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Death is only the beginning

Danielle is a 17 year old girl, she was left broken by a disturbed childhood and now lives with her colsest friends in Louisiana. She fears that her life is incomplete and that she will never fill the void that is within her. Will the cullens be able to help her? First fan fic so please be gentle.

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4. I almost forgot

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My head hurt and I almost forgot entirely what I had done the night before. That was surprising since I didn’t have any alcohol last night…or so I thought. I do remember the heavenly looking gents that had accompanied us last night and that obscene feeling that someone had been watching me the night before.

I was slightly shaken by that idea but then it swiftly passed when I could return to sleep. I awoke at around noon which was early for me, especially since it was summer time. I quickly dressed and brushed my teeth. I then dashed down the stairs with an odd feeling that we had visitors, breaking into the kitchen from the back stairs and then successfully tripping and falling flat onto my face.

Jumping back up in a futile attempt to be graceful, I plopped down in a bar stool, suddenly realizing how out of breath I was. After catching my breath and then looking up I realized I was not alone. I was being shadowed by someone familiar but not as familiar as the people I usually lived with. And I was correct in my assumptions, there he was.

The strange guy from last night was behind me. I had almost forgotten him entirely so in a half mock half real fear I stumbled in the chair and when I was positive I would hit the floor and break something; I was caught by strong cold arms and sat upright.

I obviously screamed since Andy and Sherry came running. When they reached me they nearly laughed. The scene would have looked comedic to any one, including myself. I was halfway in the air; my shirt had been rumpled and was raised to expose my stomach. His hands were on my stomach and my bottom, and his face was close enough to my own that anyone at the right angle would think that we were kissing passionately and my hands grasping his shirt and hair was just icing on the cake.

Before we could dislodge completely from each other I heard a deep booming laugh and a slightly higher chuckle. When we had let each other go the booming laugh’s voice decided to talk. “Oh, do let us disturb you…bow chicka bow wow.”

“Shut up Emmet, we weren’t doing anything for you to disturb. Honestly, I caught her before she fell onto the ground and then…”

He was cut off by Emmet who finished for him, “… Things got steamy and you couldn’t control yourself little Eddy?”

Before he could say anything else I interrupted Eddy to say what was on my mind. “Really, you guys know me. I’m not easy so you know me and Eddy didn’t so anything.”

“Hold on, One, no one said you were easy. Two my name is not Eddy it is Edward and I would enjoy it if you kindly didn’t call me that ever again. And lastly I honestly believe you forgot me. Didn’t you?”

Praying that he wouldn't sense my pause I silently pleaded with my eyes that Sherry would help me by saying something that would distract them but she was no help she looked at me like she wanted an explanation herself. So I decided to tell the truth. "Yes, I did forget you and I think its cause the bartender gave me all alcoholic beverages instead of the virgin ones I ordered. So if you have any questions, Sherry, then I suggest that you ask them now before I go get something to eat. Alright?"

Sherry was the first to talk, her face was hard and blank like she was trying to believe me but thought I was lying. "What were you two doing?"

I knew that was going to be one of the questions that she was going to asked because of her motherly sense. "Edward said it all, I fell and he caught me and then we got tangled together...total accident."

"Okay, I have a question..." This was Andy and I was surprised. I thought at least she would believe me. "What were you, Edward, doing in the kitchen just so conveniently in time to catch Danni?"

That Edward had no answer for and after a long silence, Jasper, the quietest out of us all and the creepiest of all the brothers in my opinion, broke the silence. "Eddie... you got some 'splainin to do."

We all laughed but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t have to answer Andy’s question eventually.