able to help her? First fan fic so please be gentle.

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2. Gin on the rocks

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"Turn off the lights!"

“I can’t turn those off oh genius one, it’s the Sun.”

“Well then can you close the blinds?”

“No, Danni. If you don’t get up in the next 16 seconds I am going to pour freezing cold water on your face.”

Sherry could be annoying when she wanted to be and this was one of the times that she found necessary to mess with me. "No, why do I have to?"

"Oh I don’t know, because it’s already 1:00 in the afternoon, and we're all bored and..." Sherry said and in a sing-song voice, dragging out the word. "...it’s your turn to choose where to go."

Still half asleep I sat up to find Andy and Michel in the door way. They were all looking at me with expectant eyes so I did what any sleep loving person would do, I closed my eyes and shoved my head under my mound of pillows.

Unappreciative of my comedic efforts Sherry, Andy, and Michel ripped off my cover and pulled my legs and feet until they pried me from my head board. "Fine I’m up, I’m up."

Andy was the first to speak, "Now, where are we going today? I’m bored and I can’t stand being in this house another minute. So get your behind up and choose where we are going to go."

"Well let me see, where haven’t I been in a while?" I really didn’t know where to go, my brain still wasn’t functioning correctly since I was still sort of asleep.

"Church", Michel mumbled thinking I wouldn’t hear her.

"Ha ha very funny Michel, now seriously umm...I want to go to the Bayou boardwalk!"

That was where we all met and we hadn’t been there in forever. Exactly 6 and a half minutes later I was on the couch surfing through the channels ready to go and waiting on the three of them to get dressed.

“Hurry up or I’m going back to sleep, and this time I won’t wake up!” I was practically screaming at them from downstairs. Why did it take them so long to get ready? “Why can’t you guys just throw on some clothes and brush your hair into a ponytail and be done with it?” I asked to no one in particular.

“Because, we care about what we look like unlike you!” Andy half replied, half screamed down to me.

“Oh you know you can’t hold that against me, I’m dead remember?”

We joke about our harsh pasts and different things that would usually hurt if anyone else said it but somehow since those three are the closest thing I have to sisters who actually care about me, then I guess it’s okay.

“Okay, okay. We’re ready. Sheesh, keep your cleaning gloves on.” Michel was always the most sarcastic of the four of us, I remember when I first moved into the house with them that I would cry constantly over the stupidest things; then Michie would make some remark on my past and at first it hurt and then I found the hilarity in her words

As we all piled into Andy’s Bugatti I started thinking. This car always reminded me of Andy’s past and the heart wrenching expression she wore as she told me her story. Her father was abusive but rich so when she was 15 she used his account to withdraw 4.8 million dollars and she then ran away.

Her father of course looked for her and cancelled the credit card that she had stolen but Andy is smart and she used the money to make an account for herself. She is now an 18 year old broacher and has butt-loads of money.

“Danni, what are you thinking about?”

Oh how I loved Sherry’s curiosity. “Oh you know, how you guys will get hit on and I will sit at the bar drinking my virgin daiquiri.” I hoped it was a good enough lie -- I was never good at lying.

“Oh shut up, you act like you aren’t the most beautiful girl in the world but you know what? You are.”

I guess I was. Sherry said this so surely, the 22 year old was the oldest out of all of us, the only real chef in our house and the sister, friend, mother and, well, everything. She was amazing, she was definitely the shape shifter, and she could be anything that was needed at the moment.

“We are here you guys!”

Of course Andy would get us there in under 15 minutes, she has a fast car and she’s a reckless driver, those two ingredients don’t mix well. Two hours and 15 minutes of awesome boardwalk shopping later, we were all gathered around the bar on stools, just talking.

I was drinking my grape juice shots and the occasional virgin strawberry daiquiri while the others had somehow conned the bartender into giving them real alcohol. “You guys do know that if you get drunk that I probably won’t be able to get us home alive, right?”

“Yeppers, we know,” they all said in unison. I had never obtained my drivers license so I wasn’t aloud to drive anyone’s car -- they all feared that I would get it taken away.

“Oh my God, you guys there is a group of hotties at 12:00.”

“No its 9:00.”

“No its 4:00.”

“No it’s definitely 6:00.”

Whoever had said 12:00 sounded like they were right, that was the one that I had heard the most often, but who was I to judge?

But I guess the guys were coming over since they turned around in their seats and pretended to talk to me. “So Danni how are you this fine bar attending afternoon?”

“What kind of stupid question was that Michie?” I hated when they decided to use me. It was bad enough that I was the least pretty of them. Did they have to make it worse?

“Gosh you don’t have to be so mean, if you were nicer we might get one of the guys to come over and talk to you, but now you have upset us and we shall do you no favor.”

Mitchie had this way of making you switch your feelings, it was her super power, and she liked to use it often. “I apologize, young goddesses, please forgive me and avert your wrath from raining down on me; I give you free drinks if you so solemnly wish it.”

During our little rant the hotties walked up on us and after we had finished laughing our butts off we heard one of them clear his throat to get our attention. When we turned around I got an up-close look at their faces and man, they were fine. When they began to speak their voices were like soft velvet and I couldn’t help but to listen.

They introduced themselves and then asked us our names. After what seemed like forever their words finally registered and I introduced us. “Hello Jasper, Edward, and Emmett. I’m Danielle and this is Michel, Andrea, and Sherry.” I said gesturing to them as I spoke their names.

“Well its nice to meet all of you, me and my brothers were just thinking that we could jump out of our comfort zone and buy you lovely beauties something to drink. How does that sound?” His voice was strong but soft and it reminded me of the strings on a cello. I assumed he was Emmett; the name was all too perfect for him.

Mitchie was the first to answer, being the most ‘enthusiastic drinker’ of the four of us. “I would like a glass Gin on the rocks with olives and marinated garlic clove for garnish, please.”

“You heard her bartender, get this young lady what she wants.” Huh, he seemed nice enough. “Anything else ladies?” he asked.

“Oh, nothing for us, we’re fine thank you.” Huh, how did Sherry know that I didn’t want anything? But I really didn’t I was just a tad dizzy from drinking too many grape juice shots but it might have been because I had to go to the bathroom.

“So how are you ladies this afternoon?” Asked the smaller blonde one.

“Fine,” We all answered in unison. I wasn’t very good with small talk and that’s exactly what it looked like they were up for. Great, this is going to be just perfect.