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Death is only the beginning

Danielle is a 17 year old girl, she was left broken by a disturbed childhood and now lives with her colsest friends in Louisiana. She fears that her life is incomplete and that she will never fill the void that is within her. Will the cullens be able to help her? First fan fic so please be gentle.

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3. Barfing in my car

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What do you get when you mix Mitchie with gin? Chaos.

I think that has to be the worst drink that she can handle and that’s saying something since she handles alcohol pretty well. “Oh, I’m just a little drunk.”

And to seal the deal and convince us even more she stumbled on her stool and nearly fell backward, only to be caught be Emmett for the seconded time.

I wanted to go home but I was waiting for someone else to say it first, I didn’t want to be the party pooper. As soon as I had thought that the one named Edward said that he was getting tired and thought that maybe it was time that we all headed home.

I would have to thank him for that if we ever met again, though somehow I had this feeling that we would.

As we decided to all take our leave mitchie stumbled and fell into Emmett’s arms yet again. He finally just decided that it would be best if he carried her to the car.

As we all walked through the piercing silence and darkness I noticed that we were the scattered few who were still on the board walk at this time in the morning. It was a little spooky but being around our new found friends was comforting.

As we arrived and I claimed shotgun I heard a low whistle. “That is one nice car, ladies.” “Thank you, Emmett. I worked hard for that car.” “Sure Andy and my name’s Lucinda.” “Hey it could be, you might have lied to us.”

Andy took in a dramatic breath and pretended to stumble; it was a rather amusing sight to behold.

“Lets go, I’m tired. If you don’t leave now I’m going to personally drag your sorry butts off.” Hum, that Edward sure was one tough cookie, I wondered if he could fight colossal man. I giggled lightly, thinking that no one would have a chance winning a fight with him.

Edward looked slightly appalled by something that must be running through his head, that’s when I wished I could read thoughts, which would be so totally wicked. Edward then laughed and I started to get a little freaked out.

He then stopped mid laugh and I wondered if he could read thoughts, probably not.

Still wrapped up in my crazy fantasies, I failed to realize the fact that mitchie was in the back seat of the car head on Andy’s lap and her feet hitting the door of the car and sherry was driving.

They were all waiting for Edward and me; sure they were all talking but they were waiting for us to get into our cars. “Well sorry boys, we have to get mitchie home before she barfs in my car. I guess this is goodbye!” Andy said with just the slightness of being drunk, that explained why she wasn’t driving her own car.

Byes we muttered and then blew off into the wind, sherry revved the engine and then broke out of the parking lot going 96 miles per hour and no doubt getting faster by the second.

No one said anything thing and the silence was comforting, I didn’t realize how tired I was until sherry was shaking me awake.

I slowly dragged myself up the stairs to my unmade bed and didn’t even bother taking off my shoes until after I got under the covers.

I then effortlessly drifted off to sleep, my dreams were crazed like usual but this time they included the boys from tonight.

And I could have sworn that when I woke up to use the restroom at 6 this morning I saw someone exit through my window.